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Patrick H. Bellringer

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1. In the Milky Way Galaxy there are more than 178 billion life-supporting planets! The Milky Way Galaxy is also called Orvonton or the Seventh Super Universe.

2. Planet Earth Shan is approximately 4.5 Billion years old.

3. Life on Earth Shan began one Great Cycle Orbit or 206 million years ago.

4. The rise and fall of civilizations on Earth Shan have occurred approximately every 10,000 years.

5. The past two civilizations on Earth Shan were Atlantis and Lemuria.

6. Atlantis began one Sun Orbit (our Sun) or 26,000 years ago. This civilization deteriorated over a period of 14,000 years, and finally disappeared 11,500 year ago.

7. Earth Shan’s present (and last) civilization began 12,500 years ago.

8. The Milky Way Galaxy, in the shape of a huge donut, is turning around (orbiting) the Greatest Central Sun, and has completed its 22nd orbit.

9. Earth Shan is the only planet in our solar system which has not achieved fifth(5D) dimension. 5D means existence in a higher frequency in which time and space are non-existent.

10. Life on Earth Shan was given one Great Cycle Orbit to reach 5D.

11. The end of our Sun orbit (around Pleiades) of 26,000 years coincide with the end of the 22nd Great Cycle Orbit.

12. These two cycles ended on August 17, 1987. This is called the Harmonic Convergence. At that time Shan began a new 12,000 year period of "graduation" into 5D. The first 3,000 years are a period of "rebirthing" and returning to her original pristine condition..

13. Earth Shan changes such as volcanoes and earthquakes will increase as Shan cleans herself to move into 5D.

14. Shan is a celestial being and has earned the right to move to 5D, even though most of the people on Shan have not earned that right.

15. Esu Immanuel Sananda (Jesus) taught that he would return in 2,000 years to evacuate the "remnant" of enlightened people and transport them by starship to other planets of higher dimension.

16. Only those humans, who have understood Truth and have become enlightened and have accepted God's Laws and the Laws of Creation, will be lifted off Earth Shan into 5D (heaven).

17. The time of evacuation will probably occur around year 2,007 AD

18. Earth Shan’s frequencies change gradually to higher frequencies as she moves through the Photon Belt.

19. To move to a higher dimension man must have cosmic consciousness and understand his place in a cosmos with other planets, animals and humans.

20. Shan is the only planet in our solar system where man has not reached the cosmic level of awareness.

21. Without Cosmic Awareness those, who choose not to evacuate to safety, will physically die in Shan’s violent earth changes of cleansing.

22. The souls of those, who die in 3D after evacuation, will go to the Astral Plane (4D) and on to their next lessons in soul growth in 3D.

23. To keep pace with Earth’s changing earth frequencies, the frequencies of the "enlightened" ones are also being raised, so they can "make it nicely through a beam of light!"

24. Evacuation will be for the remnant, who will have understood the Truth and have learned God's Laws and the Laws of Creation, for children below the age of accountability, and for anyone else who wishes to go to safety..

25. All people are to leave Earth Shan during her transition into 5D. It would be impossible for 3D humans to survive the earth changes.

26. Some people will go to 5D, some to 3D existence on other planets (reincarnation) and some to the void (Hell Planet), a place without Light (Love) to learn their next lessons in soul growth, and some will be uncreated.

27. At the close of every civilization, as now on Shan, "Cosmic Intelligence" makes contact with humans to help them with Truth. (Journal #50, p. 9)

28. Our space brothers and sisters have returned to help us on Earth Shan, and their spaceships can be seen in the night sky as blinking red, white, blue, and yellow strobing lights. These are not stars but starships.

29. Our Pleiadian space brothers and sisters and Star People from other star systems have come in their starships to Earth Shan because God has heard the prayers of people on Shan and has sent them. They are what the Bible called the “Hosts of Heaven”.

30. The Lightworkers, those who know Truth and have awakened and accomplished their missions, will be evacuated. They will graduate again into the Higher Realms and return to their homes in the Stars. It will be a most joyous homecoming.