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Anne and Patrick Bellringer

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Dec. 30,m 2016




The New Year is here and time again to reflect on the goings on of this past year and our response to them.  I shall repeat some basics as a reminder to all.


          We are here for our lessons in soul growth, and our lessons repeat until we learn them.  God loves us, and we are to share that love with others.  The energies we send out come back to us in like kind and in multiple amount, be they positive or negative.


          To hold revenge or hate or anger in our heart creates negative energy that comes back to us in such force, as to knock us down like a bowling pin.  Thus, the negative cycle repeats and repeats.  To send out love energy creates positive energy that brings miracles and happiness and peace within.


          We are to have no regrets.  We are to forgive ourselves, forgive others, and then ask God to forgive us.  Then we are to dump the garbage of the past and move forward with new vision and energy, asking our two Guardian Angels for their assistance.  God never gives us a harder task or a greater load then we can handle, and He always provides wisdom and guidance and help, when we ask for it.  Help is never more than a breath away.  To say God Aton, help me! or Sananda, help! will bring their instant response.


          Looking back over this past year, do you have any regrets?  Are there things you wish you had done differently?  Learn your lessons, correct what you can, forgive yourself and move on.  Then make New Year’s resolutions to do better, and include the basic one of practicing “random acts of kindness and senseless deeds of love”.  We can make this New Year the greatest one of yet!


          Thank you to all our Fourwinds Readers and Truthseekers.  May you find the Truth you seek, and may Fourwinds aid you in your search and in your enlightenment. That would be our greatest reward!  We wish you a magnificent New Year!


In Love and Light,

Anne & Patrick Bellringer