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What Is Truth?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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s have man-created fleas to kill them?

--to stop pollination of plants?

--to destroy our food supply? and us?

That all old diseases (Bubonic Plague) and new diseases (Eboli)

--are being genetically engineered?

--to not respond to any cure? to kill us?

That the Gulf-War Syndrome is real?

--were disease agents made in the U.S.?

--then shipped to Iraq?

--to be used against our troops?

--to be spread world-wide?

--to reduce the world's population?

Who really controls our government?

Is it true that our president, cabinet, congress, judges, lawyers, and most government leaders are Bolsheviks?

--that Gorbachev controls "all" from the Presidio in S.F.?

--that most professionals work for the One World Order (OWO)?

--that the UN is the OWO's secret plan?

--that the UN totally controls our military? our police? state highway patrol? National Guard? How? Why?

What is the OWO?

Are the "Titans" playing "King of the Hill?"

--by using Scaler(pulse/particle beam) technology to cause airplane crashes?

--by using nuclear/scaler to cause earthquakes (North Ridge, Colby) and volcanic activity (Mt. St. Helens, Iceland)?

--by using a secret government for covert activities?

--of drugs, guns, oil deals? for power and greed?

--by destroying law and order to keep the masses off balance?

What is the Truth behind the White House travel scandal?

--the FBI files scandal, the White Water-gate?

--the strange deaths of 35+ close friends/associates of Bill and Hillary Clinton? (Vincent Foster, Ron Brown, Adm. Borda)

Why the World Trade Center bombing?

Why the Oklahoma City Fed Bldg. bombing?

Is this dust from "King of the Hill"?

What is the Trilatteral Commission? Council of Foreign Relations? Jason Society? Committee of 300? Bilderburgers? Majestic(MJ) 12?

What is the Plan 2000?

Are we headed for a nuclear holocaust?

--and not being told?

Can we prevent this? How?

Is it true that Bill and Hillary Clinton are clones?

--periodically "renewed" at Camp David?

--mind-controlled by puppet masters?

--as are all living past U.S. presidents?

That David Rockefeller, Janet Reno, Alan Greenspan, David Ruben, Robert Dole, Newt Gingrich, Boris Yeltzen, Henry Kissinger, and Jimmy Carter are also clones?

Is it true that JFK was cloned, the clone assassinated?

--and the "real" JFK lives on today?

--the same for Barbara Jordon?

Is there hope for our future as a sovereign nation?

Do we still have a Constitution of the Republic?

--was it really God-ordained?

--what does it say?

What is the New States Constitution?

Is the original Constitution of the Republic really important today?

Are we "Free" as "sovereign" citizens of the Republic? Why Ruby Ridge? Why WACO?

What authority does the United Nations have in world affairs?

What is FEMA? What is GATT?

Is Communism "dead" today or is it only camouflaged?

Are Adolph Hitler and Henry Ford still living today?

Who are the real Jews?

Who are the Khzarian Zionist Jews?

Do they control world politics and economics?

Did they really "create" Communism?

Is Israel a "state" of the USA?

--made a state in 1950? --to control the U.S.?

What does ZOG mean?

Is it true that Warren Christopher is a top world-controller?

--that his job as Sec. of State was a "cover"?

--that in the 1996 Presidential election, the popular vote was Dole(9%), Clinton(15%), and Perot(76%)?

--that in 1992 Perot received 83%?

--that TV is used by OWO for two basic reasons:

(1) to mind control the masses, and (2) to monitor every one in their private homes?

Who really controls the world's destiny? the USA?

Does George Bush control the U.S. economy?

--with his drugs, guns, and oil empire?

Was the Gulf War "created" by Bush to protect his oil empire?

--and to take Kuwait's gold and oil?

--to take Saddam Hussain's oil?

--and the Kurd's oil?

Was Somalia's war over oil?

Is "Croatia" over oil?

Do we have a "secret government"?

What is freedom? Are we really free?


Are major earth changes coming to our planet?

When will they come and what will they be?

Is Planet Earth a "living being"?

How accurate are prophecies?

Do prophecies have to happen?

Will God truly take care of me if I simply wait and "trust" in Him?

Where do I find God? How?

Does being "Christian" mean I will escape the coming catastrophes on planet Earth?

Can we change the future?

Is Satan for real?

What are the "Laws of Moses"?

Are they the same as the "Laws of God"?

What are the Laws of God/Creation?

Do they still apply today?

Is the "New Age" really what we need?

In God's realm, does ignorance of the law apply?

Is the Anti-Christ real? What is he/it?

Is the Bible "Truth"?

Why do we have translations and revisions of the Bible?

What is the meaning of "rapture"?

Is it found in the Bible?

How do the "Christian" churches relate to the Anti-Christ?

Are the "Christian" preachers really Khzarian "Zionist" preachers?

Do today's Jews really represent "Israel"?

Who are the "chosen" ones?

What connection does the Roman Catholic Church have to the OWO?

Does the Vatican control the masses through ignorance and fear?

Is our real problem today a spiritual battle between good and evil?

Why was the Master Teacher Esu (Jesus) Immanuel "killed"?

Are today's "churches" telling the Truth?


Are space ships real? Are aliens real?

Are they good or bad?

Are the "gray aliens" really from planet Earth?

Did past civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis exist?

Are scientists Isaac Newton and Nicola Testla still assisting Earth's truthbringers today?

Is it true that we have a government UFO coverup?

--by NSA? --created for that purpose?

Is there a space brotherhood of HU-mans? (Higher-Universal man).

Who is spaceship commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn?

--what is the Pleiades Sector?

Who is Sananda? Who is Aton?

Why do some stars twinkle at night and some do not?

Why do some stars twinkle red, blue, and white?

Is Esu Immanuel an extraterrestrial?

Did he use spaceships? Is he here now?

Is the Hale-Bop "comet" really a "Mother-ship"?

--of the Pleiadeans?

And the "mystery comet" the command ship of God/Aton?

--coming to help us?


Could it be:

-- that things are not as we had thought?

--that we are not free?

--that the OWO is about to destroy our nation?

--that the Khzarian Zionist Jews are using Christianity to destroy the world and all goodness/Godness.

Could it be:

--that all wars are "created"? --by world controllers?

--to manipulate the masses? --to gain wealth and power?

--to create a OWO, where 97% will be slaves?

Could it be that there is a cure for every known disease on Earth today?

Could it be:

--that the stars that twinkle red, blue, and white are really spaceships?

--taking the place of stars/constellations?

--that all outer-space aliens are good space brothers?

--that our prayers have brought them to help us?

Could it be:

--that the "Christian" churches have not told us the truth?

--that the Master Teacher, Esu Immanuel, will return for His "remnant" in a spaceship?

--before the year 2000 (2008)?

Could it be:

--that Earth changes will bring us back to a survival mode?

--and small communities working together?

--that Lift-Off from Earth of those who know Truth by our Lighted Realm friends will occur soon? In 1998 (2007)? Could it be that Earth changes are soon to destroy this nation?

Could it be that what we thought was reality is not, and what we had been told was fantasy, is really real?

Why would TRUTH be hidden from us?

--to continue the lie?

--to control the masses?

--so that Satan wins?


These publications are not designed for the masses but for special people; for those searching for TRUTH!

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