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WILL THE NEW BE BETTER THAN THE OLD? (Response to Casper’s Update of 3-9-08)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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We have prayed for change to goodness. For years we have worked to this end, and we have created NESARA to bring change to goodness. Will it ever happen? If it happens, what then? “Will the new be better than the old?”

Money controls the world. The present corrupt money system is crumbling, due to it’s own corruption.

Quoting Casper: “With the FED system gone who/what replaces it? Bad or not this is "our" system getting replaced and all we have known for our entire lifetimes. Whoever/whatever is big enough, strong enough to overturn this system is the future controller of the world, our world, our country.

We better be praying it is a benevolent force as the golden rule will apply, he who has the gold makes the rules. We know so much about "the bad guys", about the current corrupt system.

But what do we know about the "good? guys", the replacement system?

After all these years chasing information what do we actually know?

Can you name them-or "it"? Is it not amazing how little we actually know?”

We live in a 3D world, so we believe that what really matters to us is what happens in 3D. Thus, we try to solve our problems with 3D tools, actions and thinking. How do we create a better banking system and assure goodness for our future? How do we prevent the same mistakes?

Enter Creator God Aton of Light and His Plan 2000! God, too, has a Plan 2000, specifically designed to counter the Darkside’s Plan 2000. “Extra! Extra! Read all about it in the Phoenix Journals!” All is not lost, my friends, for Aton created this planet, Earth Shan, and neither it nor His “flock” shall be lost to the Darkside. Only by choice shall those, who walk in Darkness, be consumed by Darkness.

I preface my next remarks by the statement that we shall move forward to restore balance and harmony to our planet for so long as she allows. The signs tell us that our time remaining to restore goodness is short.

Creator God Aton has given Esu Immanuel Sananda charge of the transition of Earth Shan into 5D. A group of fully enlightened beings called Global Family are working under the direction of Sananda to carry out Aton’s Plan 2000. The Family Dynasties of Earth Shan work under Global Family and are grouped into either the Eastern or the Western Hemispheres of our planet. The nations are also grouped accordingly.

The “East” and the “West” have overseers and specific responsibilities under the Lightside Plan 2000. Violinio Germain holds authority over the financial aspect of this Global Plan, as he does over his World Trust. He is specifically concerned with the financial affairs of the U.S. of A., for he was directly involved in the founding of that nation, which was destined to become the Lighthouse to the whole world. Presently, such is certainly not the case, but it shall be, if time allows.

Each century the nations given the responsibility by Global Family to manage the world’s financial affairs changes. France and Spain held such authority during the 1700’s. Britain in the 1800’s, the U.S. of A. in the 1900’s, and presently, China, since 2003 for the 2000’s. Also, the Republic of China represents the Eastern Hemisphere under Global Family, and the Republic of U.S. of A. represents the Western Hemisphere under Global Family. These two “brothers” are presently working together to soon usher in the new Global Banking System based on precious metals, which replaces the present Federal Reserve fiat money system.

This new banking system is part of Creator God’s Plan 2000, and, as such, shall be established in integrity, and in which all nations may participate as sovereign nations and with their own sovereign currency. As Casper suggests, the present Federal Reserve System is crumbling and fast. This was designed to be so.

In mid-December, 2006 forty-eight nation’s leaders met under the direction of Global Family to implement the next phase in the “Plan”. All forty-eight nations signed three agreements with Global Family to be completed in six months or by June 15, 2007. These agreements were:

1. To stop all war.

2. To be actively engaged in protecting the environment.

3. To be actively engaged in bringing abundance to their people.

These nations were told by Global Family that, if they failed to keep their agreements, they would gradually be cut off from the world’s money supply. June 15, 2007 came and the main country not in compliance with these agreements was the U.S. of A. A fifteen day extension was granted to June 30, 2007.

Because the U.S. of A. did not and has not fulfilled these agreements, the “money spicket” has gradually been turned off. This is forcing the present demise of the Federal Reserve System. There will be a new Global Banking System, and the Zionist “Axis of Evil” of the US/Britain/Israel cannot stop it.

NESARA is also a part of Creator God’s Plan 2000. The Prosperity Programs and Farm/Bank Claims are very real and provide the funds for the Lightworkers to make great changes during these “ending times”. The Darkside of the Bush/Clinton/Bush Cabal have caused much grief and delay in the NESARA Mission, but they cannot stop it.

I am reminded of Isaiah the Prophet’s words in Isaiah 40:22. “It is he(God Aton) who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers”, and 40:15 “Behold, the nations are like a drop from a bucket, and are accounted as the dust on the scales”.

Bushes and Cheneys are as grasshoppers, and their One World Order, as a drop of water. Creator God’s Plan 2000 is unfolding in Heaven’s perfect timing. Goodness prevails, for the Light wins over Darkness, always! Be in peace and watch it happen.