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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Everyone, who has been created by God Aton, has been given a portion or a fragment of God Aton’s Spirit. This fragment of God Aton’s Spirit dwells within us, and we know it as our Soul.

Everyone also has the knowledge of good and evil, which we know as our conscience. We also have a free-will with which we can choose to do good or evil. When we choose good, then our thoughts become God Aton’s thoughts, and God Aton’s thoughts become our thoughts. When we release the power of our God-Spirit within, we have the creative power of God Aton to do good---to create.

When we choose evil, then our thoughts become Satan's thoughts, and Satan's thoughts become our thoughts. Satan can not create! Satan can only use, tear down or destroy that which has already been created. Because this is true, when we choose evil, Satan can use us, our mind and our physical body for his purposes. He can also tear down or destroy our mind and our body or use us to tear down or destroy something or someone else.

We always have choices. We can allow Satan's evil spirits to control and use us for evil, or we can allow God Aton’s angels of the Lighted Realms to use us for good. Therein lies our destiny. We choose good or we choose evil. There is no in-between! By choosing to do what is good, we save ourselves. God Aton does not save anyone! He can only offer us Truth! By our free-will choices we choose to save ourselves. We save ourselves by living the Laws of God Aton and the Laws of Creation. Remember, that without our free-will we would be nothing but robots. Ponder that.

You ask, "Who is God Aton?" God Aton is the Creator of the human races. God Aton is the King of Wisdom. God Aton is Light--the Light of the sun. God Aton is the Spirit of your Soul. Too long we have been taught to pray to a mystical God in the "heavens". For some people their image of God is a white-haired grandfather sitting on a throne in the clouds. For other's their image of God is a big happy marshmallow or an oblong blur.

I repeat. God Aton is the Spirit of our soul. We forgive ourselves for our wrongs, and we ask God Aton’s Spirit within us to forgive us. When we awaken to Truth, we realize the creative power of our God-Spirit within. When our thoughts become God Aton’s thoughts, we have God Aton’s power to "thought create"! We can then "think" the good that we desire to have happen. We can ask the "Hosts of Heaven" to help us make it so, and should our "thought creations" be in Heaven's sequence and within the Will of God Aton, they shall be so! We have fantastic power to "create" a new nation and a new world free of evil! Let us do just that!