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Patrick H. Bellringer

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I would like to have you read this article.  0It is most fitting for today.  Thank you.   

.......Patrick H. Bellringer




What I am about to say could be very exciting for many of you, upsetting for some of you, and even quite shocking for others. Some of you may even become angry---angry at yourself for not knowing this Truth before. Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn has said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad!"

Please hear me out. All I ask is that you listen to what I have to say and ponder it carefully. I bring you Truth. I am not here to convince anyone of anything. Truth needs no defense. Truth stands on its own merit. Truth is! Your God-Spirit within you will recognize Truth---and then you will know. Then you must decide what you will do with The Truth.

Our government is a part of the One World Order which presently totally controls every facet of our society. We have not been given Truth:

a) by our elected politicians about our "shadow" government and its OWO plans, and all our illegal Constitutional Amendments, executive orders and treaties.

b) by our controlled news media about what is really happening in our world and our nation.

c) by our scientists about harmful chemicals, harmful technology, disease and pathogen creation, nor new inventions and scientific advancement such as free energy.

d) by our bankers about our illegal Federal Reserve Banking System of credit money and our illegal Internal Revenue tax system.

e) by our judges and lawyers about our illegal laws and courts and admiralty(military) judicial system.

f) by our doctors about known cures for all cancers, AIDS, and all other diseases we presently have on planet Earth, and the Center for Disease Control’s second agenda.

g) by our dentists about our cancer-causing dental fillings, and fillings carrying computer chips with I.D. information and means to cause mind control.

h) by our entertainers about evil subliminal messages and mind-control through music, movies and all T.V. programming.

i) by our schools and colleges about our true history and the evil plans to destroy our morals, our minds, and our entire society.

j) and even by our churches about the lies in our "Holy Books", and of the hidden Laws of Balance and the Truth taught by Esu(Jesus) Immanuel.

We, the people on Planet Earth, are a "controlled" people. In all of history only this nation, the United States of America, was established as a Constitutional Republic based upon the Laws of God. This nation was never designed to be a "democracy". A democracy is an authoritarian government where the masses are controlled by a minority of the "few". This Republic was established as Abraham Lincoln has said, "as a government of the people, by the people, and for the people." The rest of the world is ruled by democracies and other authoritarian type governments---creating a totally controlled world populace.

This Constitutional Republic of the people of the United States of America became an immediate world threat to all authoritarian governments and, of course, came under immediate attack. Any people who set up a government to protect their inalienable rights, their God-given rights, to insure their freedoms, must be destroyed; and that is exactly what the elite world controllers set out to do.

In the two hundred plus years of our existence, this nation has been tricked into becoming the people of the "Lie." Our Constitution was subverted, and foreign agents took control of our government. Our gold was taken from us, and we were given worthless credit money. Our property has been taken from us, and we only rent it by paying taxes to our foreign government. The elite world controllers own everything in this nation---the land, the buildings, the businesses, the natural resources, and even our bodies. We, the people, are even being used as chattel, as collateral on our national debt.

We are a "drugged" people, deliberately done so by our government. Vast quantities of drugs, from heroin and cocaine to marijuana and hashish, have been brought into this country and sold on the streets by the military, the police, the CIA and other high ranking government agencies. This was deliberately done to "drug" America and to take the wealth away from the masses. It is interesting that alcohol is still the socially accepted "legal" drug of choice for over 80% of Americans today.

With a "drug problem" we now have a violence problem, and so now the government must take the guns away from the people to stop the violence, all in the name of control. No nation has ever remained "free" after losing its right to "keep and bear arms". Evil has a clever way of first creating a problem and then creating a solution to gain greater control. Ponder that!

We are a mind-controlled people. Our mass media is totally controlled by our government. We are told only what the government wants us to know. A nation becomes a mind-controlled slave-state when it loses its "free" press---and that is what we have become. T.V. programming is deliberately filled with violence, sex, drugs, immoral behavior, pornography, fear, greed, power-control, and ridicule of all that is good and wholesome. T.V. carries subliminal messages which are recorded in the subconscious mind as a means of mind-control. T.V. talk shows, "soaps", cartoons, sports, movies and religious shows all carry their special techniques of mind-control. Television news is a joke. Truth is found by reading the opposite of what is non-news.

And then there are the low frequency (LF) waves, the very low frequency (VLF) waves, and the extremely low frequency (ELF) waves carried into our homes via T.V., microwave, telephone and other means by the government to deliberately mind-control us, the masses. The waves are transmitted by the Woodpecker, HAARP, and GWEN systems, but you already know all about that. Right?

Even our schools and our churches are a form of mind-control. Through government controlled curriculum we are not challenged to think---to use our brains. We are lulled into being "sheeple" who go about our daily tread-mill tasks, totally asleep and unaware of what is happening to us. We are a "brain-dead" people. We are the people of The "Lie".

We have been lied to about our "space program". Do you believe in spaceships? Probably not! Do you believe in aliens? Probably not! Oh, you believe in the weird Hollywood "star-trek" characters as creations of science-fiction, and if aliens exist, they are strange-looking creatures of the dark-side. You probably believe that our government has a fantastic space program and leads the world in both space exploration and the control of space, and you may believe that our country is experimenting with some type of space craft.

Do I believe in spaceships? Yes! Have I seen them? Yes! When and where have I seen them? I look at them on every clear night that I can! Do I believe in aliens? Yes! Have I talked to them? Of course, many times! Am I telling you the Truth? Yes! Most definitely!

The aliens of which I speak are human---HU-man, meaning higher, universal man. They look like us! They talk like us, but they are of the 4th dimension where time and space do not exist.

Since the 1940's our government has known about good and bad aliens and their spaceships. The atomic bomb technology for World War II came from alien sources, as did computer technology of the '50's, the space technology of the '60's, and the laser and scalar particle-beam weapons of the '70's and '80's. Our government has made contracts with aliens from outer-space and has broken all of them. You were never told the Truth because our government had evil intent. What better way for the One World Order to control the masses than to use "alien" technology against them? And, of course, the masses could never be told that there were "good aliens" who had come to help them!

Am I telling you the Truth? Yes! You see, Truth has nothing to hide! The problem is whether or not you recognize it as being Truth---whether or not you believe it! How does one really know Truth? You know it through your God-Spirit within you. Your God-Spirit identifies Truth and assures you that what you are experiencing is true. Your God-Spirit will assure you that I speak Truth.

I remind you that I am not here to convince you of anything. I only bring Truth. You must decide for yourself, and once having found Truth, you again must choose your response and act accordingly. You, alone, will hold yourself accountable before God for your choices and your actions.

* * * * * * * * * *

Let us now start at the beginning of time. We begin with a planet, Earth, and with people on it. Satan, as the "angel of light", has been cast out of heaven because he made evil-ego choices. His goal now is to destroy all that is good, to destroy Truth, and to spread darkness everywhere.

How would Satan begin his evil work? If you were Satan, and if you had his evil goal of destroying all that was good, where would you start? Right! You would begin by telling lies to every person who would listen on the whole planet. To build his Kingdom of Darkness, Satan distorted the Truth in every way possible---in government, in education, in science, in religion--in all of society.

Every human has the ability to determine what is true and what is false. When God created humans, He gave each one a "fragment" of His Spirit. We call this "fragment" our God-Spirit or our Soul. Our God-Spirit gives each of us the ability through our conscience to discern good from evil. Therefore, we have the ability within to determine Truth from lie.

God, also, gave every human He created a free-will with which to choose between good and evil. In other words, we have the ability to know whether we are being lied to or not. Without a free-will we would be nothing more than robots acting like puppets on a string. We are not robots but can freely choose to follow good or evil. Throughout time we have freely chosen to follow Satan's lie so much that we have forgotten we are spiritual beings with a Soul, with a conscience, and with a free-will. We have simply chosen to blindly follow Satan's lie and his angels of darkness rather than God's Truth and His Angels of Light!

As people become controlled by evil, their thoughts and actions become evil, and they pass the "Lie" on to their children. Satan's evil leaders and controllers influence and train those who follow them to lead and control the masses, and so the "Lie" is passed on from generation to generation. Satan has so twisted the Truth in all of human living that humans now work for Satan's purposes and his goals. They believe that he is right, and they even worship him as the "angel of light", the "angel of knowledge". This is evidenced by such Satanic organizations as The Masonic Order, The Illuminati, The Khazarian Jewish Zionist Mishpucka (Jewish Mafia) One World Order Controllers, The Roman Catholic Church, The Mormon Church, and all the other "Christian" cult churches. We have, indeed, become the people of the "Lie"!

We worship all of Satan's symbols such as the pyramid, the cross, and the star because we have become totally blind to the Truth. We honor and defend his war-book, the "Bible"---in which Truth was intentionally and totally twisted to keep the "Lie" going so no one would question or become enlightened. To do so would uncover Satan's fantastic plans for the destruction of Planet Earth and all of humanity upon it!

You see, Satan and his angels have effectively stood between you and your God-Spirit within to block your power-source, the Light of Truth. This has left you powerless and at his mercy, but the Light of Truth has come again to you in our time.

I speak of the aliens who have come and are here now. I speak of our HU-man Pleiadean brothers and sisters who are presently orbiting our Planet Earth. They have come because of the prayers of the "remnant" who have not been tricked by Satan's lies. They have come because God has sent them. They have come to help us find Truth and uncover the "Lie". They bring Truth again, the same Truth that Esu Jesus Immanuel brought 2000 years ago. That is why you were never told, that you could not be told by your government, that "aliens" from outer-space were here to help you.

Humans from other planets have visited Planet Earth for centuries. Our celestial HU-man space brothers and sisters from Pleiades came in 1954 to stabilize the Earth's poles. Due to negative energy our Earth was tilting some thirteen degrees off orbit. Their spaceships took up a very high orbit around the equator to correct this. Some of their ships were placed at our North and South poles because the Earth had already begun its shifting. A cross-belting of energy support and stabilizing beams were set up and the ships at the equator remained there until 1988 by order of the Intergalactic Council.

It was during this period of time, (1954) that the Galactic Fleet contacted President Eisenhower and the U.S. government and offered assistance. The U.S. government was informed that nuclear weapons must be banned. Nuclear disarmament was not acceptable to the U.S. Government so the Pleiadean offer of assistance was rejected.

The CIA had already been created by Presidential Executive Order as the Central Intelligence Group for the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence. In November of 1952, by secret Executive Order, President Truman had created the super-secret National Security Agency. Its primary purpose was (and still is) to decipher alien communications and language and establish a dialogue with the aliens, and to cover-up all U.F.O. information. The U.S. government's goal has never been one of good intent. World controllers refused to trash their plans of total global control by year 2000! To maintain this goal they had to portray the image to Earth's masses that the Pleiadean aliens were evil and were to be feared. Secretly, billions of dollars were being spent to build radio telescopes to intercept alien communications and to build high-tech weapons to destroy the aliens, if at all possible.

The Pleiadeans made a contract with our government in 1987 to allow the Pleiadeans to tell us about our planet's condition and the evil plans of Satan's World Controllers to destroy us. The Pleiadeans agreed not to reveal their presence to Earth people. Our United States government broke that contract in 1989 when they attempted to destroy some of the Pleiadean space craft. The Pleiadeans are now free to present Truth to the masses any way possible. Their

main avenue has been through the Contact newspaper and the Phoenix Journals. Contact began its first publication in March of 1993 as a weekly paper and continued to March of 1999.

At that point a new source of Truth was created by the former Contact staff---The Spectrum newspaper.

The Phoenix Journals consist of 115 plus bound volumes of approximately 200 pages each. This material is Truth and is revealing the Satanic "Lie" perpetrated upon the Earth's people by our religions and our governments. Through these journals we are being told how to correctly deal with our problems, and how we are to prepare to leave this planet.

This information is coming from our Pleiadean brothers and sisters who are orbiting our Earth in spaceships. Their spokesperson is Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander-in-Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector 7251-3 Flight Command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet--Ashtar Command, Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. He commands more than a million starships, and he is now sending communication to Planet Earth.

You are probably asking, "How does Commander Hatonn communicate to Earth, and who is helping him? He sent coded radio signals to a receiver Doris Ekker (Hatonn called her Dharma) who lived at that time with her husband, Eddie Jo (E.J.) Ekker in Tehachapi, California. Doris Ekker would type the information into her computer. This information was then published in both the Contact newspaper and the Phoenix Journals.

The U.S. government tried unsuccessfully since 1989 to stop Hatonn's radio coded transmissions to Dharma. After two years of publishing, due to government harassment, Hatonn's ground crew abandoned their first newspaper, The Phoenix Liberator, in March of 1993. That same month they began publishing the Contact newspaper. Through court action the U;.S. government was able to ban ten of the Phoenix Journals from further printing and distribution and caused all known copies to be destroyed. These are now available on the internet for all those seeking Truth.

Contact published Truth, and revealed to the people all the evil plans to destroy us. Our government and the Khazarian Zionist Jewish Mishpucka One World Order Controllers are very concerned about this information being leaked to the public, but they, too, need this information in order to change the "tricks" they have planned. God has promised that Truth will be given to Earth's people one more time before the end of this civilization, and Satan's forces cannot stop it.

To receive Hatonn's information as quickly as possible, our government has covertly arranged for personnel at Edward's Air Force Base to electronically receive Hatonn's transmissions from Dharma's computer, before it goes to press. Contact newspaper is then re-printed for the government at the Air Base en mass and sent to all top U.S. government personnel and to the governments of other countries.

Now, we come to the question, "What is Hatonn's "message" that is so important? Some of this message you already know. We are being told that Earth people are "people of the Lie!" Satan has tricked us in every way possible, and we do not know Truth! This Truth God Aton’s Hosts revealed to us through the Phoenix Journals, known as the "Holy Books of the Lighted Realms", the Contact newspaper and now The Spectrum newspaper. The second part of Hatonn's message to the people on Planet Earth is how we are to save ourselves and escape, both the evil destruction planned for us by Satan's world controllers and that of coming cataclysmic Earth changes. The process to save ourselves is really quite simple.

After nurturing more than 20,000 civilizations our Earth has earned the cosmic right to be cleansed of all evil and to move into 4th dimension. This cleansing is being done by Earth changes and will totally change the surface of our planet. During this process Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda will defeat His evil brother, Satan, and cast him and all of his evil troops from the Earth. Every God-created third dimensional "souled" human must also leave Planet Earth. With your free-will you must choose where you will go. You must begin with the pure desire to know Truth. To learn Truth I suggest you begin by reading the six Phoenix Journals listed at the end of this writing.

Open your mind and let your God-Spirit within tell you whether or not what you are hearing and reading is Truth. You must realize that you, too, have a limited perception of Truth, and that God alone knows your pathway. Ask for His loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, Truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will.

Few people understand prayer. Prayer is asking for God's help. The simplest prayer is to say, "God help!" Many people do not receive answers to their prayers because they do not listen for God's answer. To listen is to meditate. You must go into a quiet corner, pray and then meditate or listen for God to talk to you. Your sincere request always compels an answer. Remember, you have God's Spirit within you, and you must let that Spirit speak to you. Your thoughts and God's thoughts become one, and you will "know" through your intuition, that which is Truth.

By now you are probably asking, "How do I get off Planet Earth, and when will this happen? Esu (Jesus) Immanuel told his disciples that he would come back in 2000 years to take his faithful disciples to "Heaven". The Christian Cults have taught that a "rapture" would occur in which the "faithful" would be swept up into the clouds to meet "Jesus" in the air. Strangely, the "Bible" never uses the word, "rapture". The OWO have their own rapture plan. Project Blue Beam has been designed by the OWO to use hologram projection and electronic mind-manipulation. They plan to cause a "fake" rapture in which the masses see "Jesus" coming in the clouds, and in their minds, via computer projection, people "hear" God's voice speaking to them in their own language. Like "sheeple", they will board government space craft and be flown to never-ever land as a trick to dispose of them.

Satan, too, knows Truth! That is why Project Blue Beam was created. Satan knows that Esu (Jesus) Immanuel is returning with spaceships to pick up his "remnant" and very soon. Those who think that Esu will return and sweep them up and sit them on the edge of a pink cloud somewhere are in for a big shock---or fall!

For you who are unaware, the "Bible" in many places makes reference to spaceships. The God we know and the world we live in are very orderly and scientific. Spaceships have been known from the beginning of recorded time. Some of the references to spaceships in the "Bible" and described with primitive understanding are: Exodus 13:21, 24:18; Ezekiel 1:16; Matt. 2:9; Luke 21:27 and Acts 1:9.

Today, many people insist that Esu Jesus Immanuel is coming back soon. Wrong! He is already here! He has returned after 2000 years of study, as he said he would, and has earned a new name, as the "Bible" said. His name is Sananda, meaning "all power of the Central Sun (Son)" or one with God Aton of Light. Sananda returned to Earth in 1954 and is presently aboard Commander Hatonn's starship, the Phoenix, orbiting Earth with his celestial brothers and sisters. Sananda is waiting for the command from God/Aton to lift off those who are enlightened and are walking the Lighted pathway of Truth to take them to Pleiades or other higher dimension planets.

You ask, "What proof do I have? Go outside on a clear night and look at the stars. Those stars that you see "twinkling" and flashing white, and red, and blue colors are not airplanes or satellites as our government would have you believe. Those are starships from Pleiades. Our space brothers and sisters are here to help us. Commander Hatonn's starship, the Phoenix, the largest and brightest one of all, can be seen in the evening or in the morning. Go! Check it out; but do not be so long in your deciding to do so that you miss lift-off!

So, what is really important in what I have said?

1) We are all people of the "Lie!"

2) Our satanic leaders have deliberately covered up the facts of Spaceships and the presence of good aliens.

3) Satanic world controllers have deliberately twisted Truth in history and in our "Holy Bibles" to deceive us.

4) Spaceships are real, and human aliens are real!

5) The Hosts of Heaven, the Pleiadeans, are here. They have been Sent by God Aton of Light to bring us Truth, one last time.

6) The Pleiadeans are HU-mans---higher universal man in 4th and higher dimensions. They are God's Angels of Light.

7) We are the aliens-- we, of Planet Earth---not them! History shows that we are the evil aliens of the Cosmos! Our once bright planet is now a smudge-pot of darkness.

8) Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda has already returned to Planet Earth, as he said He would---in 1954.

9) Sananda is aboard Commander Hatonn's starship now orbiting Planet Earth.

10) Sananda is waiting for orders from God to lift-off God's "enlightened" remnant from Planet Earth and escort them home.

11) No one but God knows the time, but Lift-Off One will happen soon!

So, how do you get aboard?

1) God saves no one! You must save yourself!

2) You must know Truth--the Laws of God and of Creation, the Laws of Balance.

3) You must forgive yourself for what you have done wrong. You must forgive others for what they have done wrong against you, and you must ask them to forgive you. You must ask your God-Spirit within to also forgive you.

4) You must learn to live the Laws of Balance, and create balance and harmony within yourself.

When the starships come from the Lighted Realms of Heaven, you will see them and you will "know." You simply step into the Light Beam without fear, and you will be "beamed" aboard!

My friends, whether you believe in spaceships and aliens or not will, most definitely, determine your future. Sananda and Commander Hatonn are, most certainly, coming with many starships to pick up God Aton’s enlightened people from Planet Earth. They are coming soon! Will you be on board?

Pray to your God-Spirit within for discernment of Truth and for victory over the negative forces of evil within you and without. Ask God to fill you with His Light and Love, and to surround you and your family and home with his great White Light of protection. May you always search for Truth!

What more can I say to you? With God there is no middle ground. You are either of Truth or of the "Lie!"---of good or of evil. You have been given God's Spirit to discern Truth and a free-will with which to decide which pathway you will follow. Yes, there are those who scoff and cry, heresy! If you do not believe that what I say is true, you had better prove very quickly that I am wrong. You do not have much time to be guessing. Just remember that---God Aton of Light always wins!

The six Phoenix Journals suggested as a place to begin reading Truth are:

Journal #2 -- And They Called His Name Immanuel, I Am Sananda, the true account of the life and teachings of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda.

Journal #3 -- Space-Gate: The Veil Removed, the documented evidence of the cover-up of aliens, UFO's, and our real space program.

Journal #5 -- From Here to Armageddon, our relationship to space people and the future of Planet Earth.

Journal #7 -- The Rainbow Masters, Truth from several of the ascended "Masters" who have walked the Earth before us.

Journal #27 --The Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual, The Laws of God and Creation by which we obtain balance and harmony to enable us to leave Planet Earth as enlightened beings and to go on to 4th dimension.

Journal #47 --Pre-Flight Instruction For the Phoenix, Guidelines for finding the Kingdom of Heaven within you.


--The Phoenix Journal/Contact Newspaper Archive site is at--

--The Bellringer Writings are at--










As we observe the scenes being played out today on our great stage of life, everywhere there appears to be gloom and doom. World news and local news read the same. The masses face economic disaster. Ignorance and poverty are the accepted norm. Violence, destruction and death are everywhere. Diseases run rampant with no cure in sight. People are ever pessimistic about their future and that of their families. Many grovel in self-pity. Most live in fear of what the next scene of the "play" will be. They read the words of the script, and they shudder as they act out their meaningless role on the great stage of life, but they follow the evil script without any hesitation, right down to the last detail.

For the masses---the ants on the anthill---life is an endless struggle for survival. For some it is the struggle to get ahead. They claw their way to the top of the heap, there to maintain a precarious balance for a bit before the inevitable plunge to the bottom occurs. For most of the sheeple, life is a game of "follow-the-leader". They are mind-controlled by Satanic forces and have become people of the "Lie"!

From birth they have dutifully agreed to live in a "controlled" society. They have been taught in government controlled schools and government controlled churches, without questioning the script of the play which is handed to them. They have believed the "food lie" of the "system". In so doing people have fed themselves and their families the "garbage" food provided purposefully for them to eat. Due to altered chemistry, lack of nutrition, additives and processing, the "food" no longer has much value to the human body. As a result most people today suffer from Beriberi and have seriously compromised their immune systems. Their bodies and especially their brains can but function at a very low level. Essentially, they are brain-dead people without the ability to think and to determine their own destiny. And, of course, they believe the evil One World Order controlled media today as gospel truth. Having lost the desire to think, people simply accept the role they are given, and as robots act out their part in the great play of life. Having made no decision as to the role they play, tragically, many on stage in the middle of the play ask, "How did I ever end up here?"

Having never felt the thrill and joy of acting in the God-inspired moment, people settle into boredom. As a result, depression and stress become widespread on the stage of life. To escape, people again accept the cheap "false" thrill of the moment in which the script has already been written for them---be it gluttony, sports, sex, T.V., recreation or more importantly, drugs. Life becomes a repeating cycle of searching for a way to "feel good", and the producers and the directors of the play laugh behind the props. They joke about the "cast" who simply read the script handed to them by Playwright Satan---about the brain-controlled actors who read their lines and act out their parts right on cue!

Some act out their life on the religious stage. To escape the confrontation of Truth, they hide behind the web of myth. They create a "make-believe" world in which the prophet and the prophecy become "real". In the "wonderland" of prophecies one now knows what the future holds at any moment in time. Acting in this fantasy world of religion makes life, somehow, more tolerable. And again, by acting the part the players fulfill the "dooms-day" prophecy right on schedule. This, too, becomes another escape from making life-decisions and taking a stand to change what "is"!

Such religious fantasy may be thought of as the "turtle theology". The prophet proclaims that the future holds "bad news". People then go into their religious shell, pull in their head and feet, and wait out the "storm". This is a most comfortable "act", indeed, but also a most frightful one. One must keep hiding and hoping that the script will change or that the ending scene will end quickly. This would, of course, bring the "Big Rapture"---the long awaited escape from the "shell" and the "stage". What relief to be "zapped" out of this very evil play. That, too, is part of the "Lie".

Now, just suppose, that the prophet had lied to you or that the "rapture" instructions were wrong? What if the prophecy were a "story" deliberately concocted by Satan to trick you? What if there were no Messiah and no "rapture", as you had thought, to whisk you away into the clouds? How tragic! Then your "shell game" would be over! Then you would be forced to re-think a whole lot of things. You would be forced to search for Truth. You may even decide to rewrite the ending scene and to act out your own script.

This is precisely the problem of religion as opposed to spiritual Truth. Religious nonsense and churchness originate from Satan, from greed and the need to control the play right out to the very end. Truth comes from Creator God, from the God-Spirit which lives within every human creation of God. The religious lie has been reenacted thousands of times. The director hands the actors the script, and they eagerly read the myth and act out the part, never even questioning whether the words be Truth or lie. And so, history has repeated itself over and over and over again for thousands of years---with Truth ever hidden in the controlled script of the religious play.

So, what do we have? It would appear that we have a treadmill of human existence on Planet Earth. Life is not fun! Life is very hard! It is most fearful, and should there not even be a "rapture" to save us, it is most hopeless! With such mind-control one can easily join the lament of "vanity of vanities, all is vanity". It would seem that one's act upon the great stage of human existence has very little meaning. Shakespeare in his Macbeth has stated it most aptly:

"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps into this petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable of recorded time, and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. Out! Out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying--nothing!"

Wait! There is hope! In fact there is not only hope, but great and glorious joy and peace and purpose ahead! Commander Hatonn has said, "You are actors on a Cosmic stage. You don't have to follow the play-script of your very enemy (Satan) as you are doing." Let me explain.

Life is an illusion! Our physical life is an illusion which can and does change quickly. It can also pass completely away rather quickly. What is real is that which remains forever---the spiritual world, the world of the soul and the God-Spirit which lives within us.

You say, "I do not understand." Let us look more closely at the concept that "life is an illusion". Try for a moment to reverse your thinking. Everything that you can see with your eyes as being tangible, things that you can touch and feel with your fingers, are the illusion. In "God's spiritual world" these objects are not reality at all. All tangible objects come and go, as does even the human physical body. The physical world is the illusion. What is real is that which lasts forever, which endures into infinity

And just what might that be? As hard as it may be to understand, what is reality is that which is intangible. In God's world of electric energy/Light the physical world can be created and uncreated at will. The physical world is created again and again as man reincarnates in another life-stream in another place. The physical world we experience is the illusion. Only what is eternal is real. Thus, what is reality is the spiritual, the soul or God-Spirit within us, God and Creator and the Power of Creation! All else is an illusion.

Our thoughts and feelings are real, for they come from our mind and our soul---our God-Spirit within. Even if we are reading Satan's script and our thoughts and feelings come from Satan within, they are still real, for Satan, too, is spirit. Oh, yes! Satan, indeed, is very real, and he commands an army of Dark Brotherhood angels who are very real. Their game is to play upon the Cosmic stage within the human actor and steal his soul. As an actor freely accepts a Satanic script, the Dark Brotherhood move in to control his "act" and his ending scene. They, too, enjoy the illusion. The real world is the spiritual world which goes on forever. The illusion, our physical world, will simply change and "pass away", and in so doing, proves the illusion.

We are only making passage through our illusive physical world for our own soul perfection. We are but players on a physical stage, acting out the parts we have chosen. Through our thoughts (which are real) we have created the illusion of our physical experiences, and we always "reap what we sow". If we have chosen to act on the "Dark Stage", the script is handed to us by Playwright Satan. He has carefully written all the scenes, and we are expected to follow it. The adversary of God and of the Lighted stage knows what he is doing and he does it very well. His play is always a repeat of past performances on the Cosmic stage of life---nothing new, because Satan has no ability to create anything new. He has no ability to create anything at all. He can only use what the Lighted Realms have already created, break it or destroy it.

People observe the "play of life" and complain about the chaos and confusion that has been written into the script. Some even try to change the illusion by physical force. This never works because force does not create new, it only destroys. Remember! The Dark Brotherhood have no power to create! Those who have chosen to act on the "Dark" stage, have chosen to follow the evil chaotic and confused script right down to the very end. Satan gives no other options but to act out the part or get off the stage! He always insists that his ending scene must be played.

After the last scene is played and the play of life closes, what happens next? Where do the players go? Where do the directors and the producers go? Where does Satan go? Where does God go? Does the illusion end? Of course not! The illusion of physical life repeats itself again on another stage in another place on the great revolving "wheel of reincarnations", without memory. In the final scene of God's Cosmic Play, Satan and the Dark Brotherhood ultimately lose---for God always wins!

This leaves us with a sobering thought. On what stage and in whose play have we chosen to act out our illusion to gain our soul perfection? Have we truly determined what is really "real"?

When we fully understand that our physical world is an illusion, that the spiritual world of the soul, of our God-Spirit within us is reality, then we know Truth. Then we know that we are more than robots on a stage acting out an evil script. Then we know that we have the power of our God-Spirit to create! We know that we have the power within to change the illusion! We have the creative power of God and Creation to create a different illusion.

Suddenly, we have become the producer, the director and the playwright of our play. We can rewrite the script! With the power of the Lighted Realms, we can change the ending scene from one of chaos and confusion to one of order and serenity---to victory over the "darkside". We can change all the evil plays and scenes of Satan and all his troops. We can never do this until first we have discovered Truth, which then revels to us the "Lie". We can never rewrite the play until we truly know what is wrong with the script.

When we choose to rewrite the script and change the ending scene of our play, we change our destiny. We do not follow the other actors and directors and producers into their next illusion. We do not return to the third dimensional great "wheel of reincarnations:". We leave the physical world of illusions and advance to the next levels of soul perfection in the real world of fourth and higher dimensions of the Lighted Realms of Heaven. Our next life-stream is acted out upon the Cosmic stage of reality.

It is quite obvious that, thus far, in the great play of life, Satan, the controller, has received the "Academy Awards" for "Best Producer", "Best Director", and even "Best Screenplay". We must understand that Satan and the Dark Brotherhood do over and over again only what they know best how to do. Yes, indeed, history does repeat itself, but know that Satan's greatest weakness is that he lacks the power to create a new script---but we can! That is how we trick him! That is how we defeat him! Through the creative power of our God-Spirit within, we mind-create a whole new closing scene to our play of life. We not only rewrite the script but we also produce and direct the play, and we act out the ending scene ourselves.

We have the "ability" to act out any part we choose, and in so doing, we change the illusion. No longer need we be people of the "Lie"! We become people of the Truth, and we receive the "Academy Awards" of the Lighted Realms for being the "Best Producer", the "Best Director", and "Best Actor"! And in our last scene Satan loses because we have created it so. We win because God wins---because we are in the winning play. We, thus, prove that the physical world is only an illusion. We know that it can be changed quite nicely by the thought-creations of those who walk the Lighted Pathway of the Lighted Realms of Heaven.

Please understand that Life is a Stage Play---that "all the world's a stage and we are but actors upon it". We do with our script and even the ending scene as we so choose, and we win with our creative thoughts by changing the illusion. We win because we have God's power to create anew.


Patrck H. Bellringer

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I write this to answer some basic questions that many people are asking today. A spiritual awakening is stirring in the hearts of many souled beings on our planet at this ending time for our present civilization. Thus, the questions: 1) Who is God?, 2) How do I talk to God?, 3) How do I find answers to my questions?, and 4) What is my purpose in life?

First, we are all extraterrestrials, that is, if we are souled beings! God created us in His spiritual image, which means He gave us a soul or God-Spirit. This God-Spirit is our God connection within our mind, for it is a part of God's Spirit. Our God-Spirit is that part of us which lives forever and which records all memory of all our past lifestreams.  Our God Spirit is who we are!  We put on a suit of clothes, our physical body, when we come into this life stream, and we take it off when we leave. Yes, we have had many past lifestreams and have come to our planet, Earth Shan, one last time to continue our third dimensional(3-D) schoolroom lessons of soul perfection. We have been on Earth Shan many times before this present lifestream and have returned by our free-will contract to continue with our soul growth lessons. We are, indeed, extraterrestrials! We are spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth Shan.

I have already answered in general terms question four above. Our purpose in this life here and now is to learn our lessons for soul growth, to complete any mission we may have contracted with Creator God, and to help others when we can.

There are three basic types of physical human entities on Earth Shan today: 1) the souled-being who has control of his freewill, 2) the robotoid, a souled being who has given his free-will over to Satan and the Dark Brotherhood, and 3) the clone, a replica of a physical human but with no soul or God-connection. The off-spring of two clones is known as an android, also with no soul. More than two-thirds of the "human beings" on Earth Shan today are clones! Oh yes, cloning has been going on for thousands of years on our planet! Most of the remaining one-third, who are souled-beings, have given their free-will over to the darkside and are totally controlled by Satan. They are a part of the "army" Satan is massing to conquer Esu Immanuel Sananda (Jesus Christ) and His Lighted Followers. Remember that Satan is known as the "God of this world".

I have just painted a very dark picture of Earth Shan. To remove the darkness, we must now bring in the Light. Let us move to our question one above, Who is God?

God  the Creator is known in all languages of our planet as Aton, the God of Light. God Aton is the Creator of the three basic human races of red, brown, and white. Today we have a variation of seven skin colors on Earth Shan coming from these three basic types. God Aton was challenged at one point by the free-willed archangel known as Lucifer. Lucifer and his followers left the Lighted Realms for breaking the Laws of God and Creation. Lucifer's earthly name became Satan. They chose Earth Shan as their jail planet. Is it any wonder that we have such a dark planet today?

God Jehovah Satan is known as the "great deceiver". He has used every means possible to trick the souled beings and to pull them into his dark brotherhood camp. The biblical term, Jehovah, meaning God, was used to trick people. Jehovah is another name for God Satan and not for the God of Light. The name Yahweh has also been associated with the God of the Bible. Yahweh is rather one of Satan's biggest jokes, tricks, or lies ever perpetrated upon the human race. It is a standard joke in the Zionist Jewish quarters, for "Yahweh" is nothing more than the sound of a donkey's bray! Find a donkey and listen to its bray and you will understand.

We have been deceived by God Jehovah/God Satan to believe that "God" is out there somewhere, maybe in heaven as a gray-haired old man sitting on a throne as a king or ruler of the universe. For some people God is a wrathful, angry "God" while for others he is nothing more than an oblong blur or a big happy marshmallow.

We have forgotten who "God" really is. Each time we return in a new lifestream our memory is erased so we can continue our soul lessons without the interference of past memory. Each time we must again go within and through our God Spirit "know" God Aton and communicate with Him. We are extraterrestrials (E.T.'s)! We have only lost our memory, and the evil controllers want to keep us that way. God is not "out there" somewhere. God's Spirit is within us and within all of His creation---always! We need only through our mind, our thoughts, communicate with Him. If by free-will we so desire, God Aton's thoughts become our thoughts and our thoughts become God Aton's thoughts. God Aton lives within us!

When we turn within, we plug in our connection to the Light Source, the God of Light. In so doing we turn on the "power". Remember, that God Aton is the Creator and when we turn on the "power", we also have the ability to create! We have the ability to create our pathway out of this 3-D schoolroom and back to the stars! The evil controllers of the masses do not want us to communicate with our own God Spirit within, plug into our outlet and learn and remember our power. That is why decoys are constantly thrown into our pathway.

Please understand that Earth Shan is our schoolroom and everyone has different lessons to learn. Should we fail to learn our lessons this lifestream, we will be back again and again until we learn them. We will repeat second grade until we pass our tests to move to third grade. When we finally graduate from 3-D school, we then move to fifth dimension (5-D) of the Lighted Realms to continue our growth to soul perfection back to Creator Source, the One Light.

Now, to the questions of how to talk to God and how to find answers to life's questions. Talking to God Aton is as easy as thinking. There are times that you have a "sixth sense" or a "gut feeling" about something and it is usually different than what your brain is telling you. That response is your intuition. We live in a 3-D world of illusion of the five senses. Your intuition goes beyond the five senses to your God Connection (sixth sense). Learning to follow your heart, your mind (not your brain), your intuition is a big step in soul growth.

People communicate with their God Spirit within in different ways, but always require the shutting out of the interference of the five senses. This means quiet and solitude. With practice one may be able to "go within" even while involved in a noisy busy world---let us say "daydreaming" or being "absent minded". Inner thoughts can be written down or not. Writing your question and then writing your thoughts (God's thoughts) provides a record for later use. You will be amazed at what you wrote, because recall is often inefficient.

Some people develop their intuition to a high degree and are able through their intuition to "see" their life's pathway most clearly. Others hear voices in their mind and are able to communicate with their God Spirit that way. Some people are inspired to write inspirational and/or prophetic writings, to compose beautiful music, or to paint beautiful works of art as a means of communication with their God Spirit.

Always, the place to begin to communicate with God Aton is within self in meditation. Get quiet. Get your world quiet, that is, shut out all interference. Get serious in your search for Truth. Ask Sananda to surround you completely and permanently with his golden Light of protection, to remove all dark energies from your presence, to dissolve them forever and to fill any space with Love and Light. Ask God Aton to surround you with His Radiant White Light of Truth.  Call in the Light of Truth---God Aton to speak with you. Ask your question and listen to your thoughts (God Aton's thoughts) for your answer. Remember, talking to God Aton is as simple as thinking. It is a dialogue between you and your God Spirit. God Aton has said that "your call compels an answer". When you call in sincerity, the Lighted Realms are there. When you say, "Sananda help!", He immediately stands between you and your adversary! Through your free-will you chose, you decide to communicate with your God Spirit. When you do, you shall find the answers to your life's questions.

The use of a pendulum is another way to communicate with your God Spirit within for some kinds of "knowing". Some people find this means helpful, though it has the limitation of only yes and no questions. The following are the instructions for use of the pendulum. Be sure to clear out all negative energies by your request and with clockwise motion of the pendulum. The energy that swings the pendulum is generated from your body's aura or electro-magnetic system. The direction of the swing is controlled by your mind or thoughts. You program through your thoughts the pendulum's motion. That is, you give the pendulum instructions as to the meaning of its movement, so that when it moves you read its message accurately. Normally a clockwise swing is used to clear out negative energy and remove it from you. Then a counter-clockwise swing is used to bring in positive energy to replace the negative energy that has left. Never leave any spaces or the negative energy will return to fill it.


The use of the pendulum is one way many people "speak" to their God-Spirit within, sometimes called your higher self, your higher consciousness, or your inner soul. A "YES" answer is obtained by the pendulum swinging away from and toward you. A "NO" answer is then obtained by the pendulum swinging left to right to left. These are several steps to take before you ask your God-Spirit (higher consciousness) questions.

Remember, this is only one means of communicating.  You must learn to listen to your inner self, your conscious mind, for you soul/God-Spirit has gathered all the knowledge and stored it in your subconscious mind, and you must learn to bring this knowledge to your conscious mind. GOD IS WITHIN YOU. YOUR THOUGHTS BECOME GOD'S THOUGHTS, AND GOD'S THOUGHTS BECOME YOUR THOUGHTS.

1. Stand or sit straight, but relaxed, with pendulum held by thumb and forefinger (either hand). Your upper arm should rest against your side for support. Concentrate on what you are asking or saying.

2. Ask your God-Spirit within to clear yourself of all negativity, negative thoughts, any DBB's (Dark Brotherhood Brothers) conscious control or power manipulation. You ask for these dark energies to cease to exist--in Esu Jesus Sananda's name.

You say: "Dear God: Please clear me of all negativity, negative thoughts, and Dark Brotherhood Brothers, conscious control and/or power manipulation I may have. I ask for all of these dark energies to cease to exist---in Esu Jesus Sananda's name." (The pendulum should swing clockwise. When you have been cleared, the pendulum will start swinging away from and toward you.)

3. Ask if your "spaces" are cleared of negativitly. If you are "cleared", the pendulum will swing away from and toward you for a "yes" answer. If the pendulum continues to circle clockwise, you must wait until you are cleared. You must get a "yes" answer before continuing.

You say: Dear God: Are my spaces cleared of what I have asked?" (You must wait for the "yes" answer.) If you get a "no" answer, ask again "are my spaces cleared of all negativity?"

4. After you are "cleared", ask for the Lighted Realms to come into your mind and heart to speak to you through and with your God-Spirit. Ask if they are there, and you should get a "yes" answer.

You say: Dear God: Thank you for clearing my spaces. I ask the Lighted Realms to come into my mind and speak to me through my God-Spirit.:

5. You then ask: "Dear God: are the Lighted Realms here within me?" (Wait for the "yes" answer).

6. Ask for a 100% accuracy rate. You should get a "yes" answer.

You ask: "Dear God: Is there a rate of 100% accuracy with my questions I will ask?" (Wait for the "yes" answer.)

7. Ask any question you have concerning yourself. If you have a question about someone else, you must ask permission to ask about them.

(Prayer example for someone else) "Dear God: I have a question about _______, May I ask a question about him/her?" (Wait for the "yes" answer.)

8. Check frequently if the information you are receiving is from the Lighted Realms. This is important, because the Dark Brotherhood(Satanic forces) are ready to step in and take control.

You ask: "Dear God: Is this coming from the Lighted Realms?" (You must get a "yes" answer.)

9. If you stop for a few minutes or a while and then resume your questions, you must clear yourself again.

You ask: "Am I cleared?" (You must have a "yes" answer to continue any questions.)

10. The pendulum is not used to ask about the "future". As Hatonn has said, "We of the Lighted Realms are not GURUS. We can tell you things based upon the freewill as of NOW, but to predict the future is not to be known, because freewill changes things."

You may ask: "Dear God: Is there a probability that (such and such) MAY happen?" (You must wait for the "yes" or "no" answer.)

* * * * * * * * * *



The pendulum must be of non-magnetic material and be perfectly balanced.  Glass, plastic, copper, brass or lead can be used. The recommended material is a plastic ball or a glass crystal such as a jewelry or chandelier pendant. Because the pendulum is moved by energy coming through your own body frequencies, a lighter weight pendulum will be easier to use initially.

The pendulum should be suspended on a non-magnetic string or chain of 6 to 8 inches in length. The longer the string, the longer the swing and the more energy needed to make the pendulum move, and of course, the longer the response time. Do not use heavy weight string or plastic fishline as they restrict pendulum movement too much. Strong thread, fiber fishline, or silver jewelry chain work well.

A small button can be attached to the opposite end of the pendulum string, making it easier to hold between the thumb and forefinger when in use. Hold the pendulum in front of you while either sitting or standing, using only thumb and forefinger, elbow bent and held firmly against your side for best transfer of energy.

Your pendulum's response will increase over time with practice and as you raise your body frequencies. You can raise your frequencies by increasing your knowledge of Truth, (reading the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper) by meditation, and by petitioning the Lighted Realms for such.

As a souled being learning your Earth Shan schoolroom soul growth lessons one last time on this dark orb, you are a "spiritual being having a physical experience". You are an E.T.! It is high time you phoned home and talked to your Manufacturer, your Creator, your Commander, your Mission Control and got the map to find your way out of this jungle and onto the pathway back to the stars! Indeed, it is time!

For further insight I refer you to:

Phoenix Journal #34, E.T., Phone Home: Reach Out and Touch Someone--Like God!

"People of the Lie: The Stage Play of Life", by Patrick H. Bellringer


Phoenix Journals #2, 3, 5, 7, 27, & 47

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--The Bellringer Writings are at--





This is your wake-up call from the Prophet!  If you plan to sleep on, then don't bother to read this, because what I have to say will not only wake you up, but, also, will make you mad---hopefully, very mad, indeed!

            The brain-dead people on Planet Earth are in for a very big shock very soon!  Mother Earth has been having stomach pains for a long time.  The very "mother" that has nurtured you is about to vomit up all the filth with which her "children" have poisoned her.  She is about to spew out all the poisons and toxic radiation and negative energy with which her evil, negative-thinking "children" have polluted her.  And you did it to her!  All your evil ways and thoughts did it to her!

     You, who are the farmer, did it by dumping all those poisonous chemicals on the good earth and poisoned the soil, the water, the life in the soil, and the plants you grew.  Do not tell me you did not, for I have watched you do it.  You poisoned the food of the "children" of "Mother Earth".  You poisoned their water, and they are sick and dying because of it---and so is "Mother Earth".

            You are not alone, for there have been many, many others, who are evil, greedy, selfish people, who have polluted your air and soil and water and food.  Some of those, who have done this, are controllers, who have planned and schemed to destroy even their fellow men---you, while you slept.

            You have not been told of the thousands of earthquakes now happening each week on your planet.  Those, who know, laugh and stick their head back into the sand.  You laugh at futurist Gordon Michael Scallion and his map projections of water soon to cover your country.  What fools you are!  Major earth changes are upon you, and those, who live along the coastlines of your country (USA) and the great Mississippi River Valley, have been warned.  "Mother Earth" entered her cleansing cycle on August 17, 1987, and that cycle will not be stopped.  Soon you will know.

            You are mesmerized by the government censored mind-controlling media.  You check the weather forecast, complain about the rotten weekend upcoming, and go about your treadmill life without any positive thoughts.  You are such money-hungry work-a-holics that you can't even read the signs in the weather.  Yes, your weather has been controlled by your evil controllers for some time, but what do you care?  The man-controlled weather caused major storms and rain and snow and mud slides and flooding and crop loss and death.  Now, "Mother Earth" has had enough, and she is "controlling" your weather.  She is totally fed up with your nonsense, and you had better "watch out"!

            You, who call yourselves "Christian" or "religious" or "church-goers" or what-have-you, have been lied to big time.  Your adversary, Satan, stands laughing gleefully at you, because he has totally brain-washed you into believing his War Book, that which you call your "Holy Bible".  Oh!  You are angry now and you curse me!  Such false piety!  Your "preachers" and your "priests" and your "rabbis" are all liars, and you, meek little sheeple, have followed right along behind them, believing their every lie.

            Good people, the most important happening in your world today is the spiritual battle raging between God and Satan, between the Truth Bringers of the Lighted Realms and the Dark Brotherhood.  It is a battle for your mind.  It is a battle for your very soul, and you are the People of the Lie.

            Those of you, who are still able to think and will listen, let me tell you some of the religious lies.  You need no one to talk to God.  Your priest does it for money.  He cannot forgive sins.  He does not represent God.  He only prys into your private affairs, and the joke is on you.  Many of you go to "mass" and fanatically dance, as zombies on a string to the tune of the Roman Catholic priest piper.  For what?  You do your Satanic ritual of "eating" the body and "drinking" the blood of a supposedly dead man.  You believe the Lie that his blood will somehow "save" you.  The same holds true for all you nice pious protestants.  The blood of "Jesus Christ" can save no one!  That is the Lie, the trick of Satan.  You don't even have his name right.  This is how twisted is the writing of your "Holy Bible".  His name was and still is Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, but what do you care?  You love the Lie, because this way you have nothing at all to do for your "salvation".  You take no responsibility for your wrong doing, contrary to God’s Law of “You shall reap what you sow!” At the appropriate time you will be "raptured" off this evil "Mother Earth" into some glorious golden city in the clouds.  What a wonderful evil joke, and Satan stands laughing, as you die and end up in "Hell", or are reincarnated to some cave to try it all over again.  You certainly, are People of the Lie!

            I see you little old ladies and little old men and young hard working mothers pitifully paying out your last pennies to a proud and pompous parson or priest or "holy man".  You dutifully tiptoe into the confessional and expose your most personal God-thoughts to a self-righteous, self-made evil "man-god", often a pedophile who cares only for himself and his "cult".  Yes, there are many such cults that you worship.  There are the Baptist, the Lutheran, the Methodist, the Islamic, the Buddhist, the Hindu, the Mormon, and whatever cults.  The churches and religions of your world are all man-made Satanic concocted cults.

            Truth has been brought to your world many times by many prophets, and you killed them.  You killed them, because you did not want to change your thinking.  To change your thinking to God's Laws would cause you to have to change your evil ways.  It is always easier to listen to Satan's lies than to take responsibility to clean up your own act.  You say, "This is radical stuff", and you are angry with me.  You would probably try to kill me, too, if you could.  That's o.k.  Your attitude means little to me.  I am a prophet, a Truth Bringer.  I know the Truth of your world, and I know the Lie.  The problem is that you don't!  You have thrown the Truth away before, and you probably will do it again, but that changes nothing.  You are still wrong, and under God's Law you will get exactly what you deserve.

            There is no "rapture" as you have thought.  Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda is coming back to "Mother Earth" exactly as he left, as he said he would, in a spaceship.  Your twisted "Bible" had this information removed from it centuries ago.  The world controllers could not have you know God's plans, if they were to trick you into following Satan's plans.

            Now, you say that you do not believe in UFO's and spaceships and aliens and all that nonsense.  Of course, you don't.  Why should you?  You have been very carefully coerced into believing the Lie of your government and your world controllers.  To win they must keep you believing that there is a "rapture" just like the "preacher" said.  People say you are a fool to believe in spaceships and aliens.  I say that you are a fool, if you do not.  Why does Creator, God Aton of Light, need spaceships to travel?  He doesn’t!  You do!  How do you expect to leave this planet, if you have no means to do so?  The starships are here at this time to physically remove those of the “remnant,” and anyone else, who wishes to leave, when earth changes make our Planet, Earth Shan, uninhabitable.

            You have your head stuck in the sand so deep that you could never see the proof whereof I speak.  The proof is in the heavens.  Do you think that all of those hundreds of twinkling and flashing red and blue and white lights in the night sky above your head are stars?  Do you think they are airplanes or satellites---or maybe lightening bugs?  Oh, you have bad eyes and you cannot see the "stars".  Well, maybe like so many others, you really don't give a "damn".  That attitude is precisely why your world is in such a mess, and why you have all the problems you do today.  You really do not care!

            Your government has done a big "snow job" on you and most of your fellowmen, and you do not even know it.  How naive you are!  Your government (Corporation of Washington, D.C.) from its inception, has gradually been taking your rights and freedoms away from you, right before your eyes.  Just like the spaceships in the night sky, you refuse to look to believe what is true.  Under the War Powers Act of 1933 you were declared enemies of the state.  Your wonderful president, Franklin D. Roosevelt  took your gold away and placed your nation into bankruptcy.  Because you let him "create" a national emergency under your Constitution, he had the authority to then declare martial law.  In so doing he set aside both your Constitution and your Bill of Rights, and you have had no rights ever since!  Your foreign government of the Corporation of the U.S. under the Corporation of Washington, D.C. gave you a military court system and you never complained, but now you do when you are hauled into court and have no rights!  Oh, you didn't know that?

            There are always signs.  Your national flag with its gold fringe is such a pretty flag.  You have it displayed in your churches, your schools, and your courts.  What do you suppose is the meaning of the pretty gold fringe?  That flag is the flag of your military.  You had your head in the sand and did not notice when your foreign government made your civil courts into military courts called admiralty courts---in which you have no rights.

            Your gold and silver were taken from you and you were given a "credit money" or fiat money banking system called the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB).  This is not a United States Treasury bank.  The Federal Reserve is a privately owned foreign corporation established in 1913 by the Federal Reserve Act.  This bank is owned by the 12 wealthiest families in the world and is held in trust under the Corporation of London under the Crown of England.  You have allowed the Federal Reserve Bank to take your money, your land and your nation.  You have been taxed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a twin foreign corporation to the FRB, and which is also chartered under the Crown of England.  Oh, your friendly wealthy banker and your H and R Block representatives love you sleepy heads!

            The IRS has stolen your money and, again, given it to the Queen of England and the wealthiest families of the world--not to your country.  Your whole government system is a foreign power and you shake your head in disbelief and call me a left-wing communist.  No!  Your government is a Communist Khazarian Zionist Mishpucka (Jewish Mafia) controlled government and has been so for many years, and they are very rapidly moving you into their One World Order (OWO) right on schedule.

            Yes, they have a Plan, in which more than half of you are to be dead, and the remaining world's people are all to have the same economic status---poverty.  You will have no rights, because slave workers of the Anti-Christ "Beast" have no rights.

            Oh, you cry patriotism.  You march in your Memorial Day Parades with your hand over your heart and fire your guns in your fields of the dead.  You decorate the stones of the dead, who died foolishly protecting the very enemy whom you worship.  As "patriots" you follow your blind leaders into your halls and churches and worship a God you do not know, and who isn't even there.  Why?  Because you are the People of the Lie!

            You worship your evil foreign agent government politician leaders, who "can do no wrong".  Oh, you say, your President is not so pure, but he can be replaced.  It is you who are being replaced!  Your government and world controllers have "created" the HIV (AIDS) virus, and through HIV-polluted smallpox vaccinations worldwide have purposely spread the HIV virus to everyone.  This virus is spread the exact same way that the common cold virus is spread!

            Your corrupt government and that of Israel tricked you big time by their 9/11 event.  Hologram, particle beam, neutron bomb technology destroyed your New York World Trade Center, and you thought the Muslims did it with airplanes and jet fuel, just like they did with the Kennedy airplane with particle beam and TWA Flight 800 with laser.  It’s all about greed!  Take the oil of Iraq, take the oil of the Caspian basin via pipeline through Afghanistan, take the oil of Libya and stop their gold currency, take the oil of Iran, take the oil of Syria—take and kill until they control it all.  You are the greatest People of the Lie—ever!

            The bankers love war, they create wars to make money for themselves, and you willingly send your sons and daughters to fight and suffer and die in these wars to bring “freedom and justice” to the people.  Such lies!  Such deception!  Such ignorance!  Shame on you for being so gullible, for being tricked again and again!  You shall surely reap the negativity that you have sown!

            You call me a liar!  No, I am a Prophet and you are the People of the Lie!  Everyone on "Mother Earth" has now been exposed to their death viruses, and you will die right on schedule, unless you listen to Truth.  What about the horrible incurable Ebola disease in Zaire?  What about Lassa Fever, Marburg Fever, Flesh-eating Bacteria, Legionnaire's Disease, Lime's Disease, and Tuberculosis II?  What about Beriberi from your food and parasites in your food?  What about stroke, heart disease and diabetes?  What about Cancer?  You are being deliberately bombarded with diseases and germ warfare, and there are known cures for all of them.  You are being "attacked" by Low Frequency (LF) and Very Low Frequency (VLF) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves to control your mind.  You are being deliberately exposed to high levels of radiation, and air toxins via chemtrails, and pulse beams---all by your government and your world controllers.  Why?  This is being done to destroy you, to control you, to bring you like sheeple into the fold of the Satanic OWO.  I do not see many of you kicking and screaming as you go.  You certainly are the People of the "Lie:!

            Your politicians, who changed their status of public servant to public official, gain their office through “vote scam”, change the laws to suit themselves irregardless of your Constitution and Bill of Rights, allow your president/king/CEO to issue edicts by “executive order” against your Constitution and without your permission, to control you, then leave public office as billionaires, laughing all the way to their yacht and villa on the beach.  Ask your local friendly League of Women Voters about “Vote Scam”.  Oh indeed, your politicians dearly love you sleepyheads.

            You are now being set up for the big final "fall".  A brave and freedom-loving people whose Constitutional foundation was built upon The Laws of God, the only nation of its kind in this entire civilization is about to be made the example.  Those of you who are half awake will understand, yet, that "as goes the USA, so goes the world", and the fall of your nation is happening right on schedule.

            Another very important part of the Satanic Lie is your so called "space program".  Beginning in the 1940's, your foreign power government created the National Security Agency (NSA) to deliberately discredit and cover up all UFO's.  This cover-up was continued by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  You could not be told that friendly, loving space brothers and sisters from Pleiades, humans like you but of fourth and higher dimensional capabilities, have been here on "Mother Earth" since the 1930's.  They tried negotiating with Germany, Russia, and the USA to prevent World War II, but your President Franklin D. Roosevelt and government refused to cooperate.  The Pleiadeans with their starships from 1954 to 1987 have stabilized "Mother Earth" from wobbling badly on her axis.  They have tried many times to help your country, but your evil leaders have always rejected them.  Why?  Because your evil leaders have their plans for world domination and control, and they do not want any interference.  You laugh at me and think I'm joking, but you are the ones at which your government is laughing.  You are the People of the Lie!

            Let us deal with a very important part of the Lie before you---your so called "rapture".  For years your government and world controllers have planned Project Blue Beam to utilize Satan's "rapture" trick.  By hologram and electronic projection from satellites around "Mother Earth" all people are to see an image of your "Christ" returning in the clouds and are to actually hear his voice in their mind in their own language.  Millions of People of the Lie are to be tricked into boarding air vehicles and dumped into never-ever land.  You shake your head in disbelief and call me names.  You say that "the Lord will take care of you" and that the "born again Christian will  be raptured away to Heaven".  Such nonsense!  I tell you Truth!  My mission is not to convince you of anything but to give you Truth.  What you decide to do with it and your life is entirely up to you.

            Where does Truth come from today?  As always, it comes only from God Aton of Light..  Today, God Aton has sent your Pleiadean brothers and sisters to you to bring you Truth one last time before your civilization ends, and end it will.  It is about to self-destruct as "Mother Earth" begins her rebirthing.  The commander of the Pleiadean starship fleet orbiting "Mother Earth" at this time is Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn.  He is transmitting the Truth and revealing all the lies of your "Bible", your government, and your world.  For ten years this Truth was transmitted from his command ship, The Phoenix, by radio code to his scribe, Doris Ekker, in Tehachapi, California, who recorded the information on her computer.  The Truth was then published in The Phoenix Journals, which are also known as The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms.  The Truth was also published in The Contact newspaper, which at one time had the greatest international circulation in the world but the least subscribers.  Why?  Because you sheeple do not wish to be identified with any such "radical" publication.

            Some of you have actually read copies of The Contact and have tossed them aside as nonsense.  Others of you have had copies of The Phoenix Journals in your hands and have read here and there in them, and then have pronounced judgment upon them as being trash.  With your closed minds and haughty know-it-all attitudes you have just cursed yourself to the Void or what you call "Hell".  You have rejected the "Word", the Truth from the very God , Aton of Light, whom you seek!  What a pity.

            Some of you say that you do not have time to read the Journals, or that you are too tired, or that there are other things you would rather do right now, or that you cannot afford them.  Wake up!  They have been provided free on the Internet!  Play your crossword puzzles, your lotteries, your videos, your card games and stare at your television idiot boxes, or run off to spend your money on sporting events.  You have your free-will, and you alone can choose your own destiny, and you alone must live it.  So be it.

            Your God-Spirit cries out in agony from within you for you to see, to listen, to open your heart to the Truth being presented to you, but you deny the Truth.  How foolish you are!  Many of you for a brief moment may recognize Truth, but rush ever onward with the masses to your churches to worship your blind leaders and study your "Holy Book" lies.  Others of you find Truth to be beyond recognition, as you down another can or bottle of your favorite brain-deadener or stuff cocaine up your nostrils and engage in yet another immoral orgy---and continue on your chaotic and confused path of reincarnation back to the cave or the Void.

            You ridicule me and throw this "Hatonn cult stuff" into my face.  You scoff at the very one, who is the Bringer of Truth to you in your day.  Your "Bible" is a fake!  It is nothing more than Satan's War Book to trick you.  Your churches have lied to you.  There is no "rapture"!  Esu Immanuel Sananda is an extraterrestrial and has already returned to "Mother Earth".  He is aboard The Phoenix, the Pleiadean Starfleet Command ship with Commander Hatonn.  He is awaiting orders from God to lift-off those few of you, the “remnant”, who are enlightened and are walking the Lighted Path of Truth.  Do you have your boarding pass?  I thought so.

            What do you plan to do when "Mother Earth" tilts on her axis and a wall of water over five miles high hits the shores of your country?  Do you plan to swim?  Will you have a boat big enough?  Will you be crying for a boarding pass---just like in the days of Noah?  Oh, yes!  There was a flood!  Your "Holy Books" have some Truth, but you are unable to discern it.  There was a very great flood.  There was an ark built in the desert which took over 100 years to construct.  I should know.  I helped build it!  And you were there beating on the door to get in---after 100 years of scoffing.  Are you planning on doing it all over again?  How foolish!

            Tell me, really now, how do you plan to get your boarding pass?  The main source of Truth today from God and the Lighted Realms is The Phoenix Journals--The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms—and remember the formerContact Newspaper and the newer Spectrum Newspaper.  There you will find all of the eighteen (not ten) Laws of God and Creation.  There you will find your way to the pathway of the Lighted Realms of Heaven---and your boarding pass!

            The evacuation of your planet has already begun.  At some point soon all third dimensional beings must leave.  Where do you plan to go?  When Sananda conducts "Lift-off ", it will occur in less than thirty minutes.  At that time you will have no time to decide what you will do.  Your deciding is now!  Your time has run out!  You are either of the Light or you are of the Dark Brotherhood.  There is no in-between!  With God there is no gray area!

            As I said earlier, this is your "wake-up" call!  You are angry with me for waking you up"  Good!  I'm angry with you for not waking up sooner.  This is radical stuff!  Your world is in a mess, and you are in very deep trouble.  God will not save you!  Either you will wake-up and you will save yourself, or you will soon be swept away.  That is your free-will decision!

            One day very, very soon you will stand alone before Creator God, who made you, and you will judge yourself.  You, who have cursed me, as you have cursed all the prophets, will judge yourself, and your God-Spirit within will tell you, and then you will know---that I am right!  Then you will know that I presented to you the Truth, but you threw it away!




            I plead with you to see and to hear Truth!  When you find Truth, you will know, for your God-Spirit within will know.  May you decide to join us, your brothers and sisters of the Lighted Realms at "Lift-off".  This is Truth!  I, the Prophet, have spoken!  One last time I speak Truth to you.  Wake up!


The Phoenix Journals recommended by Commander Hatonn for your initial reading are:

#2   And They Called His Name Immanuel -- I Am Sananda  The life and teachings of Esu "Jesus" Immanuel Sananda)

                            #3     Space-Gate -- The Veil Removed  (The UFO space program cover-up)

               #5     From Here to Armageddon  (Our relationship to space people and the future of Planet Earth)

                             #7     The Rainbow Masters  "The Magnificent Seven"  (Writings of the Celestial Masters)

  #27  Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual  (The Laws of God and Creation)

#47  Pre-Flight Instructions For The Phoenix  (Guidelines for finding the Kingdom of Heaven within you)


--The Phoenix Journals/Contact Newspaper, The Expresses, The Liberator, The Bellringer Writings and the Spectrum Newspaper Archive site is at:





Throughout history people have had a fear of the unknown. The fear of not knowing the future has led to an obsession with prophecy. People found comfort in pretending to know their next experiences. Through the psychology of prophecy, fear of the future and the surprise or risk that it may entail was reduced so that one could foolishly live under a volcanic mountain or in the midst of a warring people with relative "peace of mind".

Many great seers have proclaimed their visions. For centuries religious prophetic writings have foretold the "end times". Biblical prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Amos, Esu Immanuel,  Paul and John of the "Revelations" have proclaimed the prophetic message. There have been Islamic prophecies and Egyptian pyramid prophecies. There have been Mayan prophecies and American Indian prophecies. There have been prophecies of Buddha, Moroni, and Wakan Tanka. Every Culture and people have had their unique prophecies. Adding to the ranks of the "truth-sayers" and futurists today are the various scientific interpreters and T.V. psychics.

All of these "prophets" fatalistically expect and predict a "Doomsday" for Earth Shan-dwellers. Ours is to be the fate of Rome with its immoral and violent end. Man's pollution will cause his destruction through earth and climatic changes. Evil will bring cosmic changes and meteorite collisions or, most certainly, will result in great "end-time" tribulations and the destruction of all mankind in the Armageddon Wars! And we must not forget the cataclysmic doom foretold by such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Gordon Scallion.

We live in a time of obsession with "Christian Cult" radio and T.V. prophets and their prophecies. They excite the masses with their pre and post millennium Armageddon-Tribulation nonsense. They base their predictions upon Satan's War Book--what we call the "Holy Bible"! Satan's troops wrote the prophecies, so why would they not occur as prophesied?

It is we who make the prophecies come true! With their great "wisdom" and insight, others tell us what they think will happen. We believe them and then shape our lives and our destiny accordingly to make our "Doomsday" arrive right on schedule. Prophecies are planned to trick us because we are the people of the "Lie."

Most prophecies have the same thread running throughout, that of attention given to only physical things and happenings. They deal only with what we can perceive with our five senses. Therein we are tricked into thinking that unless we can prevent or change by some physical means that which is predicted to happen, there is absolutely nothing we can do to alter what appears to us as God's will for mankind. So, we accept and "endure" our doomsday!

Our problem is a spiritual one. People may tell us what they think will happen, but we do not have to believe them. Our God-Spirit within is not limited to such physical speculations, because God is not limited in any way to the physical realm. There is no such thing as a catastrophe in the Lighted Realms of God! We make the mistake of allowing "prophets" to manipulate our minds into thinking that they are right, that the physical world is all that really matters.

An example of this is the prophecy concerning the formation of the State of Israel in 1948. The Jews have called themselves the "chosen" people of God. The term "Jew" was not coined until 1775 and refers to a political group of people who are not Judean or Hebrew but anyone. who is of the Khazarian-Zionist political philosophy. The "Jews" are not "chosen" anything! They are the "Pharisees" of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel’s day. Neither are the Israelites of the Bible "chosen" anything. The Israelites destroyed the Summarian nation, who were the true "people of God", and usurped the Summarian history for their own evil intent. Historically, the "Jews" have led people to believe that they were God's "chosen" people. They twisted the prophetic writings, and we believed the "Lie". We got out our war drums and our guns and we helped them take another people's property, and then gave it to the "Jews" for their "ancient homeland." We will even help with the building of their temple, even if it means the destruction of another's temple in Jerusalem. We have helped to fulfill Satan's evil prophecy---right on schedule! Then, there is the ever annoying question, "What have we done with the prophecy of "the coming of the Messiah"?

You see, prophets come in many disguises. God's prophets always stand as aLlight in the darkness and give warning of what will happen, unless we change our ways. God's prophets warn us to move back within the Laws of God and Creation---into balance and harmony of Spirit. They give forth Truth, but their prophecies need not be fulfilled. Those who walk the Lighted Path of God know this Truth. We can change our prophetic end by our thoughts and by our actions.

It should be quite obvious that if a people have been prophetically warned to move back within the Laws of God and Creation, and do so, that the prophecy of negative outcome is not fulfilled. Any society may avoid its "doomsday" by positive thought followed by positive energy in action, and change the entire course of human history. Should there be no common agreement to "deal" with a negative prophecy by positive mass consciousness, their "doomsday" will probably come right on schedule! Yet, one person, who wakes up and utilizes the creative power of his God-Spirit within, can defeat Satan. Satan cannot claim victory if one of his victims escapes his clutches. As Hatonn/Aton has said, "It only takes one!", for an enlightened being has the great creative power of Creator God Aton within to defeat evil.

As Lighted Beings aligned with Creator God, we recognize no limitations in our ability to change any prophetic scenario by our own thought-creations! God has no problem with the spiritual altering of human events and times and places. We do! As gifted creations of God, we have every capability of changing any prophecy! The physical life is only an illusion. Reality has no past and no future. Reality is only now. By the power of our God-Spirit within we can change our present personal evil circumstances into the Truth, love, harmony and balance of the Lighted Realms of God. We can heed the prophetic message and "create" Light in our darkness. We can create our own pathway to the stars. We make our own destiny, be it good or evil. We can choose to accept the prophecy and, by so doing, allow it to occur, or by God's power within we can thought-create that which we prefer to occur.

At this point we need to be reminded that we can not use our creative power of Creator God Aton within to go against another’s freewill. We can change the weather and stop the wind and waves of the sea as Esu (Jesus) Immanuel did. We can cause gardens to produce abundance, crops to flourish, and flowers to bloom profusely, even in poor soils and under adverse conditions. We can thought-create the most vicious animals to become meek and loving. We can "control" the evil demons and thwart the dark brotherhood, but we cannot usurp the freewill of any souled human being. We can remove all power and control of evil over another or over many persons, but such action will be reversed if the individuals by freewill choose otherwise. That is why it is difficult to bring positive change to a society that has freely chosen the darkside. Yet, it is still possible through thought-creation for one enlightened person to change the entire course of a nation’s history or even of a planet!

Our thoughts are very powerful for either good or evil. What we think about, we bring about. Our thoughts make it happen! The question then is, "What do you want to have happen?" Now, go to work and thought-create it! When we finally realize that we are the actors on the stage of today's reality, we will have found Truth. No longer do we need to simply repeat the script handed to us by the Satanic "enforcers" of our day. We can re-write the script, and play the "game of life" our way---that is, God's "Way"! We are, indeed the "captain of our soul and the master of our fate"!

There is one thing further to consider. The only prophecy that matters is from the Lighted Realms of God. That prophecy has been revealed again to us in our time through the "Holy Books of the Lighted Realms". We know them as the Phoenix Journals. In brief form this prophecy states that Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda will return to Planet Earth and evacuate by starship the "enlightened remnant" when conditions become unsafe to remain on her.  God does not choose who will be beamed aboard the starships. That choice is made by each person prior to lift-off, and that choice is based on knowing Truth and living the Laws of God and The Laws of Creation.

This prophecy is absolute and can not be changed, because Planet Earth is moving into fifth dimension, and soon must be evacuated. God has decreed it so! Those who choose to ignore this prophecy will continue on the "wheel of reincarnations" repeating the physical experience in the classrooms of third dimension of confusion and ignorance and without memory until they have learned their lessons. All of God's created human beings must perfect their God-Spirit (soul) within to the point of becoming one again with God and Creation. Those who believe God's prophecy of the "end times" and act accordingly, will experience the wondrous fulfillment of the level of achievement of fifth and higher dimensions in the Lighted Realms of God.

In these final days as we await evacuation, we do not need to be subjected to the evil whims of the playwrighter, Satan. We simply re-write the script and enjoy a bit of peace and happiness as we present Truth to our fellow travelers. Could it be that together we could change a planet? Hopefully, many will heed God's prophetic message and obtain their "boarding passes!" Hopefully, you, too, will be one of those space travelers.

Resource: The Phoenix Journals , and especially: Phoenix Journal #95, Heave-Up,   Chapter 3 , pp. 43-53 (Doomsday 1999, A.D.)

The PhoenixJournals/Contact Newspaper, The Spectrum Newspaper Archives, and The Bellringer Writings are at