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A PROPHETIC MESSAGE: October 27, 2002

by Patrick H. Bellringer

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ess, you were able to bring much Truth from our Pleiadean friends to Earth Shan’s people. It is now nearly five years that you have allowed your energies to be diverted to less honorable use. You have purposely used the Contact newspaper to disseminate your words of negativity far and wide under the guise of goodness.

The time is at hand for you to reap the Karma that you have sown. You have verbally berated and ridiculed many present day Lightworkers and Truthbringers, including those of the Spectrum staff, Bellringer, the Dove of Oneness, and the NESARA White Knights. You have condemned NESARA and all the freedom, abundance and peace that it brings to Earth’s people as garbage and “hog swill”. You not only have attacked the Truthbringers but you have also attacked their message. This nonsense on your part is unacceptable and must stop.

Those who oppose Creator God’s Plan for his people shall reap serious consequences. When the Angel of Truth and Justice enters your doorway, you shall be faced with some very serious and immediate choices. You have the choice to return to Truth and Light or to continue to walk in error. May you choose wisely. So be it!