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HERE COMES THE CIRCUS TO TOWN -- AGAIN! (Updated Sept. 13, 2012)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Sept. 12, 2012

Nidle is talking a great line on his Roller Coaster Ride.  Poof is pushing the merry-go-round, again.  Others are pumping the teeter-totter of Good News.  “NESARA is coming to town!”  The evil governments are falling, the banks are disintegrating, as the Federal Reserve collapses, because a new international monetary system is being pulled into place by the parade elephants bedecked with their golden harness and angelic-looking riders.

          Such excitement!  The banker clowns are hawking their wares of false rewards.  The mercenaries and trained killers are dressed up as friendly neighborhood cops with big smiles, and the politicians, yes, the politicians are everywhere.  Some are selling cotton candy.  Some are giving big red balloons to the children, while others are cooking hot dogs---all to fool the people that they are good guys.

          The fat clown judges have spare rib fat dripping from their lips, and the black-suited attorney clowns on tall stilts are stepping high over everyone, as visitors from a foreign land.

          NESARA, indeed!  There will be no more IRS.   What a scream!  And yes, there will be money to burn—Burn Baby Burn!  We will buy, buy, buy and spend, spend, spend, and shop till we drop!  What a blast!  That’s pure “Paradise”---Paradise on good-ol-planet earth.  What a circus!  What a ride!

          Is Nidle right?  Is Poof right?  Is it true that NESARA is coming to town---like right now?  Do not let the clowns fool you.  Do not be tricked by the magical acts or swoon to the bright lights and deafening music!  Your heart quickens in the excitement and your hope rises to dash away all fears and misgivings.  Suddenly you feel the thrill.  You are strong and can take any dare.  NESARA is coming to town!

          Just as suddenly the music stops, the people leave, the clowns morph into real people, the lights go out and the circus goes away—-again!  Can you have an honest banking system of real value, when greed is everywhere?  Can you have interest-free loans, when selfishness is basic to human nature?  Can you have honest government and reasonable taxes, if dishonesty cannot be contained by any means?  Can you truly build a Paradise on Earth, which requires no evil, when evil controls our entire civilization?  How do you legislate evil out of your third dimension Paradise?  How is it possible to control evil, when everyone has a freewill to choose how they live and how they act toward others?

          Do you remove freewill?  Do you remove evil?  How is that done?  You see, we live in this “circus”, this illusion of 3D life on our planet without comprehending this illusion.  Reality is found in the Higher Dimensions of “spirit”.  The real world is spiritual, and we are spiritual beings, who have come on to this holodeck of third dimension to learn our lessons of soul growth.  We get caught up in the “circus” and lose our focus.  It is impossible to build Heaven on Earth in this third dimension?  By definition, “Heaven” has no evil, and try as we might, it is impossible to remove evil from our 3D world.  Heaven can only exist in 5D and all higher dimensions, where evil is not allowed by Creator God Aton of Light, and by Creator Source of the Isle of Paradise, Creator of All That Is!

          Yes, we desire Goodness, because that is our nature as enlightened souls.  We care, we help, we show compassion, and we desire good things for others.  Our good thoughts and our good deeds have made a difference in our personal space and in the lives of many others.  Just know that we cannot alter another’s chosen journey, nor that of our planet in her cleansing and transition into the higher energies of fifth dimension.

          Can the Ascended Masters ask Mother Earth “to slow down temporarily the pace of her surface changes”, and expect her to comply?  Are the Ascended Masters allowed to intervene in the freewill of Earth Shan’s people” to accelerate the momentous operation of transforming her surface peoples?”  No, of course not!  This is Nidle nonsense!  Do the Ascended Masters have no names and refuse to identify themselves, but just pop in to Nidle’s space and spout such prattling?

          Nidle writes nonsense, and Poof write Poofness!  Maybe it is riddles, for Poof says, “I’m not the only person who writes in the cryptic”, and “the bad guys are throwing so much crap out here thru ‘messengers’ ”.   Really?  Poof also says, “what we’re waiting for is but moments away from your door”, and “peace is coming around the world”.   Such “poofness” can fool those without discernment.

          The Corporate U.S. (operator) represents the Western Hemisphere in the international arrangement, and the Obama administration, as have all past ones, has broken every contract and every agreement made with the Eastern Hemisphere (China, owner) to fund Global Settlements between nations, and Farm Claims and Prosperity Programs to the people.  Evil does not quit, and the Darkside has no intention to cooperate in any way to allow prosperity and peace on Planet Earth.

          Am I saying the NESARA is a joke on the people, and the Farm Claims and Prosperity Programs are all a bad dream?  No!  They are all very real, and I have played a part in their history and have always supported the bringing of them to completion, but time has run out for Mother Earth and her people.  We need to focus on “what is” and not on what others say “may be”.  Life here is not about “the money”, nor about peace on earth.  Esu Immanuel Sananda has told us that there can be no peace on Earth in 3D.

          I do not mean to trash your hope and happiness.  We have held the Light against great odds.  The Darkside cannot and does not win!  In the end of this civilization God wins, and by the fact that we have completed our mission and learned our lessons in the most difficult of environments, and held high the Light of Truth, we have helped in that winning.  In Spite of everything do I believe NESARA could still happen?  Anything is possible, but the probability is not there, so we must move on.  Mother Earth is moving on for she cannot take any more evil.

          Our task is to gain knowledge, which leads to wisdom and discernment of Truth.  We are to learn our lessons in soul growth, whatever they may be.  They shall be repeated until we learn them, before we move on to advanced learning.  Learn to create your own happiness and peace within in spite of the “circus”, and be ready for evacuation, for the many signs say that it is upon us.  May Love and Light surround you and yours---always!

Ref:  Nidle Update:  Sept. 11, 2012

          Poof Report:  Sept. 10, 2012


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From: AJM


Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 6:37 AM



Dear Patrick,

In this essay about the Circus are you not pointing out that man, alone, has no power to dissolve 100 % 0f his own evil? Such a thing cannot be done in the first place if man is not in linkage with our Creator and His Forces of Light. These personas such as Needle, Spoof,

Draco, or the many reps of the Galactic Federation of Light [GFL] , as examples, spin their cotton candy shows of promoting their “propaganda of false hope”, yet, not once has a viable plan, a real plan of action to deal with evil ever been put on the table by these personas. Why is this so? The Light is not in the business of promoting false hope. The Adversary is. It seems to me that these type personas are more interested in being parasites that steal potential, useful positive energy rather that offer any real “solutions”

to the situations involving their perpetual prattle. Since they contribute nothing to the solutions of dealing with evil, evil continues to thrive, until the final solution is set in motion. I believe, Patrick, you are pointing out the final solution is and will be the cleansing of 100% of evil from this planet quite soon by the Being Mother Earth. This is so much more than man can or could resolve now. There is nothing false about the reality of this hope!

In Love and Light,





FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
    TO:  AJM
DATE:  Sept. 13, 2012
Dear A. J. M:
    You are correct in your analysis of "Circus".  Creator Source created 3D with evil present in opposition to the Light to provide the schoolroom and curriculum for our lessons.  We are not here to wipe out the schoolroom, so no one else has a place to learn.  Of all dimensions 3D provides the greatest learning opportunities and possibilities for soul growth.  Thus, in 3D we have the chance to advance in perfection more quickly and to a greater degree than in any other dimension.
    You ask about "a real plan of action to deal with evil".  In a freewill setting with people at many different stages of spiritual growth and various lessons to be learned, it would be impossible to obtain agreement on such a plan and expect all to follow it.  It would compare to requiring children of all ages to pass the same test.  You see, we are not here to "create" Heaven on Earth, but to learn our own individual lessons, and to help others and our planet where we can.
    Instead, in general we have trashed our planet, our very source of physical existence,and have worked hard to destroy our fellow human beings.  We have aided the Darkside to create an even bigger and better "Circus" for our enjoyment and confusion.
    In the confusion, especially of religion, many have been persuaded to build "Heaven on Planet Earth".  This is pure folly!  We are back to the problem of a "no evil" environment.  We cannot force someone to be "good".  We cannot save anyone from their evil deeds.  That is their problem.  We can only "save" ourselves by wisely living The Laws of God and Creation (Phoenix Journal #27).
    Is it any wonder that Creator God Aton of Light decided to present the Phoenix Journals to us to "set the record straight" one last time before the ending of this last 3D cycle on Shan?  By finding Truth one sees a path through the confusion, and can then build a life or order, peace and happiness.  Thus, we create our own little oasis, our own Paradise here and now.  By doing so, we have learned our lessons and await graduation with Mother Earth into the fifth dimension (Heaven), where no evil is allowed.  In this process of transition the 5D energies neutralize the lower Dark energies and Shan is cleansed 100% of all evil, forever.  Hatonn says that "happening" is as close as this very month.   We shall see.
    Be in hope and peace.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer