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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1990   7:15 A.M.   YEAR 3, DAY 171


Hatonn present with clearance and prepared to begin.  The first thing that we shall put to paper this day is an honor unto the one Gary Smith, who is known about your place as “Windsinger”.




Windsinger, Gary Smith, was a man dear unto your earth family and now ful­filling his service from this dimension for which we rejoice for the beauty of his spirit brings us delight.  Windsinger’s church temple was the wilderness; the wondrous canyons of the West.  Be­cause I must protect the location where our holographs shall be filmed I can say no more.  He passed from your place a young man but a very old soul indeed.  His music told the sto­ries of that which was and has come to be.  We shall use his music and words and here I wish to give him honor for a few that he not be forgotten and forever registered in the pages of our truth.




Windsinger, ride!  Windsinger, ride!  Windsinger ride!

Nit C’ Hi Hatatih, Nit C’ Hi Hatatih, ride!


A young Navajo came riding,

While at his back set the bleeding desert sun;

He sought his name upon the mountain,

From the wise man, Nagi-Khan.


Nagi-Khan was such an old man,

And his eyes were filled with silence,

The silence passed from the ages,

When the spirits first walked and breathed upon the land.


The old man smiled at the boy,

And spoke with the strength of ten-thousand desert winds;

“Ride the Four Winds of the mountain;

Wake, and see, and think, and speak—WINDSINGER!”


He was carried to the North from the mountain,

To the land of the Bear, and silent, frozen faces;

The Bear sat and watched the Eagle,

Whose talons had been tangled in the darkness.


The Eagle tried to stretch his wings,

And to tear himself free from the darkness;

But his people were all sleeping,

And not one person cared to awake and cut him free.


The boy breathed deeply from the winds,

And sang with words that struck like burning spears!

“Hear your empty lives of deafness!

Awake now!  Can’t you see the danger?”


He was carried by the wind to the Southland,

Where the Lion and the Llama crawled on bloated bellies;

Their eyes were only blackened sockets,

And children tried to run while rickets swelled their knees.


The rich would feast and make their speeches;

Tomorrow would bring the needed changes;

But their speeches were all empty,

And the hungry children groaned ‘til their parents could not sleep.


Then the groaning changed into a roar,

The roar began to thunder and the winds began to scream:

“Do not let the children suffer!

Make all the people wake and see—Windsinger!”


He was carried to the East across the ocean,

To a place where the Dragon spewed its venom on the land;

He saw the vacant stares of millions,

Hungry stares that held no hope for food in empty hands.


The Dragon crouched before the Eagle,

That had gorged itself on darkness,

That had slept itself to weakness,

In whose eyes grew dim the light that could still make all men free.


The spirits moved upon the Winds,

Till the voices of the ages began to echo in his ears:

“Ride again among your people;

Make them wake, and see, Windsinger!”


Windsinger rode among his people,

Singing in the cities, the suburbs, and the ghettoes;

He sang to his brothers in the hogans,

In the squalor of the reservations.


But the people would not listen;

And the children danced their frenzied dances,

As the neon whirled, and flashed, and blinded;

And poison-bearing clouds hung like incense in the air.


The boy sang out his broken heart,

Then with sorrow in his eyes he rode slowly to the West.

“Dance while you sleep, my people;

The songs that I sing have no meaning for your ears.”


But as he rode he heard a rumbling,

For a few had woken and turned to raise their faces;

They came forth from the darkened ghettoes,

From the cities, and off the reservations.


A few had stopped to hear the singing,

And awakened from the slumber of the many;

Each one raised a burning spear,

With which to pierce the darkness and let forth the shining light.


The winds begin to move and sing,

Till the valleys echoed with a hundred rolling songs;

The man rode to his sacred mountain,

To wake, and see, and think, and speak——Windsinger!


These songs shall be used in SIPAPU ODYSSEY, for this man died of a bro­ken heart—the doc­tors called it multiple sclerosis; it was a broken heart for no-one would look and see.  NOW THEY SHALL SEE AND HEAR AND DANCE, WINDSINGER!


                        THE  RED  TAIL


I am the Red Tail

Climbin’ and soarin’ through your sky,

With the sunset on my feathers,

With your friends, all gettin’ high!


Higher than the Red Tail,

Up above me, there is beauty all around.

Out beyond me, there breathes beauty.

Down below me, there grows beauty.

There is beauty all around me!


Learn to see me,

Learn to feel me, like the wind across my wings.

Let my spirit grow within you.

Learn to know me,

Learn to be!


Like the Red Tail,

Catching currents, and rising in the sky.

Out away from all that’s ugly,

Breathing freedom from the windstorms,

Growing wise and filled with light!


You can be the Red Tail

A sunrise, a burst of glory in the sky.

You’ll know freedom,

You’ll know beauty,

You’ll find love, and you’ll be wise!


Rise with the Red Tail!

Strive to find, all the beauty in your Life.

Like the Red Tail you caught at sunset,

Like the Red Tail of your mind!


I am the Red Tail,

Climbin’ and soarin’ through your sky,

With the sunset on my feathers,

With your friends all gettin’ high . . . all gettin’ high

. . .all gettin’ high.



                BIRDS  FLY  AROUND  HER



(This painting is really “there”.)


Deep among the canyon wall, I hiked alone while silence flowed;

In some cool shade I stopped to rest and drink some water.

Looking up, I noticed her, an act of love was painted where

The sandstone face slipped down to meet

                        —the crumbled ages.


Unknown hands from years gone by, had stopped to rest here,

the same as I;

But with his brush and paints of clay, he left his love here.

A painted girl to greet the dawn.

A crown of white, a feathered gown;

Her smile demure, she waited while

                        —birds flew around her.


A thousand years this love has grown

                        and stood the test of wind and storms,

While my love waits beyond these walls,

                        —birds fly around her.


The canyons grow and canyons die, as sand dissolves behind her eyes,

Her painted birds will tumble down and join the ages.

The grass turns green and then to brown, a thousand times

                        before her crown;

Although she’s changing, slowly fading,

                        —her love will live here.


So who am I to linger here?

I’m just a flash before her mirror,

A fading whisper who stops to watch

                        —birds fly around her.



* * * * *

In October of 1986, Windsinger lay dying and Dharma held his hand.  He asked only that his songs be honored, for his music was his life.  He asked that he go one more time to the canyons where the movie would be filmed and a promise was made, “If I must carry you upon my back—Windsinger.”  But it was not to be that way.  Dharma, Windsinger shall be in the canyon—on that blessed day—for the one, Windsinger, shall be coming there with me!  So be it, little eagle.


* * * * *


Let us return, briefly, to the subject of women and God.


At one time there was quite a bit of conflict due to male chauvin­ism as was rampant in the days of Emmanuel.  As an example, at a meeting on one occa­sion Peter complained quite loudly that Mary was dominating the conversa­tion with Emmanuel and displacing the “rightful” priority of Peter and his brother apostles.  He urged Emmanuel to silence her and was quickly re­buked.  Later, however, Mary admitted to Emmanuel that she found it diffi­cult to speak freely in front of Peter as he had difficulty accepting teaching or advice from a woman, whereupon, Emmanuel replied that whoever the Spirit inspires is divinely ordained to speak, whether it be man or woman.  Yes, Dharma, I thought you might enjoy that mes­sage—not that you particularly wish to speak but to allow you ones to real­ize that your roles are so often in opposition to that which was before that you might more fully understand the lessons.  Perhaps Oberli could be a bit more thoughtful of your feelings when he is abrupt, for you are actually given almost no time to converse in your con­sciousness, with your friends.  Ones think, because you write and speak for me in every gathering, that somehow you have participated—I shall one day have to set them to understanding.  So be it.




Oh yes, if you read it you shall see that many things in the Bible are most in­teresting indeed.  I have news for you—many of the let­ters attributed to St. Paul were, in fact, never written by Paul!


The Bible has been translated about 1600 times, there have been am­ple op­portunities to tamper with, delete and add a bit, here and there, to it; a fact that has been admitted to by theologians for centuries.  The pseudo-Paulian letters, often had to do with church organiza­tion, rituals, dogmas, and doc­trines.  It is here that you see Paul’s so-called “disdain” for women where he says that women have to be subservient to men, that they have no right to speak, much less teach in the church and lays down the rules for allowing “widows” within “after they reach old age”.


A scholar has no trouble sorting out these things.  These teachings could not have come from Paul as, first, the style of writing is totally unlike Paul’s; sec­ondly, in several instances Paul di­rects certain male seekers to go to certain Christian women, such as Priscilla, for fur­ther instruc­tion as these women were highly knowledgeable about God, and thirdly, and most important, St. Paul was a GNOSTIC; he had visions of God—he met Emmanuel after the crucifixion, on the road to Damascus which led to his conversion.  In these vi­sions, Paul saw the Oneness of all things in God, and even said, “In Christ, there is neither male or fe­male.”  So nei­ther sex could be viewed as superior or inferior to the other as you all (“we” all) are ultimately part of the One God!


The Gnostics also taught that God created not “Adam”, the man, first and Eve, the woman, sec­ond, but human beings of both sexes simultaneously.  In­deed, the literal translation of the BOOK OF GENESIS in your HOLY BIBLE quite plainly states that God created “`adham”, the Hebrew word for “human being”, NOT “`ish” or “Zakar”, the Hebrew for the “male hu­man be­ing”.  There is even a question as to whether Eve was the first woman (oh yes, in your Bible), be­cause of the references made to a woman named “Lilith” in many creation legends.  In these leg­ends, Lilith, the predecessor to Eve, de­manded to be viewed as Adam’s equal, and was therefore exiled from the Garden of Eden by Adam.  Enter Eve and the apple, and soon, Adam himself was thrown out of Eden on his ear!  Was it really Eve’s fault, or simply Adam’s own ego re­bounding on him?  Do you not see the humor in your fa­natical percep­tions?  There is a tid-bit of humor that occasionally sweeps your land that says, “It was not the apple on the tree that got mankind into trouble—it was the pear (pair) on the ground that did you in!”


Furthermore, the Hebrew word used for God in Genesis is “Elohim”.  This word has been translated as “God” or “He”, but its roots are of both masculine and feminine origin, “Eloh”—the feminine singu­lar for “goddess”, and the mas­culine plural ending “im”.  Perhaps this was Moses’ way of intimating the many-sided, all-encompassing aspects of God; i.e., that God is both mas­culine and feminine, sin­gular and plural and One and above all of the categories and dis­tinctions!  Is it possible?




Gnostic references to the feminine aspects and the mascu­line/feminine dual nature of the God­head are quite plentiful throughout their teachings.  One example of this, which echoes sci­entists’ explanations of the dual aspects of the human brain—and we do like your scien­tists’ opinions inserted if we can use them—the masculine side being the organizer and cate­gorizer and the fem­inine side being the creator and initiator.


Another interesting bit of information is that John related a mys­tical vision he had of the Trinity after the crucifixion:


“The heavens were opened and the whole creation which is under heaven shone and the world was shaken.  And I was afraid, and I saw a light—a like­ness with mul­tiple forms—and the likeness had three forms.  He said to me `John, Jo(h)n, why do you doubt, and why are you afraid?  I am the one who is with you forever.  I am the father; I am the Mother; I am the Son.’”


Whoops!  You mean, Hatonn, that there are even more books?  Sorry, but quite a few, little sleepy-heads.


In one called the SECRET BOOK, you will find the Hebrew term “ruah”, a feminine word, used for “spirit”.  The Book goes on to describe this divine Mother-Spirit:


“She is the image of the invisible, virginal, per­fect spirit.  She became the Mother of everything, for She existed before them all, the Mother-Father.”


In the GOSPEL TO THE HEBREWS, Emmanuel also speaks of “my Mother, the Spirit”, adding that whosoever becomes a true believer in God gains both father and mother for the Spirit “ruah” is “Mother of many”.


So perhaps it is not just the arrival of a physical female incarna­tion of God that the stars fore­tell; perhaps they also foretell the necessary unfolding of the Mother-Spirit within us all; the birth of the Christ-Consciousness in each and every heart and the real­ization of your Mother/Father within as well as with­out; for as Sri Aurobindo has said, “A change of conscious­ness is the major fact of the next evolutionary transformation.”


I would like to interrupt here to respond to Rick in his query re­garding a statement I made in answer to an inquiry from him—about the feminine as­pect of God.  He recalls that I said there was not such a thing.  I must be hon­est, I do not recall the incident; and hopefully, I simply mis­understood the query.  The fact remains, however, that I would literally have to answer nega­tively again for GOD is ONE—NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE AND THEREFORE HAS NO ABSOLUTE FEMININE OR MASCULINE AS­PECTS.  “HE” is referred to as “He” be­cause man has chosen to set forth your languages to utilize “He” as a reference to “mankind” and because of the role within the universal order—Creator God/Creation Mother.




It is not only the Gnostic Christians who worshipped God as the Mother; reli­gions around the world have recognized and praised not only your heavenly Father, but also God as the Divine Mother and Creator of all life, as well as the seat of creation.  Indeed, it is the total lack of feminine references to God that sets apart or­thodox Judaism, orthodox Christianity, and ortho­dox Islam from the rest of the world’s religions, whether they be Egyptian or Greek, Babylonian or early Roman, African, North American, or Indian.


In India, the feminine aspect of God has been revered in various forms by both men and women since time immemorial.  An example of this type of rev­erence was illustrated through the life of possibly India’s greatest “saint”—Sri Ramakrishna.  Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886) revered and realized God in “Her” feminine form as the Mother—Kali.  His closeness to God was so great, especially in Her feminine form, that he could invoke Her to appear physi­cally, even in front of others.  This is most surely called “thought manifesta­tion” whereby he could present his image into your vision.  These ones who can do this are far ad­vanced indeed but it is a feat which can be done by any of you—YOU simply do not believe you can do and therefore, you do not.


It was, and is, believed that there are five stages in the Path of Divine Love of God as fol­lows:


1)Man is “fearful” and needs help.

2)He sees God as Father.

3)He sees God as Mother. (And it is only from this stage that real love be­gins, for only then does it become intimate and fearless.)

4)He loves for the sake of love—beyond all other qualities and beyond good and evil. Or, the distinctions of Mother and Father, or any other dualities.

5)He realizes love in Divine union, UNITY.


Note that those who have had death experiences relate that when the physical body is dropped, so are all societal “masks”.  In other words, all distinctions of class, caste, race, na­tionality, or sex—all worldly dualities—disappear; there is no longer any identifi­cation with the body physical, and, there fore, these worldly cate­gories no longer exist or have meaning.  It should also be men­tioned here that these death experiences cut across all cultural and re­ligious lines; in other words, they are the same regardless of the race, creed, color, sex, or nationality of the person who “died”.  Both North Americans and Asian Indians have re­ported the same basic elements of the death experience.


Similarly, though the Being of Light had a definite personality, as well as a great sense of humor, “It” was not seen to have any par­ticular sex, either.  Though many identified It with various reli­gious names depending on the in­dividual’s religious background, the Being Itself never gave Its name or any other label.  It was beyond these dualities; It was instead, Divine Love—pure love for the sake of love without any limitations or conditions.




Realizing there is but ONE, let us, however, understand wherefrom comes the concept of vari­ous aspects.


Sri Ramakrishna was brought to the ocean of God’s Bliss often through Love of God as the Mother.  But he also experienced and re­alized God in His mas­culine form: as Allah, the Is­lamic God, and as Christ.  In both cases, Ramakr­ishna threw himself into the teach­ings of each reli­gion.  In the case of Islam, he repeated the name of Allah and even wore the robes of a Mus­sulman.  Eventually, he had a visual materialization of the Islamic ideal—the Prophet.  Ramakr­ishna merged with him and, was once again, though by a dif­ferent river, brought back to the ocean of God’s Bliss.


His experience with Christ happened seven years later occurring soon after the Bible was first read to him.


“One day when he, Ramakrishna, was sitting in the room of a friend, a rich Hindu, he saw on the wall a pic­ture representing the Madonna and Child.  The figures be­came alive—the holy vi­sions came close to him and en­tered into him so that his whole being was impregnated with them—the inflowing cov­ered his en­tire soul, break­ing down all barriers.  The spirit of the Hindu was changed.  He had no room for anything but Christian love.  Then one after­noon in the grove of Dakshineswar, Ramakr­ishna’s temple, he saw coming towards him a person with beau­tiful large eyes, a serene regard and a fair skin.  Although he did not know who it was, he succumbed to the charm of his un­known guest.  He drew near and a voice sang in the depths of Ramakr­ishna’s soul:


“`Behold the Christ, who shed His heart’s blood for the re­demption of the world, who suffered a sea of an­guish for love of men.  It is He, the master Yogi, who is in eternal union with God.  It is Jesus, Love incarnate.’


“The Son of Man embraced the seer of India, the Son of the Mother, and absorbed him into Himself.  Ramakr­ishna was lost in ecstasy.  Once again he re­alized union with Brahman (God).  In his room amongst his Divine pic­tures was one of the Christ, and he burnt incense before it morning and evening.  Later it came to pass that In­dian Christians recognized in him a direct mani­festation of the Christ and went into ecstasy before him.  But, for him, Christ was not the only Incarnation.  Buddha and Kr­ishna were others.”  Which, of course, brings us right down to the question of Avatars and we have already touched on that subject in a prior chapter.



Earth man wants miracles by the bushel, proof by the pound and signs, signs, signs!  So be it.


The Lord as a child performed many miracles.  Most of Emmanuel’s child­hood miracles have been taken out of the Bible and it is most sad indeed.  But you can find records of them in other books, in­cluding one called THE LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE.  Many of these mir­acles had to do with healings and the transformation of matter.


In several cases, the Lord, through His example, stressed the need for solitude and silence, which is why all of the “avatars” spent so much time in the forest.  All were tested by the tempta­tions of life—lust, power, greed—as with Jesus’ forty days in the wilder­ness, but all came through the tests without a single fault.  Lord Buddha’s words to Mara, the temptress (what you nice people would call the “Devil”) are strikingly similar to Jesus’ during His forty-day fast.  When tempted by Mara with food during His own fast, Lord Buddha said: “O thou friend of the indo­lent, thou wicked one; for what purpose hast thou come?  Let the flesh waste away, if but the mind becomes more tranquil and attention more steadfast (so that it may better concentrate on the Lord).”


Why would we not send Dharma into the desert for forty days and make her fast?  Sic, sic, you ones who ponder such a thing—would that truly make you “finally” believe in these words?  Of course not and further, she is no avatar and no channel—she is a scribe.  To send her to the desert without food and drink for forty days would but make her mad and then all of you would surely have some­thing with which to discount this work.  If you ones do not get busy and pay at­tention to these writings YOU ALL ARE GOING TO END UP MORE THAN ANY FORTY DAYS WITHOUT DWELLING, FOOD AND DRINK!  SO BE IT—BETTER YE PONDER UPON THAT POINT INSTEAD OF DHARMA’S IN­TENT.  WE SHALL TEND OF DHARMA!


Jesus said: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that pro­ceeds from the mouth of God.”  Let it be understood, that neither can the human, unprepared and un­lighted, live without bread and sustenance.


Guru Nanak, too, was tested by the passions of evil, but said in response: “What does it mat­ter if I become a king, and command mighty armies, and oc­cupy a golden throne, and like the wind my commands encompass the earth?  If I exercise supernatural powers and can create wealth at a gesture, can ap­pear and disappear at will and thus win popular respect, these delude fools only who have not Him in their hearts.”


Jesus Christ came from the tomb and raised up after some three days.  This was actually from “death” but not as you ones can per­ceive it.  Guru Nanak, too, was resurrected from the “dead” after three days.  He had walked into a lake in front of many people and com­pletely disappeared into it.  His family and others searched for His body in vain.  Three days later, He reappearedwith a luminous glow around Him and pronounced the first principle of His faith:


“There is but one God, Truth is His Name.  Maker of all things, free of fear and hate, timeless, birthless, self-existent, known by the grace of the Guru (meaning: Spiritual Teacher or Guide).  Meditate on the True Name.


“He who has arranged this play of the Universe, this mate­rial world, in various forms and hues, He shall never pass away.  He enjoys the sight of His own artistry, to His own Eternal Glory.  He is the All-powerful, subject to no other command.  He is the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, all live under His will.


“You are all wisdom, omniscient, deeper than the oceans.  You are ev­erywhere, wherever I look, there You are.  Sepa­rated from you, like a fish I die.  All acts are performed in His presence.  He sees all.


“You are near, You are far, You are All in All, You see, You hear, You create this Universe; what pleases You, that is the only right actions.”


Now that we come back again unto labels, let me refresh you:  “Then I saw heaven opened and a white horse standing there; and the one sitting on the horse was named `Faithful and True’—the one who justly punishes and makes war.  His eyes were like flames, and on his head were many crowns.  A name was written on his forehead, and only he knew its meaning (brothers, the name was God, Sananda!).  He was clothed with garments dipped in blood, and his “title” THE WORD OF GOD.  The armies of heaven, dressed in finest linen, white and clean, followed him on white horses.


“In his mouth he held a sharp sword to strike down the nations; he ruled them with an iron grip; and he trod the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God.  On his robe and thigh was written this title: `KING OF Kings AND LORD OF LORDS’.”  So be it, chelas, for thy days are numbered upon thy place!


As with the Lord Emmanuel, Guru Nanak and Lord Krishna (among oth­ers) disappeared from your earth without leaving any physical body behind.  This was in great measure so that you blind little lambs would not worship a fleshly chunk of nothing but understand the life eternal.  Oh how wondrous if you all could have but understood of the message.


A Lord or God among you, can be recognized in many ways—but the same “ways” can also be “ways” of those who have simply purified themselves and come into knowledge.  But a great spiritual teacher can be recognized by His or Her actions, and that He/She possesses divine pow­ers.  That one will have total control over the five functions of the body, speaking, eating, repro­duction, elimination, and motion, over the five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing, and over the five elements of Nature as earth, air, water, fire, and ether.  Great spiritual ones can often attain one or sev­eral of these powers or qualities—kalas—but only an avatar pos­sesses them all, including the last and most important one—omni­science, or all-knowledge of the past, pre­sent, and future.  True “avatars” are rare indeed, my friends, and a lot of you have been com­pletely fooled by facades that hide the few unaccomplished feats of great spiritual teachers.  Many “bodies” have been buried in the night and in the se­cret hours and places, to not blemish the con­cept of the credit of “avatar”.  Be not too gullible at the tales of ones ascending from hither and yon for it is most rare indeed and NO, I shall not enlarge upon that topic at this time.  THESE ARE LESSONS TO CAUSE YOU TO STOP DIVIDING THE HOUSES OF GOD AND STOP CLINGING UNTO YOUR SPECIAL “AVATARS” AND DOCTRINES BUILT UPON OTHER THAN GOD.  FOR AFTER ALL, AVATAR IS GOD AMONG YOU!


The powers given above are indeed totally natural and normal to an avatar and are used in a spontaneous manner; they are not the re­sult of time and dis­cipline, as is the case with ordi­nary human be­ings who “grow”.  An avatar is “born with these powers”; this is why the avatars are able to perform miracles as wee children.  This does not mean that they neces­sarily do so for most will not for their purpose is to relate to you as human and allow you to experi­ence and know that what they can do, so can you.  All of the mira­cles that each avatar performs are a re­sult of their inborn, natu­ral powers and are never used in carelessness.


Let us leave this for a while, Dharma.  We can further discuss pow­ers over the elements, matter and body at our next sitting.  Thank you.


Hatonn to stand-by.  Salu and blessings upon you dear ones.­­