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Patrick H. Bellringer

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May 25, 2017

       It appears that the news has never been worse than it is today.  In the U.S. the democrats and their mislead minions are planning major protests and riots in major cities in July to impeach President Donald Trump.  The “news” is that infighting is occurring in the White House, that Trump has become mentally unstable, that Trump sent a flunky to the China “Silk Road” Conference, that U.S. Military generals are really running the show under direction of Trump’s son-in-law Kurshner, that the U.S. has lost all respect among the world’s nations, that the elite are now targeting Russia and Putin for a takedown, as they did the Tsar and that our world is headed for both total economic disaster and a nuclear World War III.

          “We are lost! –the captain shouted, as he staggered to the deck”.  That is what the Darkside would have us believe.  They thrive on the negative energies of fear and anger and just keep the people believing in their lies, so they generate the needed negativity.  We must never forget that Zionists are Satanists, and that nearly all judges and attorneys and bankers and politicians and media and Jews and religious leaders and the One World Order and---and are Satanists.  We live in a very dark world called Satan’s jail planet, and his minions have done a great job in achieving Satan’s goals.

          Against the Darkness shines the Light of Truth, that can never be extinguished.  The Satanists fear the Truth.  The Truth reveals their lies, the very foundation for their existence and their evil plans.  Creator God Aton of Light, also, has a Plan for this world that He has created, and after the long Darkness comes the last Act of the Play, where the Light shines in brilliance.  It is always darkest before the dawn.  The Light is now appearing, as Truth exposes the lie.

          President Donald Trump is no one’s fool!  Those Satanists following the Russian connection are being led to a dead end.  The removal of FBI director, James Comey, was perfectly timed to get all of his files, records, computer data and information most valuable to the Satanists.  The secret Grand Jury that just indicted, arrested and convicted Anthony Weiner in less than twenty-four hours was brilliant.   The talk of war is only saber rattling.  The Trump White House is secure with intelligent and trustworthy people guided by wisdom.  The impeachment of Trump on fake charges is being neutralized by China and Russia.  The planned July protests are Satanist and media hype that shall fizzle out like the Fourth of July fireworks and the children’s sparklers, and Vladimir Putin shall continue to stand, as the World’s Greatest Statesman.


          All is not lost, my friends.  Aton’s Plan is unfolding nicely, and Shan’s plans are on schedule.  With the power of our God Spirit within we can make a difference.  Spread Truth, have courage and be kind.