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THE DAWNING January 19, 2004

January 19, 2004

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January 19, 2004 By Patrick H. Bellringer

The dawning, ah yes, the dawning is now happening. The dawn is finally breaking across this most beautiful planet as the Light of Truth is dawning in the hearts of good people everywhere. This is the time of the Great Awakening. This is the Age of Enlightenment that we have all waited for so long. The Truth of which I speak is that we, the people of Earth Shan, have asked that darkness be removed from our planet. Because enough people have asked for this to happen, the energies have been created for this to be so. This is now the dawning of a “New Age”.

What will this “New Age” be like? What do you want it to be like? We have the creative power within to create whatever we desire. Whatever has happened to us in the past has been of our own creation, and so it will be in our future. I assure you that the glory of the coming Heaven on Earth has already been determined by Creator God, and our choices shall not diminish that glory in any way.

We can choose to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and to enhance it by our presence and our creative talents, or because of our disbelief we can choose not to enter the Kingdom of Heaven now being established on Earth Shan. My friends, whatever choice you make, the time for making that choice is now!

I announce to the people of Earth Shan at this moment in time, that the person many have waited for, is now here. The one known as Esu Immanuel (Jesus Christ) Sananda is here, now, walking the planet, as do you and I. He told his disciples two thousand years ago that he was leaving Galilee and would return again. The Truth is that Esu Immanuel never left Earth Shan. He left Galilee and went to India. He brought Truth to China and the Far East. He traveled to Africa and Australia and taught the people the Laws of God and Creation. He traveled throughout Europe and North and South America teaching Truth to the “native peoples”. He is known by many names in many languages and cultures. The North American Indian knew Esu Immanuel as the “Great White Father” and Creator God as “Grandfather”.

If Esu Immanuel Sananda never left Earth Shan, how can we now say that he has returned? Throughout the ages Sananda has brought Truth to the people of Earth Shan. Generation after generation passed and never did the people truly awaken to the Truth that he taught. Only in this present time have the people of Earth Shan finally realized a universal desire for peace on Earth. They are finally awakening to the message of Love that Esu taught his disciples in Galilee. When the people went into spiritual sleep they thought Esu had left them. Now, as they awaken from their spiritual slumber, they think that Esu has returned, when, in fact, he has always been here for every age and every generation. Creator God’s love has never left His creation. That energy of Love and Peace is basic to the Laws of God and Creation. Esu Immanuel Sananda and many other of our brothers and sisters have labored long as Lightworkers to wake us up. Finally, it is happening. The dawn to the Age of Light has come.

Most of Earth Shan’s people today are focused on survival. They have been deliberately reduced to the level of slaves by the darkside controllers, and most are quite unhappy. Sananda and the many other Ascended Masters, Creator God and all the Angels of Light stand ready to bring happiness to Earth Shan’s people, if they but ask. Cosmic Law is absolute. “The call compels an answer.” If we but ask, the Heavenly Realms will answer. As Sananda walks this Earth today, he whispers in your inner ear of knowing and knocks on the door of your heart of hearts with his call to awaken. Will you respond?

You may be an older person who has endured a hard life of toil. You are stooped from the weight that life has placed upon your shoulders. Your body is broken from injury or suffers from disease. You know that your eyesight is failing or that your hearing or memory will never be restored. You long for happiness, for hope, for rest. Do you not hear that soft whisper of Sananda to stop and listen, to awaken to the happiness he offers?

You may be a single mother struggling to balance your time and energy between work and caring for your children. Life seems to be an endless parade of crisis and bills and disappointments and tiredness to the point of collapse. No one seems to really care about anyone else anymore. You ask, “What is it all worth?” Do you not hear that soft knock at your heart’s door? There is still one who cares. Esu Immanuel Sananda cares. Creator God cares. The Angels care, but you have not heard them knocking. It is time to stop, to listen, to open your door to the peace and happiness they offer.

You may be a student burdened with study, class schedules, demands of teachers and parents and peers alike, and unsure of the direction you have taken. You have potential that others do not recognize. You have dreams that others do not see. You have energy to change the world, but always there is that indecision, that question that is never answered. Stop, my friend! Stop and listen to that call at your heart’s door. Sananda is there. He can answer your unanswered question. He can show you the way to your dreams.

You may be a father working hard to provide for the many needs of your family. You desire to be a good father and a loving husband, but the pathway you have chosen presents so many challenges. You question how long you can carry your load. There seems never to be enough time to be with your family, to enjoy a hobby, to take a vacation or to even think about your dreams, your goals. There comes a moment when the day is done and you sit for a time in thought. Listen for that whisper. If you sincerely desire to hear, you will hear Sananda’s voice speaking to you. He will tell you that you can restore your spirit of hope and joy. He will tell you that you can have renewed energy, and that he will help you carry your load. He will show you a pathway that is easier to travel and a load that is lighter to carry.

You may be one who has experienced the pain of divorce or has never married because the “right” person has never come your way. You are lonely and seek the comfort and security of companionship. True friends you seldom find. Life is fast, so changeable, so unstable, that at times you feel overwhelmed, frightened, depressed and so alone. I assure you that you are never alone. You only think you are alone. Every person has at least two Guardian Angels appointed to them at birth by Creator God. These Angels never leave your side. They await your call. Sananda awaits your call. Creator God knows your heart and waits for you to talk to Him. Only as you create true happiness and companionship and security with your Angels within, will you know the same in the world around you. Listen for the whisper, the knock and talk to your loving brother, Sananda.

You may be the one for whom life has gone well. You have many social friends, who are as successful as you. You have a pleasant home and nice things, a good job due to your better than average education, and a life which others envy. You enjoy your work, have great vacations, and don’t focus much attention on whatever others think is wrong in the world. Life is great, yet there are moments when you sit in your hum-drum religious rituals and think. You question the meaning of life, of your life and wonder about your future and what happens after death. Is there a God? Who is He? Where is He? What is the purpose of your life? You have a feeling of longing and loneliness that never really goes away. Is it possible to have true happiness? In those moments of meditation listen for that whisper, and know that Creator God is speaking to you. Yes, your life does have a purpose, and you can have true happiness.

It matters not what place in life you have or what race is yours or what religion. Creator God loves all of His creation, and is waiting to talk to everyone. The knock, the tug at your heart and the whisper you hear is the telephone ringing. The Angels are calling. Creator God wants to talk to you! He has given you a basic means to communicate with Him through your thoughts.

Each of us has been given a spark of Light from Creator God of Light. That spark of Light within us is our God Spirit or soul that never experiences physical death. Our God Spirit is connected to Creator God’s Spirit and, therefore, knows all Truth. The Truth is that Creator God lives within us. He is not out there or up there in Heaven somewhere. He is here, now, and we can speak to Him at any time through our thoughts. All you need to do is to quiet your mind, to listen and to think. Then through your thoughts ask your questions and listen, and your thoughts will bring the answers. Creator God has said, “Your thoughts become My thoughts, and My thoughts become your thoughts. Be still and know that I am God for My people hear my voice.” The dawn is breaking across Earth Shan. Will you be one who awakens to Truth?

There are those who have claimed to have a monopoly on Creator God. They have set themselves up as being the sole spokesperson for Creator God for their group. They give themselves titles such as priest, rabbi, pope, cardinal, reverend, father, monk, or whatever. Usually for a fee they offer to speak to Creator God or any of the Heavenly Beings for you, or to speak messages these beings may wish to give to you. This second-hand communication is often inaccurate or may even be deliberately distorted to manipulate you into a desired outcome in the name of religion. People have been tricked into believing that there is some magic involved in communicating with the Realms of Heaven. This is not true.

Everyone has been given the ability to communicate directly with the Realms of Heaven in a very personal and private way. No one has to do it for you. All you need to do is to think, ask, and listen through your thoughts, and the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and Creator God will speak with you at any time and in any place you so choose. To find Truth is all a matter of choice.

Sometimes I am given a public message from Creator God or one of the Ascended Masters. When the message is presented for all to read, some people become spiritually challenged. Some have even become angry and asked, “Why does Bellringer think he is so special that he gets to speak to Creator God and not the rest of us?” My friends, this statement is simply a denial of one’s own ability to speak to the Lighted Realms yourself. To do so is a matter of sincerity and choice. If you truly desire to know Truth and choose to go within and use the ability that everyone has been given, you, too, can communicate with Creator God. He wishes for all to do that, to communicate directly with Him.

Human ego is often a problem in receiving accurately a message from the Realms of Light. You may distort a message by leaving out those things that you do not like, or adding things that you did not receive in the message, that will influence others and enhance your status. You may allow dark energies from third and fourth dimensions (the Astral Plane) to block or distort the Truth you wish to receive from the higher realms. I remind you that there is no evil allowed in fifth and higher dimensions. Always ask that no dark energies be allowed to affect your spiritual communication, and name the ones to whom you wish to communicate. As you do this, their energies are immediately presented to you. Your sincere call compels their answer, always. That is Cosmic Law

Prophets, sages—Truthbringers throughout the ages have brought spiritual messages to the people of Earth Shan to awaken them to enlightenment. Sometimes these messages were heeded and the people changed the course of human history in positive ways. More often than not these messages were rejected. To accept the Truth requires one to also accept the responsibility to act accordingly. To avoid the Truth of the message and the consequences thereof, the human-ego reaction is to attack the Truthbringer. If one discredits the Truthbringer, then one can claim that Truth does not exist. This is false thinking.

I find this pattern of thinking constantly being repeated today. When I present Truth given to me from the Realms of Light that cannot be refuted, and people choose not to accept it as Truth, they often pretend that the Truth can be discredited by discrediting me, the Truthbringer. They will say that I am judgmental, egotistical, not hearing clearly or that I have a lack of education, discernment or wisdom. Who am I to speak such things? I recall that Esu Immanuel, his disciples, and the prophets through the ages also suffered such criticism. If one chooses not to believe the message, one’s reaction is then to attack the messenger.

Another matter that must be considered in the receiving and believing of spiritual messages is that of discernment. You must go within and ask your God Spirit what is Truth. Even that which you think you hear from the Realms of Light, confirm again with your God Spirit within for Truth. Be assured that your God Spirit knows all and does not lie, but you must be very sure you are hearing correctly. The voice of Truth is ever present. To hear is all a matter of seeking and finding and listening.

The Age of Truth is now dawning upon our planet. The Light of Creator God’s Heaven on Earth is breaking upon our horizon. Can you see that Light? Can you feel that energy? All you good people of Earth Shan, awaken! There is no more time for slumber! Prepare for a magnificent time of Peace and goodwill on Earth Shan. In the Light of this most glorious dawn the Angels are on stand-by. Sananda yet walks this Earth—hoping, and Creator God waits. Do not miss the soft whisper, the knock, the tug at your heart’s door, for only a few grains of sand remain in Creator’s hour glass. The time allowed for your choosing is nearly over. The dawn is fading into the golden Light of our brand “New Day.” What shall it bring, my friends? Ah yes, what shall it bring?

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