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by Patrick H. Bellringer

To keep fear and terror at a high pitch to coerce the American people into demanding the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security when Congress re-convenes in September, 2002, the CIA under orders of the Bush Administration is now orchestrating another biological warfare attack against the American people. As with Anthrax, the West Nile Virus is now being spread to various selected areas of the U. S. to cause, if possible, a viral epidemic.

You can do several things to protect yourself against West Nile Virus. One, through your God-Spirit within, petition the Lighted Realms (Sananda, God Aton, etc.) for total and permanent protection from this and all other diseases. Two, use a natural insect repellant such as Shaklee Corporation’s “Basic H” which is a natural “soap”. Use it in pure form or dilute with water anywhere down to 50% water and rub it on the skin. Let it dry. It is very effective in repelling insects and especially flies and mosquitoes. It can be removed easily by washing with water—no soap needed!

Three, as with any virus, should you contract the West Nile Virus, a natural antibiotic such as colloidal silver, colloidal gold, or colloidal titanium can eliminate them. I refer you to my Update: February 12, 2002 (2. Anthrax) for further information concerning colloids. Viruses are being created and distributed under the direction of our infamous Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA. Remember to always “read it backwards” The CDC was established to produce and control the diseases the government wanted to be released upon the general populace.

What’s next in the viral field? The KZB are planning to soon release a deadly flu virus on the world’s population call H1N1 Influenza-A. These new viruses are produced with a crystalline head so that all known synthetic antibiotics used by the darkside’s American Medical Association, etc., are rendered ineffective. This is done to assure that there is no “cure” for these viruses. As with cancer and other diseases, to have a cure would defeat the darkside’s plan of population reduction and control of the masses. Silver, gold and titanium have successively higher frequencies and titanium will kill any virus (including crystalline-headed) in existence today, and any that have not yet been released or produced! I remind you that God-Aton of Light has provided a cure for every disease present on Planet Earth Shan today, and as a Lighted Being you have the ability to cure yourself.

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