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IT IS ALL ABOUT KARMA by Patrick H. Bellringer (Updated July 2, 2011)

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          It is difficult for many to believe that all the weather anomalies, earth changes, and radiation pollution problems are not being caused by deliberate  human intervention and technology produced to that end.  Human ego wants us to believe that evil man has power over nature.  That is not true and is not allowed, even in a 3D freewill world.

          Yes, man is attempting to control the weather, but with no results today.  He is trying to cause earthquakes, tsunamis, violent storms and flooding, release of radiation, lack of food and starvation, but to no avail.  These things and more are happening due to the actions and reactions of our changing planet, Mother Earth.  She has begun her cleansing process with rain and flooding to remove pollution and negativity from her.

          Man has foolishly built his homes and businesses and nuclear power plants along major rivers at river level, expecting to be exempt from the Laws of Nature.  Floods come and people curse God for their plight.  Nuclear radiation is released and the people blame their government for its harmful effects.  It is all about Karma.  Negativity created by unbalanced living according to The Law of God and of Creation begins the chain of events.  Eventually, Karma in the cleansing rains, the flooding, loss of homes, crop land and food, starvation, and poisoning from nuclear radiation bring great lessons in soul growth, even when life is lost.

          Earthquakes and volcanic action are part of our planet’s cleansing, re-shaping and submergence to begin a new cycle.  An earthquake-caused tsunamis that destroys a nuclear power plant foolishly built on the ocean shore, that releases poisonous radiation destroying all life is Karma.  Defying the Laws of Nature always brings Karma and the opportunity for many lessons.  Nuclear was never to have been used for energy, and as a decaying/death mineral was to have been left in the ground for the formation of soil from rocks.  That is a Law of Nature.

          Dick Eastman in his recent article “The Plan”, claims that these events happening today across our planet are all part of  “The enemy’s plan to attack us--making it look like a series of accidents or acts of mother nature”.

          Not so!  Mother Earth is in charge now, and she is very serious about cleansing herself of the toxins and negativity to save her life.  It is all about Karma!


REF:  “The Plan” by Dick Eastman




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 Dear Patrick.

               I hope this finds you both well. On the subject of Karma. As a function of time speeding up, most of us are experiencing the results of cause and effect, very quickly, almost instantly in some cases. With this in mind, one would expect to see  this Zionist / Jew creature, at least experience some slight discomfort . If not for their intentions alone, for sure for all the death, destruction, misery and hell, they've caused this planet and all on it. Yet they seem by all appearances, to be completely exempt from the laws of Karma . Your thoughts on this apparent miscarriage of Karma would be much welcome.    Thank you.        

In Love and Light.    WM.


FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

      TO:  WM

DATE:  July 2, 2011



Dear WM:


    Thank you for your comments.  Hatonn has said that we now live in a time of instant Karma.  The consequences of what you do good or bad come back instantly to hit you in the rear or pat your on the back.  You are quite correct in that the Darkside seems to experience little if any Karma at this time.


    Cosmic Law is absolute, and no one is exempt from the consequences of what they do  The basic Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect cannot be avoided by any one, though the past Karma could be delayed into the future or even into future lifestreams.  This is no longer true on our 3D planet.  You reap what you sow, instantly, though I think my garden is exempt from this.  Maybe the wet, cold spring is, in fact, Karma in a different sense.


    Anyway, my information is that the Darkside is suffering greatly from Karma, such as sleepless nights, strange illnesses, sickness of all kinds, frustrated plans, broken relationships, constant use of alcohol and other drugs, depression and suicide. These evil ones are now doing what they had reserved to the goyim, the ignorant masses, to control them.  Even the fake U.S. President is a drunken brat, partying all night and angry and insolent during the day.  Indeed, there is no rest for the wicked.


    Do not think for one moment that the "Zionist/Jew Creature" is happy and living in harmony internally.  There is infighting, mayhem, and murder, evil so bad as to frighten Satan himself.  This is still being kept fairly well from public view by the paid media perverts and stooges.  Gradually, Truth is seeping out in bits and pieces, as the walls of secrecy begin to crack.


    The time for judgment of all evil doing is near.  We need not focus on these evildoers.  Their end is near.  Our priority is to send them Love and Light to neutralize their negativity, and to assess our life and deal with our own Karma.


    May peace and happiness come to all, who Truly seek it.


                            In Love and Light,

                            Patrick H. Bellringer