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T. Stokes - London

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The British revolutionary aircraft the BAC TRS2 started off as a replacement for the canberra , but was a versatile mixed role bomber fighter/reconnossance aircraft that was years ahead of its time, and was commisioned to come into service in  the late fifties and be in regular use through the sixties, but the defence white paper of 1957 claimed that if it was brought into service, it would be easy prey for the new breed of Soviet ground to air anti-aircraft missiles, which were being developed to carry nuclear warheads, and finally after many U turns political manouvering and rows the TSR2 was killed off  by the Harold Wilson government in1965.

 Experts say this potential world beating aircraft was betrayed ruined and cancelled by friend and foe alike,

 but what is the truth of all this ?

The Soviets were in turmoil after an internal reorganisation in the aftermath of the Hungarian revolution of 1956, and were fearful of this new aircraft and the KGB under the direction of the council of ministers, ordered every possible means to stop the Aircraft coming into service.

Yuri Andropovs signature is on a Dept.2 document which authorised the collection of bank account details of anyone connected to the planning, development testing and usage of the TSR2, three British defence employees were put in the frame, one aviation expert Frank Bossard had taken a big pay cut on his posting back to Britian, a meeting was then arranged in  a bar for frank to be well paid for a harmless 'chat' with a man about nothing in particular and an ecstatic Frank was given £250 and told to just sign a receipt for the guys boss, who of course was the Kremlin.

Frank thought that was it the easist £250 he ever earnt, but a week later a Russian GKB official telephoned him and asked coldly to get info on some technical aviation papers which in all probability was the TSR2, frank refused to then be told, 'we have your signature for payment for services to the Soviet Union, you better do as we say'

The Russians were looking through bank statements  for aircraft workers for who were in debt and could possibly be compromised, but also the contents of  many Bank security boxes as papers were often put into these for safe keeping.

Lord Mountbatten was hustling to have the TSR2 cancelled and the funding go to the naval development of the Buccaneer, because he was associated with and lobbied for the the navy and wanted any available money spent there, and while Mountbatten was seen as a bombastic aloof figure, he carried a lot of weight, not a popular man he was knicknamed 'Mountbottom' for his taste in young boys.

  Simultaneously the USA wanted the TSR2 stopped as they wanted to sell their own planes, and did not want to see a new rival steal their thunder, the USA effectivly killed off the Concorde, and took by dishonest means the vertical lift technology for the Harrier, the so called 'special relationship has never really existed, and has only ever been a one way street,

the USA did not want to see any new revolutionary aircraft, because sales of their own planes would then fall.

Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev in 1959 hosted a huge party to celebrate the Soviet burial of the west with much stolen technology splashed across Kremlin papers, but they had been pushing socialist sympathisers in Britian for some time over gaining as much of the TSR2 technical info as possible, master soviet strategist Georgy Arbatov told Andropv to use 'soft socialism' in Britian,  and many were sucked into its web, including the defence industry and RAF where moral was very low.

In the early sixties British intell were plagued by someone radioing coded signals to Moscow which were believed to be primarily about RAF technology documents, these signals could never be pinned down, but were always from North London and no matter how hard the Brits tried they could not find the source, and many believed they came from a large moving van, and time and resources were wasted over many traffic stops and searches, and police raids were carried out on several socialist sympathisers in that area, and no matter how many men we threw at it just could not catch who sent the signals.

People doing sales house to house in North london were asked to watch for any suspicious signs, and dustbin men to watch for headed defence papers in any bins. 

There were two Soviet bloc defectors one of whom codenamed 'Tophat' which was Soviet major gen. Dimitri Polyakov, who CIA chief James Woolsey said of Polyakov 'was the jewel in the crown' and overa long period was under other different codenames Roam and Bourbon' and it was thanks to Polyakov that Frank Bossard was one of those caught undermining sabotaging and betraying the TSR2, Polyakov stayed in place for some considerable time giving vital info to the west, this heroic man never achieved the recognition  he should have, an immensely patriotic man, he was disilluisioned over the hideous corruption at the top of the Soviet hirearchy and the fact he was denied permission for his son to travel to the USA for emergency surgery, when his son died Polyakov was furious and his info was still valid as late as the wars on Iraq, and he was later betrayed himself and  murdered by the Soviets.

The opening of Britians first motorway the M1 in 1959 which was 193 miles long, wide and straight was not what it seemed, as the main reason for this motorway was for Strategic Air Defences, for the TSR2 to be able to land on the long straight motorway,

ordinary runways are vulnerable, but thinking was that a motorway could be quickly closed off and the plane could land anywhere, and taken to one side and hidden, the rear of a motorway garage was prepared to be the HQ but never used.

The British Civil Defence assoc who would be part of this were swept away too in the Wilson defence cuts.

.Harold Wilson's labour government was rotten to the core with Russian sympathisers, and lefty newspapers incited trouble in industry to slow up the economy and especially the TSR2 until the Russians had updated their air defence systems..

pressure was put on the Wilson government from several sources, Harold Wilson himself was constantly advised by the intell chiefs he was too Soviet friendly, he took no notice of this or with some unwise friendships such as Lord kagan and Robert Maxwell.

Maxwell came to Britian in 1940 and British intelligence changed his name and legend several times, to hide the fact he was a German collaborator, maxwell continued to use the Jewish underground as an information exchange mechanism, selling the same info to all the major world players before Mossad got sick of him and killed him, he was known to have a direct phone line to Moscow, and many times at his luxurious home at Headingham hall he would phone in front of after dinner guests to discuss matters.

Robert Maxwell was a man who disliked everyone, and he betrayed many people to all sides, and he put pressure on Harold Wilson over defence contracts, defector evidence is just one avenue which proves Wilsons predecessor Hugh Gaitskell was murdered by the Soviets to squeeze in Wilson their man, and it is strongly believed that Gaitskell would have kept the TSR2

The TSR2 had many admirers but few friends, and its cancellation by Harold Wilson in 1965 was the end of an era.

Just one remains in a scrapyard

T Stokes london

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