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PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Anne asked me to give a message to all of you, and of course I was thinking of the same for it has been a few days since you heard from me.

I have been very busy monitoring my Sector, for as you know we of the Lighted Realms view the soul essence of each person to see if anyone has come into the Truth.  That is most important at this ending time of the last 3D civilizations upon Earth. The Lighted Realms rejoice when even one more souled being awakes to the Truth.  I am happy to say that more ones are awakening, which keeps all of us busy monitoring the souled ones in my Sector.

It is important to know the following information. When one soul has just awakened, that one starts on his/her soul growth.  It is like going to school.  You start in kindergarten and go through soul growth to reach grade one, etc.  Some souled ones learn their lessons faster than others, for no one is held back in learning.  You are at your own pace, and it depends upon the effort and dedication you have as you grow.

In many cases where two souls are joined inmarriage, one of them is not on the same page, and disharmony results.  I can tell you this from experience.  Both Anne and I found it rare where a married couple were “on the same page”.  This discernment came over 25 years of our contacts through Fourwinds.

Of course, in Sananda’s Flock there are ones, who have been learning lessons for several or many years.  As you grow in soul growth, the great Master Teacher Sananda gives you more advanced lessons.  Some ones are downloaded with information to assist them when they board ship.  Some, also, have visions or many messages and philosophical words are given to them in their sleep state, of which are remembered when that person awakes

There are, also, times when the great Masters who wrote messages in the Rainbow Masters Journal #7 that speak to the enlightened ones to help them learn more lessons and give encouragement when needed.

What I am trying to tell you is that we of the Lighted Realms are real and are friends with all souled ones.  We live in reality, and you upon Earth are learning lessons on a holodeck, not realizing where you came from and how you souled ones are all Masters from a high level.

That is why you all came to Earth this last time….to learn and help Mother Earth.  Because of the density of Planet Earth in 3D, you have no memory.

Anne and I often said if we knew where we came from we would not want to be here. 

I,also, wanted to thank all the Fourwinds’ readers, who have donated funds to keep this website going, and also grateful that the messages given to Anne to pen from the Lighted Realms have made a difference.

Sometimes the Journals are said to be “out of date”, as they were given years ago.  However, our new communications to all of you reiterate how valuable are the messages from the Masters and Hatonn in the Journals.  It is the delight of all the Lighted Realms to see ones reading the Journals and realizing the Truth rather than the lies and disinformation from other sources i.e. the Bible, gurus etc.

Mother Earth’s voice is very weak, and she is in much pain, especially since Communism/Socialism is tearing apart the U.S. at a rapid rate.   I need say no more other than the BOOM! is coming and tribunals are still in process.  Whether or not Earth Shan will allow all the time needed to complete the T. plans is unknown.

Each day that she gives you, use it for the best learning you can, as you follow the Laws of God and Creation.

My blessings to all souled ones!









PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all Lightworkers and to those, who are seeking the Truth to find their way in this dense 3D civilization.

I say dense because in 3D you operation on time of seconds minutes,  hours, days, weeks, months and years of learning, seeking, and waking up to your mission. The handicap with which you are working is memory, because in 3D you have no memory of who you are in the Lighted Realms.

This is a good thing for it presses you to seek Truth again and growth spiritually in this dense civilization.  Great soul growth could be gained by waking up to your mission.  What I have to tell you is that just waking  up to Truth is only the beginning for you, as you volunteered to be on Earth at this time.

When you ones awakened to the Truth it is like being in kindergarten.  The Journals are like a textbook for living the Laws of God and Creation, and for you to learn your lessons and make the pathway clear to you.  They are given to you by Hatonn, who is Creator God Aton in 4th dimension to make it easier to communicate with you, who are in 3rd Dimension.

You are encouraged to re-read the Journals, especially the 6 that were mentioned as the ones to read first which are Journals 2, 3, 5, 7, 27 and 47. Each time you re-read the Journals to rise to a higher level of understanding.

You see, learning soul growth is eternal.  When you ones “graduate” to the Higher Realms and are beamed aboard, you are to judge yourself how well you have lived the laws of God and Creation.  When you have graduated to the Higher Realms your soul growth continues on with lesson after lesson and never ends until you are one with Creation.

This is true for all the Masters you have come to learn about in the Journals and the current messages we have given for Anne to pen.

Live in harmony with those who are on the pathway of enlightenment with you and offer you help when asked to do so.  It is the same with the Lighted Realms.  We are here to help, but only when asked to do so.

I encourage you ones to communicate with each other to help each other, as all are on the learning scale.  You can look at a brother or sister of Light and ask questions to help for your learning, and if you do not understand ask another enlightened one or ask us to help.

We work together.  You do your part and we shall do our part if asked to do so.

You cannot change the past, nor can you know the future.  You have only today to keep on growing spiritually by more reading, especially the journals for they offer graduated learning after re-reading them again.  Above all meditate and let your Great God Spirit within communicate with us, for that is the great tie that connects us all.

May the great love of the Lighted Realms guide you this day and all days ahead as you prepare for graduation.  There is a little time left to do so, for the final day of Earth’s tipping is up to her.  We all thank her for giving all a beautiful day for learning.






PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  It has been a few days since I have asked  to give a message to all souled ones upon Earth, and especially to Sananda’s Flock of Lightworkers.

As you read the messages from Arch Angel Michael, I hope you realize how precious the Lighted Realms think of those, who have awakened to Truth.  As was stated in Journal 7 by Arch Angel Michael, it has been many millennia to have man come to the realization of his great power of Creation within…or to say it bluntly God is not some big master sitting on a throne up in the sky somewhere directing everything and condemning a person to hell if he/she has sinned.  GOD IS WITHIN YOU! 

Man has been taught through the Bible that he is nothing, a lowly sinner and must ask forgiveness and be cleansed by the blood of a martyr called “Jesus”  which was not even his correct name.

That is the most basic lie told for you, and I mean each of you ones are responsible for all that you do and have done. when you pass this earthly 3D physical plain.  You judge yourself against how well you have lived the Laws of God and Creation, of which there are eighteen laws and not ten as told to you in the Bible. These Laws are a guide for living your life on Earth.

Also, I wanted to let you know that the Journals are just as meaningful today as they were when written.  Hatonn was telling you of current events when they were radio signaled to the receiver, however, the Spiritual Truths given therein are timeless.

When Anne was asked to pen messages to the world, we wanted to let all of you know that we are just as alive and working as stated in the Journals. We trust that these current messages will be meaningful to you, and to encourage you to read again and again “The Journals of the Lighted Realms”.  Why?  It is because each time you re-read a Journal you gain another level of understanding for your soul growth.

You will say, as many have said when a second or third reading is done,  ”It’s like I have never read this Journals before!”.

The Lighted Realms rejoice when even one souled being that has been slumbering awakens to the Truth and has been helped by reading these current messages, as well as reading the Journals.

The next most important thing is to meditate upon the Lighted Realms.  Find a quiet spot without any distractions and commune with any of the Lighted Realms.  It is a joy to all of the great Masters when communication is done.  You soul knows all and you must again be remined that all souls are connected with your Great God Spirit within.

I encourage you if you have not done so to plug into that Source within and talk with your Spirit to the Lighted Realms , for they are ready and waiting for your call.

Remember the Lighted Realms love all you souled ones with a great love.  With that statement I include CREATION , CREATOR SOURCE, CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN, SANANDA AND ALL THE GREAT MASTERS.

Live each precious day givento you ones to read, meditate and seek soul growth by living the Laws of God and Creation the best you can.  You can fight the evil on Earthfrom harming you by keeping yourself protected by your Great God spirit within. Cast out the evil ones, who seek to tear you away from your God Connection.  Remember the evil ones do NOT have any power over your Great God Spirit unless you give it to them. 

Stay strong for these last days of this civilization the darts and arrows of evil against the Lightworkers are non-stop.   Take the sword of righteousness and go forth with confidence to complete your mission, for the Lighted Realms are there to help when asked.