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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Sept. 7, 2015

During the month of July, 2015 chemtrails were less than usual over the Black Hills of South Dakota.  August brought even less and finally clear blue skies by the end of the month.  Rapid City is now enjoying chemtrail-free skies during these bright sunny days of September.  What happened?

          Did Obama run out of money?  The chemtrail pilots are the highest paid except for the pilots of Air Force One!  Did they demand more pay, or find out the Truth of their evil work and quit?  Maybe they ran out of toxins to dump on our head!  One can only hope!  Maybe our sleeping patriotic military finally woke up and took action and stopped this evil carnage of we the people of the Republic!  Maybe the people’s pleadings have been heard and answered by Creator God!

          What is the chemtrail situation in your area?  Talk to me-----

---Patrick H. Bellringer


UPDATE from Patrick H. Bellringer


Maybe I spoke too soon.  The Elite are watching Fourwinds for yesterday after posting my comments about chemtrails in our area, Rapid City skies got smeared with chemtrails.

Today is another bright, sunny, clear blue sky day!  Petition for relief, and send their evil energy back to those, who perpetrated it.  May the pilots get tatally sick everytime they encounter our positive energy.

In Love and Light,



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From: KE
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 10:35 AM
Subject: My area.


In love and light to the Bellringer’s,

Well in my neck of the woods in Southern California we are sprayed every evening just after dust, or either earlier in the morning just before sunrise, around 5am.  This has been on a daily basis, especially throughout the month of August.  There was spraying yesterday, I saw the remnants of the trails and the subsequent cloud formations a little later.  Now, we are due for a 10% chance of rain tonight, so they usually hold off until that clears, then back to spraying.  In love and light.


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From: MC
To: "Bellringer Bellringer" <>
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 8:06 PM
Subject: What happened to the chemtrails?
Hi Patrick,



I hope we get soon here in Montreal area what you are having over the Black Hills of South Dakota. We still had some today. I noticed some days during the summer it was less intense or without any for period of the day, but I cannot say there was a trend because it was pretty intense at times. I hope we will see the end of this very soon.

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From: KE
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 9:07 PM
Subject: Chemtrail spraying

In love and light to the Bellringer’s, like clockwork they are spraying right now, the time 8:05PM as I just saw a plane, apparently they have been at it before I ventured to my balcony, but the cloud remnants are there.  No rest for the wicked.

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From: IL
Sent: Friday, September 04, 2015 3:22 PM
Subject: chemtrails
Hi Patrick,
It is with gratitude in my heart that I wish to thank you and your family for keeping Fourwinds going.  My life has been a bit tough during the last 4 years and it is Fourwinds that gives me hope for the future so I can continue to roll along no matter what betides.
Your faith and insights strengthens mine, while I can continue to keep my eyes and ears open so I know what needs to be addressed in my prayers and to be able to encourage others.
Regarding the chemtrails.  Even though they seem to have disappeared they are spraying at a higher altitude and are less visible.  I also think they are contributing more to the high and dry temperatures over California.  So we are getting a double whammy.
No matter where these perpetrators of evil think they can escape to anywhere in God’s Universe, eventually they will hang themselves by their own ropes. What goes around, comes around. 
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From: KC
Sent: Friday, September 04, 2015 6:18 PM
Subject: Northern Cal.
A couple of weeks ago,  we had six straight days w/o chemcrap.  I thought maybe they got tired of the way I knock down their chem mess when ever they get within 50 miles of me and my Chembuster.  It keeps my lady,  my outside dogs and cat,  our organic garden/fruit trees and all the local flora and fauna healthy with no ill effect from the chemcrap. Others nearby complain of many problems/ailments from the chemspraying,  we have none of their issues here.  Recently a dear friend showed up here with his wife and shared with me something brand new to me about making chemtrails disappear.  Ever here of the Sylphs?  I call them elemental beings,  anyway,  my friend said all I had to do to engage their help in making the chemtrails go away was to ask from the heart,  which I did.  We,  the Sylphs,  my chembuster and my loving intent are what power this whole thing.  Soooo cool to just watch the bad stuff disappear and blue skys, clear and clean after a day of spraying,  the Sylphs do a cleanup/followup over our area  and we have NO ill effects whatsoever.  Have tried to share this on one of the "geoengineering list I am on with very limited results.  Usually piss off the moderator as they want "Science"  Have had a ball shooting down the trails,  not the planes,  but every where they have flown and left an energy signature,  the Sylphs continue past my 50 miles chembuster limit and keep on cleaning the sky.  Will include the same link that my friend shared with all works and I don't even fire a shot.  Can't yet keep them on the ground,  but I damn sure make harmless all that gets near my place.  My best day was when I took on 15 of the boogers and the ensuing chaotic sky,  which later was clear as a bell!  Ha! Ha!  What if there ten thousand me's out there!!!   
about the dough,  remember the missing trillions little Donnie Rumsfeld told about?  And all that cash drug money.  These guys won't run out of money,  but pretty soon they'll get the message. 
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From: RP
Sent: Sunday, September 06, 2015 1:55 AM
Subject: Chemtrails
Patrick. Thanks for your great website. In regards to the chemtrails I have been reading articles from   Whoneedslight.  Ashtar has explained a method of negating the trails. Our space brothers can help only if we ask them to,so it is our intent that will bring this about. Ashtar explains how to do this in one of the articles in the New Earth Times  Loads of Light and Love  --RP
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-From: JC
Sent: Sunday, September 06, 2015 4:37 PM
Subject: Chemtrails
Hi Anne and Patrick,
Spraying continues in the Dallas area at least 5 days a week.
No let up here.
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From: MC
To: "Bellringer Bellringer" <>
Sent: Monday, September 07, 2015 6:31 PM
Subject: A few thoughts about the chemtrails
A few thoughts about the chemtrails Patrick.

First an observation that maybe someone might have an explanation for:

Most of the time when they don't cover the whole sky and just make a few sprays, I notice they mostly spray not only in the path of the sun in the sky - east to west, but also mainly on the side where the sun is. For example while most of the sprays go from est to the west, the sprays are concentrated mainly on the east side of the sky in the morning, on the west side at the end of the day, and mainly in the center of the sky when they spray at midday.  The light of the sun seems to have something to do with the effect they are looking for.

Another observation that make me think we might have more power than we tend to believe:

I noticed also like someone else told you that sometimes there seems to have remants of the trails without having seen any plane prior to that. Some days, I understand they had done the job before dawn, but other times, it is right in middle of the day. I am wondering if that could be like someone hinted that they are spraying at higher altitude, seeking in a way to not get people's attention that might ask for the effective help from Light Workers. Because, that clean up effect after the diffusion of the trails (the work of Sylphs or some other things) leading to a clear sky after some intense spraying, I have noticed that also. If we have something to do with those cleanup, as I think we have, the sponsors of the trails have surely noticed it and are probably trying to do the job in a less visible way. The result at the end shall be the same however, I mean the Light shall win!



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Original Message -----From: Graeme Whitmeyer
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2015 5:51 AM
Greetings, earthling!  Salu, salu!!!  😄

I gave it a few days inspection.  I thought I would surely see the sky being continuously pelted with that certain remarkable intolerance for all that is Good and Holy, but, lo, and behold!!: The very next day, after I read your message, the sky was absolutely clear, here in Orcutt, and throughout Santa Maria, California. Not a single cloud in the sky!  

Then, I was thinking, "Okay, they are taking Labor Day Weekend off!", and still, Tue., not a cloud. Appealing is the thought that they may have restricted their spraying area away from you and I.

So, I have this intense premonition that they shall begin again on the morrow, for I cannot possibly be "right"!  Hhahahah!!  At least it seems that way when the concrete, breathing-dead world attempts to muddle what small portion of reasoning I have left.

I'll keep you posted if they return, but, so far (fingers not crossed because superstition and luck are non-existent as truths), there have been at least three perfectly clear skies in a row, and I pray this pleasant trend, and much needed breath of fresh air continues.  

Nice post. I love hearing confirmation that there are other involved readers of your site.  Keep the Light!!!  So be it. Amen. And Peace to you.

--Eme-whit Wise One


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From: PW
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2015 6:54 PM
Subject: Hello Central - CHEMTRAILS
Oh yes, they are at it still at it.  For a few days (very few) the sky above northern Arizona was clear and free of those horrible streaks and trails; however yesterday and today the whole sky was a mess and the planes clearly visible spewing the poison by criss-crossing from west to east AND north to south.   It is the "monsoon season" in the west and we are seeing quite a few rain and thunderstorms this one. 

I am sure the rain we are getting near Prescott, AZ is the result of those nasty little people called scientists who are still playing where they shouldn't be.  I cannot understand the mentality of those responsible??? Don't they realize that the air and water they are messing with is the same stuff that THEY use, not to mention their own loved ones????  How Ignorant!

For many years I have felt that something BIG was going to happen in September.  I just couldn't pin down which September, but I am sure now that it is in 2015 -- this year!  What it could be escapes me but maybe First Contact or the announcement of NESARA.  We can dream, can't we?  More and more humans are awakening - please send all the happiest and positive thoughts in your soul to the universe.  Negativity just feeds evil.  Bad guys cannot function in love and light.

Hang on for the ride...



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From: KE
Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2015 11:41 PM
Subject: Chemtrail inquiry! My Thoughts

In love and light to the Bellringer’s,

You know, since you posted that notice on your site, these guys have been working triple time with the spraying.  I agree with one of our fellow observers that they have been flying higher to disperse their poisons.  I live in southern California and it has been a blanket of these clouds.  These chemtrail clouds are ominous, and foreboding.  I truly feel for us all worldwide, but what is most treacherous is that these clouds hold in heat, and believe me for the past 4 days it has been sweltering.  California is going through a serious drought, and the same cast of characters drained the dams.  The borders are freely open to add more populace to a draining economy.  California farmers are not allowed to use water to grow their crops (of which this happens to be their livelihood).  I see a land grab in the making, because they have already have in place to nationalize farm lands.  We all know the culprits have dibs on the land.  If the farmers cannot grow crops they lose their livelihood (does not matter the generation ownership of property, they will never be able to pay property taxes; therefore their land will be stolen from them).  However, if property owners have the alloidal title they will have something to fight with if backed up by the populace that can recognize the truth.  Patrick and Anne we in southern California are experiencing a heat wave, and not manmade.  For all of those diligent farmers they are facing a land grab of the most insidious schemes imaginable.  I am asking for all lightworkers  and those whom believe to prevent  this from occurring.  In love and light to all J


p.s.  the blanket of heat is stifling, not to mention this is INTENTIONAL MANMADE.