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NOVEMBER 10, 2016

          The election drama has ended and reality is breaking across America, but the lies continue.  Hillary Clinton won the popular vote!  Wrong!   The rigging of the vote machines, the many dead people who voted, the lack of voter I.D.’s as in North Carolina that allowed illegal aliens to vote, the repeat voters and the stacks of prepared ballots for Clinton that were dumped into the process created the illusion that Hillary had won the popular vote.   The Truth is Donald Trump won the popular vote by a landslide!  Hillary Clinton did not win the popular vote!  The numbers were rigged to create the illusion that she had won.

          The Illusion continues:  Trump is the bad boy and Clinton is the good girl!  Wrong again!  Evil always uses opposites to gain the advantage.  Lucifer claims to be the Bringer of Light, the beautiful Morning Star.  Black is white and lie is truth.  This election reveals the true colors of many people.  William Rivers Pitt writes, “We have elected a fascist!”   Robert Parry claims “Trump appealed to racism, misogyny (prejudice against women), White supremacy, bigotry toward immigrants, and prejudice toward Muslims.”

          Media (CNN) states “White supremacy elected Trump”.  Benjamin  Fulford says, “Xi Jinping and Putin are freaking out because their entire power structure is crumbling around them” and Darkside John Podesta chants to the crowd, we are not done yet!”  Wrong, again!  John, old boy, you are done!

          The Truth is that Hillary Clinton represents the very face of evil, corruption, greed, and arrogance, while Donald Trump represents the desire for justice and freedom and Goodness to the birthing of a new nation of hope and abundance and compassion.

          The question that haunts us is why many people voted for the forces of evil?  Was it because they have vested interests in the “system”?  Was it because they are mainstream media watchers and believe the lies, or is it because they have no morals or are just plain idiots.  Regardless, Goodness prevailed again!  The shame is overcome!

          The people have spoken and the illusion has been broken!  The red, black, brown and white people, all races, spoke!  The “great unwashed”, the “deplorables”, women, men, the little people spoke one last time to save this great nation.  In spite of the resistance, restoration of American is happening.  Know it in your heart and be a part of it!