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Life: Treadmill Or Pilgrimage?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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The entire Cosmos, which includes our planet, Earth Shan, is governed by the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect. For every cause there is an effect, and for every effect there is a cause.

What happens to us, we have caused. What happens to me, I have allowed to happen. What happens to you, you have created by your own freewill. In other words, life is what you make it to be. Even if you make no plans or decisions to direct your own destiny toward a goal, you have still chosen. You may end up no where and very unhappy, but that, too, was your choice.

People find themselves in dead-end treadmill jobs and ask, “How did I get here?” Many are caught in a never-ending triangle of work, the “bar” and the apartment, while others choose a useless and meaningless life of chemical delusion. You see, for treadmill people, life is what happens to them while they are making other plans. For them life is a monotonous revolving treadmill, like a squirrel in a cage running for exercise. For most people life is only a revolving treadmill, a squirrel cage, with no real purpose of good intent. Why?--because they are still spiritually asleep. Today, life is very difficult for most people because they have not yet discovered the Light of Truth. They are walking the Darkside and are being tricked by the lies of Darkness.

Even for the more experienced families today, living is a constant struggle. It is a challenge to cope with the job, care for the children, pay the bills and meet all the demands of society. The newly wed couple due to inexperience has an even greater task of creating a secure family unit. The choices, decisions and pressures of living in modern society often become overwhelming. As a result most marriages are not long and happy.

For the few who have awakened to Truth, life has become a joyful pilgrimage. The pilgrim follows a set plan, with a definite goal in mind. The pilgrim may face great difficulties and endure great hardships without straying from his pathway to his goal. Why?--because he is guided by his God Spirit within. He knows his power to create his way. You see, the pilgrim has a purpose of good intent in life. You ask, how does he get it? He gets it, we get it by waking up to Truth.

As freewill souled beings, we were created by Creator God Aton of Light. Without freewill we would be only robots. Our purpose in life is to learn our lessons of soul growth and to return in perfection to our Source. Thus, our third dimensional planet, Earth Shan, becomes our school-room. Here we learn our lessons in soul growth. Contrary to what you have been taught, our soul repeats lifestream after lifestream in physical form on a third dimensional planet until we graduate in soul growth to the higher realms. This is why life for the pilgrim is, indeed, a pilgrimage of learning many lessons of wisdom, of bravery, of fortitude and of generosity. This does not mean that the pilgrim’s life is easy. He can overcome all obstacles in his pathway because he has learned to use his God Spirit creative power within.

There are a few individuals, a few married couples, a few families that are happy. They live in balance and harmony in spite of the chaos around them. They find ways to cope with the attacks of the adversary and emerge the winner. Why is this so? This is so because these few have left the treadmill by freewill choice, and are now pilgrims in search of Truth. They understand their own power within to create their way and to overcome the adversary. They have asked for the protection of the Lighted Realms against the Dark Brotherhood and, they have it. No evil can penetrate God Aton’s White Light of protection around them.

An enlightened married couple also has the added protection of the Twin Flame. By living their lives in harmony and balance they enhance the power of their individual auras. When such a couple take action together to accomplish a task, they combine their aura energy into a Twin Flame Circle of power and of protection around them. One partner carries the Alpha flame of leadership, and the other carries the Omega flame of support, forming a circle of Light around them that cannot be penetrated. Thus, the Twin Flame Circle of Light is like an impregnable fortress, standing against the dark energies and elements of evil.

Those who walk the path of Light and Truth are, indeed, pilgrims. They are not slaves to a treadmill. They have a mission, a goal and move ever forward, ever upward toward it. They can move mountains, a shovel full at a time. They can accomplish the impossible because they have enlisted the Creative Power of the Lighted Realms to help them. Those who have found the Red Road of Truth walk with their brother, Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda. Esu’s circle of Golden Light surrounds them to Light the way and protect them by removing the Darkness.

This is why some of those who travel with us are truly happy. They truly are “just fine”, because they have exchanged the Darkness for Light, the Lie for Truth, the treadmill for a pilgrimage. By freewill choice they have created a pathway of balance and harmony of peace and love and hope and joy. They have created the pathway of a true pilgrim--which always leads upward to the stars! Aho!

The Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect never changes. What happens to us we have caused, and we live with the effect. What kind of life do you desire? Within, you have the will to choose and the power to create. You can join those who have left the treadmill and are now pilgrims traveling the joyous road of Truth, but that decision can be made only by you!