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By Patrick H. Bellringer

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Truth, and to offer further wisdom to all.

Third dimensional free-willed living in many ways is similar to being a player in a game of chess on a giant chessboard. Each move of any individual player changes the possibilities within the game and the potential outcome. Each calculated move on the chessboard changes the choices of all remaining players in the game. Each move down to the very last one affects the outcome of the game.

Such is life. We make choices that directly affect our life and that of many others. Yet, each of our decisions in a small way affects everyone else in our community and our world, and even in the Cosmos. This is true because we live in a great sea of Cosmic Energy. We are constantly surrounded by this Energy of Light, and we are connected to it by our aura, our mind and thoughts. We can think of this Cosmic Energy as thought energy.

Our thoughts are things. They are real, and they keep accumulating in the great sea of Cosmic Energy. In the Realms of Light a permanent record of our thoughts is kept. The Akashic Records are all recorded on the giant computer of Ashtar Command.

Thoughts are little bursts of energy that we create. These thoughts carry either negative or positive energy, and either may cancel out the other. Thoughts have the greatest force and have the greatest speed of anything in the Cosmos. Thoughts have the power of Creation. Creator God thought, and Creation began. We, too, create by our thoughts. What we think about, comes about!

Now, let us consider Law Thirteen of the Laws of God and Creation. This is the Law of Cause and Effect or “you shall reap that which you sow”. As you think and make freewill choices, the energy that you send out, either positive or negative, always comes back to you. When you apply this to the Laws of Creation by planting seeds in the ground, you expect to harvest whatever you plant. If you plant a flower seed, a beautiful flower grows. If you plant a vegetable seed such as a bean, then a bean plant grows and produces beans to eat. If you plant a weed seed such as a thistle, then a thistle plant is the result.

This same concept of sowing and reaping holds true under the Laws of God. When you think a good thought, you create positive energy which is added to the sea of Cosmic Energy around you. That positive energy cancels out some negative energy. When you think a bad thought, you create negative energy which cancels out some positive energy in the sea of Cosmic Energy around you. When you think good thoughts about someone, positive energy is immediately transmitted through the sea of Cosmic Energy to that person’s aura and cancels out some negative energy. The same holds true with bad thoughts about someone. Negative energy cancels out positive energy.

Now, let us consider the multiple effect of energy. In our example of planting seeds, let us say that we planted a kernel of corn. The seed sprouted and grew into a corn plant. Did this corn plant produce a single kernel of corn? No! The plant grew at least two ears of corn with each ear having hundreds of seeds. This is the multiple effect of energy or in this case the abundance of nature.

This same multiple effect holds true for the Thirteenth Commandment or Law of Cause and Effect. The effect is always greater than the cause. That which you reap is always greater than that which you plant. What you get back is always a multiple of what you gave. The positive thought energy that you send out comes back to you multiplied ten to one hundred times. The negative thought energy that you send out comes back to you multiplied ten to one hundred times. If you send out hate, multiplied negative energy comes back to you. If you send out Love, multiplied positive energy comes back to you. It has been shown over and over again that one enlightened person using positive thought energy can negate the negative energy of hundreds and even thousands of other people. That is how we conquer the darkness and change our world to Light.

Now, let us apply these principals to NESARA. Most people today do not like the conditions under which they live. These conditions are the result of choices made by many people over time. We are now reaping what we have sown. The question is, “How do we change these conditions for the better?” Plans were laid long ago for a better world. In recent years some enlightened people with the help of the Realms of Light made certain choices, and four years ago NESARA was born.

Most people agree that the changes NESARA would bring to our world would be positive, but only a few people believe that such changes are possible. Thus, they add nothing to the sea of Cosmic Energy to make NESARA happen.

You have heard of the term “mass consciousness”. Mass consciousness is nothing more than the combined thought energy of all the people, be it positive, neutral, or negative. If enough people want war, then the combined thought energy or mass consciousness of the people will be negative and war they shall have. If enough people want peace, then the mass consciousness will be positive, and peace they shall have. The people of our world today are demanding and end to war. They want peace! They want NESARA! When enough people create enough positive energy to cancel out enough negative energy in the great sea of Cosmic Energy, we shall have NESARA and peace on earth.

Whose fault is it that NESARA has not yet arrived? Creator God has said that NESARA was born eons ago, and that March 22, 2004 was the planned date for NESARA to be a reality. Was that date absolute? No, though some people thought it so. To do so is to forget that we chose to live in a freewill world. We live on a giant chess board where each freewill decision, each move, changes the plan. Due to freewill everything is dynamic. Plans change. Nothing in 3D is set in stone. To demand such is to create repeating disappointments.

What is absolute lies in the Realms of Light. The Laws of God and Creation for the greatest good of all creation are absolute, and Creator God’s Plans for balance and harmony in His Creation are absolute. It is absolute that Light overcomes darkness. In spite of freewill on this planet, at some point the Darkside on this planet shall be defeated and removed forever. In spite of the opposition at some point NESARA shall be accomplished on planet Earth, and Creator God has said that time is now.

There are those humans, who have recently chosen to join forces with the NESARA warriors to accomplish the mission. It is the desire of the Ascended Masters and Creator God to allow earth humans to accomplish NESARA with as little Divine intervention as possible. This allows for the completion of contracts and the learning of great lessons in soul growth by many. Freewill choices cause plans to change, and so it is with NESARA. The window for NESARA is now. The white chess players are in the position for checkmate. The last move is theirs and checkmate it shall be!

Be patient, my friends! Creator God is in charge of NESARA and of all that is. Our task is to turn from disbelieving to believing. We must assist by creating positive energy, if we expect to reap the positive rewards of NESARA. We may want the goodness that NESARA brings, but we must “plant it to get it”. We shall reap that which we sow. The positive energy of a minority of the people on planet Earth can be multiplied so as to tip the scales for good by canceling out the negative energy of millions of negative people. Acting in wisdom a few Lightworkers can change the mass consciousness of Earth. In this great game of chess plan your moves wisely, and move to win. Create the positive thought energy that creates the mass consciousness that cancels the negativity and ushers in our long awaited Golden Age of Peace. We play to win, and win we shall! Aho!

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