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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Fifty Four years ago while doing seminary studies I discovered a poem written in 1922 by Evelyn Atwater Cummins.  The poem had no title but was identified only by its first line, “I know not where the road will lead”.  Very early the poem had been set to music.  Much later a new tune had been composed for it, and the last lines of the poem were used as a title, I Walk the King’s Highway

I have loved this song since the first time I heard it sung, accompanied by guitar.  The words have become most meaningful to me and my family, as together over the years, we have traveled the highway of life.  Here are the words and music.


In these final days of the “Dark Ages” on Earth Shan, those who walk The King’s Highway are under heavy attack from the Darkside.  In a final attempt to conquer the Light the workers of darkness have unleashed a “reign of terror” upon the enlightened ones.

To counter this assault great positive energies are coming to Mother Earth and to her enlightened people from her sun’s Sun and the Realms of Light.  In turn the enlightened ones are projecting this positive energy of Love and Light into the darkness everywhere.  The rising frequencies of Mother Earth and her enlightened ones are clashing with ever greater intensity with the lower frequencies of the negative darkness.

Light always overcomes darkness.  Positive energy always negates negative energy.  Therefore, high frequencies always clash with lower frequencies and cause the person with lower frequencies to experience tension and stress.  The lower the frequencies, the greater the tension and stress created.  This tension and stress is felt throughout the whole body and creates pain.  The result is mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pain.

Over time the ever increasing tension and stress causes the human electromagnetic systems to become overwhelmed.  The result is a deterioration of one’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health.  During this process of deterioration, the tension, may cause the dark ones to lash out in anger against the Light and those of the Light.

Mental deterioration may cause domestic violence or conflicts in school or in the work place.  The “pain of darkness” often results in depression, which may lead to suicide, or it may result in various unexplained and unexpected serious physical health problems.

The constant association with the high frequency aura of Mother Earth can not be avoided by anyone on our planet at this time.  Also, those of darkness can not escape the positive auras and positive energy being projected to them from those of the Light.  Thus, the Darkside is under full frontal attack and bombardment by the Light, and they are panicked because they know their end is near.

For those who travel the high road, it is never a super highway that stretches to the horizon as far as the eye can see.  It has rough spots and then smooth.  It has curves and switch-backs and goes uphill or down.  In fact, the Lighted Masters describe our 3D journey as that of being on a giant spiral.  To move at all, to take even one footstep is to move either upward or downward on that giant spiral.  To move upward we are moving into the Light, and to move downward we are moving into the darkness.   We never stand still. 

Life is dynamic.  Life is change.  To stop all movement is death itself.  So it is, that as long as our heart beats and we are alive, we are constantly moving either upward or downward into the darkness or into the Light on the giant spiral of life.  So it is that we are either traveling further into the darkness or into the Light of The King’s Highway.

In 3D experience everyone has the choice at any time to move either upward or downward on this great Spiral of Life.  Should those of dark auras choose to turn to the Light, they may also walk The King’s Highway.  Should they choose not to raise their frequencies by returning to the Love, Compassion, Truth and Light of The King’s Highway, their deterioration from the “pain of darkness” will become so great as to cause them to choose to leave Earth Shan.

This is now happening to many, who walk in darkness, and they are leaving Earth Shan in ever increasing numbers.  These are the “end times” and this is the time of choosing.  With joy we see millions awakening and becoming enlightened.  They are finding Truth, Love and Light, and are learning to walk The King’s Highway.

Though we travel the Lighted path, there will be times of lessons and then testing of those lessons.  When those times come, remember that we always have the help of our Guardian Angels and the Hosts of Heaven.  We need only to ask.  So many today of the enlightened ones are losing their homes, their jobs, property, family and friends.  The Darkside is frantically trying to pull them off their lighted pathway.

Others are having their faith, their hope shaken by the increasing number of “doom and gloom” sayers.  They hear tales of Armageddon, of Planet X and pending massive earth changes.  They are told that the Lightworkers are really liars and the Golden Age is a very long way off.

These are times of testing.  Go within and ask your God Spirit for wisdom and fortitude.  Ask for Light and strength.  Then believe that you have it and you do.  Send Love and Light to the dark ones.  Such positive energy diffuses and transmutes the negative energies the Darkside depends upon to carry out their evil work.

Know that the Darkside is losing badly, and that their end is very near.  The Great Light of Creator God is shining in the darkness of Earth Shan, and the darkness cannot overcome it.  The enlightened ones are helping to make the difference.

Walk the pathway of Light, my friends, and detach yourself from the negative darkness around you.  As you see the evil getting worse and the good getting better, know that the end of our “Dark Ages” is very near.  Through our great power within we are creating the end to our darkness.

                        Through light and dark the road leads on

                        Till dawns the endless day,

                        When I shall know why in this life

                        I walk the King’s Highway

Yes, we walk the King’s highway, the highway to our Golden Age, the highway to the stars!

                        ….the countless hosts lead on before…

                                    …I must not fear nor stray…

                        …their faith and hope still guiding me…

                                    …I walk the King’s highway…

                        Yes, I walk the King’s Highway!


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