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Patrick H. Bellringer

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A friend, RT, has sent the following picture and has written: (Quoting) “This is looking toward our Galactic Central. There are 200 billion stars in our galaxy. Quite a few... Makes me wonder how many Galactic Federations there might be in any one Galaxy, let alone countless Galaxies.  I’ve heard that there are 200,000 star systems in this Galactic Federation.  I wonder if this is a large Federation or is there a “United Federation Of Light” that is extra Galactic?  Just wondering.” 

You probably know that in the whole of Creation of celestial stars and planets, which is called the Cosmos, there are seven super universes, which extend like spokes of a wheel out from the hub or central universe, the center of which is the Isle of Paradise where Creator Source resides. Our Milky Way Galaxy has been misnamed. It is really the seventh one of the seven super universes.

Within each super universe are 100,000 universes, and each of these universes has a Creator Son. Therefore, there are 700,000 universes in the Cosmos with 700,000 Creator Sons. Our super universe is called Orvonton, our universe is Nebadon and our Creator Son is Hatonn/Aton.

Our earth’s Cosmic name is “Shan”, and we are to be the thirty-third planet to join our Galactic Federation. Therefore, our Galactic Federation is quite small in comparison to everything around us in the Cosmos. We are told that more than 200 Star Nations have come to assist in Shan's transition into fifth dimension.

Shan is the only planet in our solar system that has not yet achieved 5D. Also, our planet is a very small planet in comparison to many other planets in the Cosmos. Why would Creator God Aton of our Nebadon Universe even care about our little, dirty, stinking planet that is seen, as a smudge pot of filth sailing through space in this "corner" of the Nebadon Universe, leaving a trail of negative energy behind it? Why would he come to Shan, the "planet of tears", as Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton disguised as the Pleiadian Star Fleet Commander of a fleet of ten thousand starships?

Why would Esu Immanuel Sananda spend so many lifestreams in 3D on this planet as Buddha, as Esu, as the Great White Father, as Sananda, etc. as a Truthbringer trying to wake us up? Why would Violinio Germain spend lifestream after lifestream on Shan doing his alchemy magic and building wealth for the future Truthbringers and Lightworkers’? Why have we returned lifestream after lifestream to this very Dark and dirty little planet? Surely there are other places we could have chosen.

Earth Shan may be a small and very Dark planet today, but in its beginning, it was a most magnificent and valuable planet in the Nebadon Universe. Shan was created as a supply planet for other planets and placed at the crossroads of travel in this section of our super universe of Orvonton. Our planet had such abundance and variety of plant and animal life as never before seen. The purpose of this was to supply other planets that were developing and were in need of various plants and animals in creating their balance.

Now, I'm going to tell you a secret that few people know. Our little planet was important in another way. In the core of Shan was placed by Creator God Aton a brilliant crystal, when he created Shan. Our planet was to be the "seed planet" for the entire Nebadon Universe. From the energy of this crystal all of the Nebadon Universe was created. Because this is so, Shan is the oldest planet in our universe, and because it was the first planet it was also designated as the "supply planet" for this sector of the Nebadon Universe.

How could our most beautiful planet become so Dark? We can blame Lucifer for that. Lucifer at one time had achieved the position of being the Archangel of highest authority next to Creator God Aton. That was not enough for his ego, for he desired to be Creator God. His ego caused his frequencies to lower to the point where he could not stand the higher frequencies of the Lighted Realms. When he finally chose to leave and go to 4D, one-third of the Angels of the "Heaven" of Aton went with him. They roamed our universe destroying planet after planet, including Venus and Mars, with their evil, until Aton said "Enough!"

Lucifer was told to choose one planet on which to live, which would become his "jail planet!" Guess what? He chose Shan! He chose the most beautiful and abundant of all planets in the Nebadon Universe. Wouldn't you? So we were given the great handicap of defeating Lucifer on our own planet. Is it any wonder that Shan became the Darkest of planets in the Nebadon Universe? Is it any wonder that for eons the greatest spiritual beings of Light have come to our planet as Truthbringers?

Now we know why Hatonn/Aton is here on our dirty little planet to help us. It's called the "Lucifer Connection". Now we know why even Creator Source is helping us. Our little planet has polluted this whole area of the Cosmos with its negativity, and it is now time for the Darkness to leave and Shan to be returned to the Light. This is, indeed, the end of the Age of Darkness on our planet.

Because we, who are now on Shan, had proven ourselves as Enlightened Beings in the last two Grand Experiments, we were chosen and asked to volunteer to return in this lifestream to assist in the transition of our earth into fifth dimension.  We could have learned our lessons elsewhere, but we agreed to come here at this time and help combat the Darkside.  Those Lightworkers, who have awakened to Truth, have endured much and have with their positive energy and thought-power helped greatly to overcome the Darkness on Shan.  It is now time for these powerful but very tired Lightworkers to have relief.

Be of good cheer, my friends, for the time of the coming of the Light is here. The Great Awakening is happening. The Starships are here everywhere in the sky day and night. Our Star Friends from over 200 Star Nations have come to our aid, as the "Hosts of Heaven". Our little speck of a planet in the Cosmos shall be redeemed from the Darkness of Satan and his troops. Satan has been defeated. He and his troops have been escorted off our beloved planet, never to return.

Only his evil human minions remained to carry out his evil plans.  These plans lay in tatters, for the Lightworkers through the power of Spirit are overwhelming these Serpent People everywhere.  The Darkness is fading into the sunrise of Shan’s Golden Age, as she proceeds with her self-cleansing and re-birthing.

Rejoice, my friends, rejoice!  Our pain and suffering shall soon be no more. Heed not the blatherings of the soothsayers.  Our time of peace and freedom and abundance is soon here!  Declare with me that we shall have victory! The long night is ending, and our beautiful little dirty little planet shall be rescued from the pit of Hell and returned to a place of beauty and peace once again, but this time in fifth dimension!  Aho!


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