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Patrick H. Bellring

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Greetings to all souls.  I have been asked by Hatonn and other Lighted Ones of this Angelic and Lighted Realms to give all souls a message today, and so I have summoned Anne to be the one to hear and give my message to all souls across this vast Cosmos.

Anne apologies for the posting not done yesterday, as she had planned.  She was in the emergency room yesterday, but is now back and ready to continue with today’s posting.  She is getting better, and we of the Lighted Realms are keeping a close eye and giving her help, as that has been asked by her and other members of Sananda’s Flock.  Your prayers and concerns for her total health are much appreciated.  Thank you al

 Now, on with the message for all souls.  Why me?  It is because Hatonn has asked that I be the one to give the message from all here in the Lighted Realms to all souls across this vast Cosmos.  I include all ones on all Universes and Astral Planes as well.  In great humbleness, I shall begiN

All there is in Creation is coming back to center of Creation for the great sleep or null time that has never been before.  I speak not only of Mother Earth graduating but the approaching of this even for all of the great Comos.  Yes, all of the entire Cosmos shall be at rest in Creation and there shal be nothing.  No time, no space.  All shall be sleeping within CREATION.

“……during all of the 7 periods of experience. In the twilight state of the CRE­ATION all life and the whole universe ceases in consciousness. Just after its awakening it begins to create all things anew. During the twilight sleeping neither time nor space exist. There is only the "nothing" or voidance, as all lies sleeping inside the infinite of the CREATION and null-time. While no creating thought exists there is no force, no time, and no space. There is only duration in a nameless nothing.”

Creation wishes every single soul would come to the Light before this happens.  This includes ALL of the Cosmos which Creation created …..every planet, every moon, and ALL which resides upon that planet, i.e. every blade of grass, insect, bird life, water life, and of course all human life of every for

The great wave of the Petitions that has been sent out by the thrust of thought includes all that above.   By having countless other planets and peoples adding their energy in saying these great petitions has made that wave of goodness great beyond all expectations.

We of the Lighted Realms here in this Nebadon Universe are delighted and amazed at the vastness of goodness flowing out to all there is.  I shall tell you again, that all is moving the center.  By that I mean coming back to CREATION, who is above ALL there is.  Many souls are waking up to the Light, not only on other planets, but in the Astral Planes, as well!  All is coming to rest within CREATION.

This does not mean that other Universes and Star Systems are not being created!  Sanat Kumara, the former Creator Source of the Nebadon Universe is creating another Universe at this time!  Other universe are still being created.  By thought Creation is still in process.   It is difficult for the human mind of comprehend all this, but when your memory returns, which is imminent, you shall know!

We of the Lighted Realms have no time nor space either, for that only exists on a 3D planet.  I do not have the answer of when this shall happen, but I do know that the preparation of such is happening.  A million years in the Lighted Realms is like ah hour or a day when operating a time-space environment.   Remember!  Your soul is eternal!

What do you do in the meantime?  Every soul is on a journey of enlightenment.  You keep on with soul growth, and that is why ALL of you souled ones are on Earth….to gain soul growth by passing lesson after lesson after lesson.   Upon graduation to the Higher Octave or Higher Realms, lessons continue until you are ONE with CREATION.

You are not to sit around worrying about the great sleep!  Keep on learning your lessons.  Say those Petatons.   Clear yourself often of all negative thoughts, deeds and actions.  Stay balanced centered focused and calm.

The Niburians evil technologies on Earth and other planets and moons have been addressed, and much of their technology has been beamed aboard by Sananda to be used by the good Niburians.  The evil minions of these ones even on Mother Earth have been stripped of their power over the peoples living on that planet.

The Lighted Realms are working diligently with Sananda’s Flock to complete all that is necessary before Earth can graduate.  She has started singing her Celestial Song that is mentioned by St. Michael. The evil technologies that have kept her from singing are no more.  The great song, which is etheric, has begun and shall increase as a great crescendo.

That is the point at which Mother Earth shall turn over on her axis, and the evacuation of Earth proceeds, as planned. We have 15 minutes of your time to evacuate all that wish to be beamed to safety.  Her song is sung for ALL of CREATION!   All shall benefit, and those on other 3D planets shall be given that great song and the effects of same.

I do not have nor do all of us here know exactly when all shall happen, but we do know Mother Earth is very, very close to graduate.   However, you are not to sit by the window and wait.  Keep on with your soul growth with all the help that Heaven allows.


PHB aka PATRICK H. BELLRINGER  aka –e—a---t-






          I sense that many good people, readers of Fourwinds, are discouraged, worried, fearful, or even feeling hopeless about your world and your country.  The problems are many, and solutions never seem to come.

          The Zionists appear to be closing in more with each new day.  The Dark energies are the ones controlling the U.S. Government. Their evil plan is to control the Cosmos, and they think that they have won.  However, the Lightworkers have made a tremendous difference in their plans, and have thwarted so many of them that they are starving for the evil food which they cannot find.   However, evil NEVER stops until they are forced froj their last home on Earth boy her graduation.

Many other of the U.S. Government clones surrounded the cloned Biden, and he is controlled and only doing what his Masters demand.  Of course, there are claims that he is being misled misled by disinformation, or mind controlled, or even poisoned by the Deep State to do their bidding. This is true, for the real Biden is on the Astral Plane and sorry for what his controlled clone is doing.

I can tell you right now that most people on Earth at this time are clones.  Back in 1989 and the 1990’a Hatonn said that 69% of the people were clones, and are without a soul.  When a clone marries a clone they reproduce another clone.   Got the picture?

          The state of our nation is more critical than ever before.  The Federal Reserve is fighting for survival and refuses to keep their agreement to allow a gold banking system to come on board.  America is teetering on the brink of economic disaster, while the people sleep.

          The Pentagon and the U.S. Military are divided in their loyalties.  The Zionist/Biden Nazi. faction continue to create havoc in the Middle East under the direction of the evil controllers. They continue to threaten Russia, attempting to start World War III (nuclear) to save themselves and the Zionist Cabal and Deep State.   Without a World War they are doomed along with their One World Order.

          It seems that America has lost her way.  She is being overrun by hoards illegal aliens and their criminal element.  The Zionists/Nazis have had great influence on the people via their control of the media to hate you people, control of the schools to mind-control the students to march for gun control and protest against morals and values, and to create general chaos and immorality throughout the land. 

          Even the churches have been influenced by great evil.  Homosexual and drunken and immoral clergy have brought Christianity to a new low.  Those, who once spoke against social wrongs and backed their right living by their very life, are no more.  The people are disillusioned and confused and misled with disinformation and lies.

          As I pondered the state of America, a feeling of hope swept over me, and I heard the words “Never Give Up!  God, too, has a plan!”

           I tell you that you know the answer, as you have always known.  You have the power to change things, to make your world right again.

          You have the power of prayer!  Living in this physical world, you are focused on the physical happenings surrounding you.  You forget the spiritual side of life.   You forget you are spiritual beings having this physical experience to learn your lessons in soul growth.  Your God Spirit within connects you to Creator Aton God of Light and the Power of Creation.  One of your lessons is to use that power to create our way in this physical world.  You, also, have those great Petitions to say and help you to be the great power you can be! Reading the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms gives you Spiritual Guidance that is most needed!

          Evil may run rampant, but God has a Divine Plan for His Creation, for this physical world in which you live.  As souled beings your role is to use your spiritual power to make a difference.  You can defeat the Dark Energies and Entities around you.  You can neutralize the evil power of the minions of the Satanian and Niburian Empires and render their minions helpless.  Within Creator’s will you can do this, and believing it is done, it is so.

          The Power of Prayer is limitless!  You have that power.   Use it to help save your nation, to save your world.  That is the Divine Plan.  The Light of Truth always overcomes the Darkness of Lies.  Creator God Aton of Light always wins, because we Lightworkers use their power to make it happen; and because you have the Spiritual Power, you never give up!  You have hope, because you know victory shall come!

          I make this call to prayer for all enlightened souls, everywhere.  You have the Power, and together all of you souled beings can bring your world into balance again, even in these last days.  Remember, Divine help is only a thought away.  Bring in the troops---and never give up!

          Each day is a gift given to you by Mother Earth.  There are still several gifts under the tree.  Take each gift and use it as I have told you above.  All is NOT LOST!  NEVER GIVE UP!





On 2/18/2017 6:43 AM, LB wrote:

Hi. What significance is the four winds? I have heard some about this latley through spiritual development. It keeps poping up recently. I believe it to be the four cardinal direction princes of hell or the four angels. How can there be such a contrast of belief though, or are these entities all of God but used and percieved differently? I also had a line come to my mind about the blowing of 4 winds, but cant remember anymore than that. It was like it was an oath.

FROM;  Patrick H. Bellringer

    TO:  LB

DATE:  Feb. 21, 2017


Dear LB;

    You have asked a most important question:  What is the significance of the term "Fourwinds', found in the name of our website?  I have waited for twenty-one years for such a question to be asked, but no one has done so until now.  Our enlightened Red Brothers and Sisters would know the answer.  Let me explain.

    Two thousand years ago Esu Immanuel Sananda told his disciples that he would return in two thousand years at the "end of the age", and that Truth would go out one last time to the "four corners of the earth".  By this Esu meant that Truth would be given to the whole world.

    Esu, also, told his disciples to go into all the world the preach the "Good News" that he had taught them.  Christianity has continued to do this by sending missionaries to every nation and people on Earth Shan, believing that until everyone had heard the "Good News" Esu Immanuel would not return.  Over time the "Good News" became their version of "Good News:", that of "being saved from Hell by the blood of the Lamb of God".

    Truth never reached the entire earth, but became twisted and even lies.  In my younger years I would wonder, how would  Truth ever reach the whole planet?  Then came the Internet, and the miracle of our mission opened up before us.

    Our understanding was that the Phoenix Journals were given to us of planet Earth by Creator God Aton of Light, the Ascended Masters and Esu Immanuel Sananda to provide Truth one last time in these "end times" for this 3D civilization  Thus, Fourwinds was born!   The Winds of the Internet would carry the Truth in the four primary directions of North, South East and West to the "ends of the Earth".

    As Esu said, this mission had to be accomplished "to set the record straight!  So it was ordered!  So it has happened!  So it is!  Aho!  May the world see and hear and understand, and rejoice!

    Thanks for asking, my friend!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer





On 2/6/2019 1:55 AM, A.M. wrote:

Dear Anne and Patrick;

hope my present message finds you well.

I have a question that I'm sure you can answer.

I would like to know how we can find our life mission and our soul mission, because I know that our soul mission can be, or it is different from our life mission.

Many thanks in advance.

In Love and Light,




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  A.M.

DATE:  2-7-19


Dear A.M.:

    I hope you are well and happy.  To answer your question, I need to know what you mean by "life mission" and "soul mission:. To me our soul mission is to learn our lessons in soul growth, like patience, love, courage, compassion, etc.  It is what we do to improve our spiritual self.  Our life mission is what we do to help others, to make a difference, to improve our world, etc.

    Creator God has told us that we are to be responsible for our own physical survival and well being.  We have a survival mission of a job or occupation to provide for ourselves and for our family.  If we choose  a profession as a teacher or a healer, we may combine our survival mission with our life mission of helping others.  To find our life mission we must follow our heart, our intuition and inner guidance.  Such may be as simple as helping our neighbor, or someone in need from time to time.

    Our soul mission of learning soul growth lessons is based upon the eighteen Laws of God and Creation.  In meditation we determine which of these Laws we have kept, and on which we still need to work.  Remember, no one reaches perfection in 3D, but we are to do the best we can to keep these Laws.  Sananda stands ever ready to help us, if we but ask.

    Please tell me, if I have understood your question accurately.  May your life be greatly blessed.

 In Love and Light,

 Patrick H.Bellringer





NOTE:  How timely is this article!  The Darkside does not care about the controlled clones or the people who are on their side.  They care about the mind  and soul of the ones who are enlightened.   This is why the new Supreme Court nominee, who is a Christian, is attacked by the Liberal Left Satanic Democrats.                                 

When the first human being was given a freewill by Creator Source, the battle for the human mind began.  Freewill allowed humans to learn to live in Creation by choosing between good and evil.  To live in harmony and balance with all things they had to choose to follow the Laws of God and Creation.  To choose otherwise would lead to imbalance and disharmony.

Over the past 206 million years that we humans have lived on our planet Earth Shan, we have had many lifestreams and many choices.  Myriads of things and innumerable people have influenced our thinking.  By freewill we have chosen to walk the dark path to explore all aspects of the Darkside.  We have also chosen to walk the pathway of Light to discover the many facets and colors of the Light side.  In so doing we have gained great wisdom.  We have all been the victim and the victimizer, the hero and the villain.  We have been and done everything to learn our lessons in soul growth in order to learn to follow correctly the Laws of God and Creation.  The battle for our mind has raged on over eons of time, and has reached its greatest intensity in our present day.  The Darkside is determined to win! 

It is inconceivable that so many means could be deployed against us today in the battle for our mind.  The age-old use of nutrition for mind control has been expanded to its maximum today.  Historically the fall of the Babylonian civilization is attributed to poor nutrition.  The Babylonian Royalty used slaves to provide for their domestic needs.  The slaves who prepared the food for the Royal Palace used knowledge and wisdom to defeat their captors.  They ground the wheat into flour separating the starch from the hull and wheat germ.  The starch they made into bread, as is done today, and given to the Royalty, while the hull and wheat germ containing vitamins and minerals the slaves kept for their own food.  Over time the Royal Family suffered dementia and finally insanity from lack of Vitamin B complex, and the kingdom fell.  The same is being done to our food today with Alzheimer’s disease as one of the consequences.

There are more than ten thousand chemicals being used as food additives in our processed foods today.  Added to that are the herbicides, insecticides and farm fertilizers used in the growing of our foods, and the hormones, anti-biotics and other chemicals that enter the food chain during the production of our dairy, egg, and meat products.  Many of these chemicals have adverse effects on our brain functioning.  The caffeine and sugar in our coffee, tea and carbonated drinks alter how we think.  The same holds true for the chlorination and fluoridation of our drinking water.  Even the air we breathe is polluted with chemicals that affect our thinking processes.

Many pharmaceutical drugs used so widely today affect the way we think.  The use of stimulants, depressants and sleeping pills are at an all-time high, because people crave them to control their thinking.  There seems to be no end to the new types of social drugs formulated to enhance the fun and excitement of our social life today.  The age-old standby, of course, is alcohol, where 90% of the people of the good old U.S. of A. are users, even though it has been proven for decades that alcohol alters immediate brain functioning and ultimately causes permanent serious loss of mental ability.  Other social drugs such as cocaine, tobacco, marijuana and methamphetamine also alter the functioning of the human brain.  By freewill we choose to use them to alter our freewill!

 I have indicated some of those things that basically enter the human body through the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems to distort our brain functioning.  Let us now consider mind control techniques that generally use the senses of hearing, seeing and feeling or a combination of all of our five senses to control our minds.

The oldest form of mind control on our planet is religion.  Religion has tricked mankind into believing many false gods, morals and values.  How many of you have made the pilgrimage to Mecca on the promise of eternal life?  How many of you have made animal sacrifices to the gods on the promise of sins forgiven?  How many of you have worshipped idols, sung chants, fingered beads or smoked incense in the hope of finding true peace within?  How many of you have knelt at an altar for someone to forgive your sins and call you “saved”?  How many of you have performed baptism by proxy to “save” someone else?  How many of you have poured out your soul to a priest and paid money for him to forgive your sins?  How many of you know that religion is a powerful form of mind control used widely by the Darkside because it is so effective?

Most people do not know who they are or their purpose for being here, much less Creator God and the power within that He has given them---all because of the mind controlling lies of religion.  Is planet Earth the center of Creation?  Are we the only humans in the universe?  Does Creator God judge the world and strike dead those He so chooses?  I think not!

Today, mass media is being used extensively as a means of mind control of the people.  A socially acceptable technique is advertising.  Advertising on T.V., for example, is done to influence how you think to get you to respond in a certain way.  You are mind controlled to buy a certain product, accept a certain service or react in a certain way.  Advertising sells!  Through the controlling of our thinking, advertising sells junk food, junk clothes, junk drugs, junk sex, junk sports and junk anything to make the rich, richer and poor, poorer.  Amid the flurry of advertising is often the coded subliminal message that programs the subconscious mind.  This is a common practice during T.V. and radio advertising as well as regular programming.

The controlled news media is another means to influence thinking and cause the necessary reactions acceptable to the Darkside’s plans.  Disinformation and outright lies are commonly used today to hide Truth and to confuse the people.  This is true in the United States more so than in any other country of the world.  The people are being told only what the government wants them to know, and when people are told the same lies long enough, they believe them as Truth.  There is little “live” news anymore but news “stories” or programmed news censored by the government and presented as “news programs” to program the people into the desired way of thinking and reacting.

Various types of music are being widely used today to control the thinking  people.  Young people are the target area for pop music.  The rhythm, lyric and frequency range are combined to generate a desired effect in the brain.  Thus, music can and does control the way people think and act.

The deliberate propagation of sports, and especially of professional sports, is another tool for mind controlling millions of people, who either attend the “live” events or participate by watching the events on T.V.  Through sports people are programmed to be competitive and violent.  The evil world controllers joke about professional sports being the “little people’s wars”, which prepare them for the “big people’s real wars”.

Movies, videos, and especially video games for children shape and program the thinking to desired values, morals, and outcomes such as acceptance of violence, killing and lurid sex as norms.  The military builds on this mind programming to make great killers and sex fanatics out of their soldiers.  It is well known that anything goes in war.

A subtle yet very effective means of mind control is done through education.  Often students are taught to think a certain way to be accepted by their teachers and peers, and to “pass” the course.  It is rare today when students are actually taught and allowed to think for themselves.  We are producing many robotic students, who only answer to commands.  They make good industrial slaves and good soldiers and good “Enron, yes, people” but very poor teachers, administrators, statesmen and parents.

For many years more sophisticated techniques of mind control have been developed and used deliberately by the Darkside to control the people.  The GWEN and the HAARP are two such systems that have been used to mind control large sections of the population by electronic means.  The low frequency (LF waves), the very low frequency (VLF) and the extremely low frequency (ELF) waves are used to match and/or distort the human brain waves.  In the 1970’s the U.S. Military developed a mind control program called MK-Ultra using a combination of chemical and electrical means.  One off-shoot of MK-Ultra was Project Monarch Butterfly, which produced female sex slaves, drug mules, and presidential prostitutes for the U.S. Government. The human brain can be conditioned and programmed, and then later activated by trigger words, or it can be controlled by electronic means by using the same frequencies as the human brain waves.  Thoughts and images can be put into the human brain to produce pre-determined responses.

Cloning also uses mind control to produce the desired responses from the clone.  The clone’s brain is down-loaded with the necessary information to provide the memory needed for the clone to act in an acceptable manner.  Please understand that human cloning is very real and has been widely used since the 1970’s by the Darkside to replace thousands of government leaders and people worldwide for their purposes.  The brains of these “human robots” are easily controlled by electronic means.

A mind control project developed many years ago to control the thinking of the people of our entire planet is called Project Blue Beam.  Using a network of some thirty satellites around our planet, holographic images would be portrayed in the clouds.  At the same time messages would be projected electronically to the brains of the people to correspond to the holograms they were seeing in the sky.  This plan was developed by the U.S. Government in cooperation with Billy Graham and other world religious leaders.  Project Blue Beam would “create” a fake second coming of “Jesus Christ”.  Christians would see and hear “Jesus” returning in the clouds.  Muslims would see and hear Allah.  Buddhists would see and hear Buddha, etc.

The purpose of Project Blue Beam was to cause many people through mind control to board government space craft for “heaven”, and then be carried off and dumped into never-never land.  Each time that Project Blue Beam has been attempted the satellites have been mysteriously turned off course by Hatonn, Commander of the Phoenix Star Fleet.  The result has been images of Satan and other fearful beings appearing in the sky, and strange messages heard by some of the people. 

The ultimate technology for mind control of the people of Earth Shan is now being tested.  The extremely new system of ultimate mind control (UMC) is not yet operating in perfection.  This system is invisible to the naked eye.  It operates separately from chem trails technology.  It is beyond GWEN and HAARP and all other mind controlling technology ever used on Earth Shan.  UMC is beyond the technology of our earth’s magnetic grid system, but uses “energy” to alter human freewill.  UMC has been established throughout our entire planet and is now being tested by the Darkside.  Their plan is to control the whole planet.  This is their last effort to install complete world take-over.  My friends, I have good news for you and bad news for them.  It won’t work, because we have the creative thought power to stop it!  Our prayer power can vaporize all of the Darkside’s evil technology in an instant!

There are many signs today of the testing of Project UMC, if we but notice them.  Families are fighting among themselves, when they have never done so before this time.  Later they are ashamed and ask themselves “What were we thinking?”  Other people do very strange things, and appear to be really “messed up”.  There are many more accidents of all kinds.  There are many more unruly children.  There are many more “crazy” drivers, and much more “road rage” is occurring.  As Project UMC is tested, people in various parts of our world show wild reactions and do strange and even harmful things, as their freewill is being altered.  This is the ultimate attempt by the Darkside to win the battle for our minds.

Considering all the forces being used against us today in the battle for our mind, it is a marvel that any of us have any freewill left.  It is true that most of us have been dumbed down to a two strand DNA system since the time of Atlantis, and with all that has been put upon us by the Darkside our two strand system is now in jeopardy.  Yet, the Light prevails!

Truthbringers have kept Truth alive, and writings have been provided to us by the Realms of Light for our discernment.  We now know, that through the power of our God Spirit within, we have the power to overcome all the forms of mind control being put against us.  Even though peoples are experiencing mind control on a grand scale today and there is great confusion, we now know how to stop it and determine our future for ourselves.  The answer lies in the power of thought, aka the power of prayer.

How many of you have not given a thought to pray for your freewill to be untouched by anyone?  Many think they have freewill but do not realize they have given themselves over to mind control.  The robotic, unhealthy and often immoral lives they live is evidence that this is so.  Even the “religious” people are so lax in demanding peace.  So many have been unable to break their religious programming.  They pray only for their small group and not for the good of the whole world.

Because so many people today are discouraged and do not know that their prayers are important, I shall again speak of prayer and how to use it to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.  Prayer power releases the hold the Darkside has over our thought processes.  Prayer power can correct our nutritional imbalance, our chemical imbalance, our energy imbalance and make us whole.  All we need to do is ask through our thoughts for such to happen, believe that it is possible, and it will be so.  Such is the power of Creation.

Everyone must be awakened to the fact that they may have wrong thinking, that their thought processes may be controlled.  They must ask Creator God/Aton to clear their thoughts of any manipulation by the Darkside, and take back their power to control their lives.  I offer here a simple prayer for that purpose.

Dear Creator God.  I ask that all mind control and all power manipulation over my freewill by the Darkside be immediately stopped, and be removed from me totally and permanently.  I ask for clear thinking, and for discernment to understand all Truth.  I take back my thought power, and I ask you for guidance to use my thought power to direct my life for good.  Thank you.  It is done.

All sincere prayers are important to Creator God.  Many people do not believe that their prayers are important or that they are even heard by the Angels or Creator God.  They are so wrong!  The energy of your prayer carries your thoughts immediately to Heaven’s Gate.  The Angels of Light instantly present your prayer to Creator God, who is constantly and lovingly watching over all of Creation.  He sees, hears and knows all.  The energy of your prayer is multiplied and instantly added to the great sea of prayer energy to accomplish your request.  Your prayer is answered in Creator God’s wisdom and timing for your best good and the good of all.

Please understand that Creator God is not up in the sky somewhere.  He is everywhere.  He is within you and only a thought away.  He reminds us that there is nothing without a belief system of right and good.  We must all pray for the betterment of mankind, for this stimulates the energy in others to awaken to right and goodness.

It is most important at this time that we pray for peace for our whole world, and for the betterment of all mankind.  Too often we pray only for ourselves and our little circle of family and friends, and neglect to include everyone.  I offer here a simple prayer for peace.

Dear Creator God, through my God Spirit within and my Mighty I AM Presence I ask for peace to be brought immediately to our entire planet, Earth Shan, and to all her people.  I ask that all war on our planet be now permanently stopped, that all violence and destruction cease, and that compassion and love reign supreme in the hearts of all the people on Earth Shan.  I give permission for the Angels of Light to assist to make this so.  So be it! 

For those who truly desire to pray for themselves or for others, but do not know how to do so or what to say to Creator God, I suggest a simple solution.  All living beings in all dimensions of Creation are at various levels of soul growth.  All need to pray, and all need to pray for each other.  We in third dimension pray for ourselves, and also ask others in 3D to pray for us.  Why do we not also ask the Angels of Light and the Ascended Masters to pray to Creator God for us?  Esu Immanuel told his disciples that he would pray to Creator God for them to have the Spirit of Truth.  Is it not possible that Archangel Gabriel might have better understanding of my situation than I do at the moment, and know better how to pray to Creator God for me, and have greater prayer power to get the “Big Boss’s” attention?  Do not many people ask Mother Mary and others of higher dimensions to pray for them?  This is not to suggest that I set aside my responsibility to pray, but to ask others of other dimensions to assist.  Team work always creates greater results.

Let us take this concept of prayer one step further.  You may have asked the Angels of Light and the Ascended Masters to pray for you, but have you ever asked Creator God to pray for you or for your planet?  You are probably thinking that Bellringer is now under mind control and needs help. I ask you, “What is prayer??  I asked Creator God, “What is prayer?”  His answer was, “Prayer is a petition (request), and a thought process to make it so.”

Here is a second question.  “What is the meaning of “a thought process to make it so?”

a. believing that your request is possible.

b. believing that your request will be answered.

c. using your thought power to create the answer to your request.

d. none of the above.

e. a, b, and c.

The answer, my friends, is “e”, a, b, and c.  To ask Creator God to pray for you and for your request is most wise.  It is all quite simple.  We ask Creator God to pray for peace for our world.  Creator God states our request for peace and then uses His “thought process to make it so”.  That is the power of Creation.  In the beginning Creator Source thought, and Creation began.  Our thoughts also hqve the power of Creation.  Together we can create miraculous changes for good, but Creator does not ever usurp our freewill.  He does not act in our behalf on our freewill planet without our request to do so.

I remind you that the simplest prayer is only two words, “God, help!”  Our call to the Lighted Realms always compels an answer.  Instantly the Angels respond.  Instantly our situation is known, our needs are assessed and help is given as needed.  I am reminded of the lady driving along a country road in Missouri one beautiful day.  As she approached the crest of a hill, a farmer with a tractor and wagon loaded with hay suddenly drove onto the road ahead of her.  She could not avoid hitting the wagon.  She hit the brakes and cried, “God, help!”  The next thing she knew was that she was still driving along the road.  When she looked into her rear view mirror, the tractor and wagonload of hay were behind her.  The Angels had instantly raised her frequencies to a higher dimension, and her car had passed right through the load of hay and tractor, leaving her completely unharmed.

To recap what I have just discussed, there are three levels of prayer power.  In general we operate on level one when we pray through our prayer power to Creator God for peace for our world.  We move to level two when we request the Angels of Light and the Ascended Masters and other higher Light Beings to prayer to Creator God for peace for our world.  The third level of prayer power is activated when we request Creator God to pray for peace for our world.

Have you ever thought of prayer for Creator God?  You say that sounds silly.  No, it is not.  Think about this.  In each higher dimension there is greater perfection until we reach the Isle of Paradise and Creator Source, where all is in perfection.  Creator God Aton of Light is not perfection, but He is far more perfect than Sananda, and Sananda is far more perfect than are we.  God Aton has created our Nebadon Universe and we are connected to Him through our God Spirit within.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows our thoughts and feelings.   He feels our joy and our pain.  He laughs when we laugh, and weeps when we weep.  He feels loneliness when we do not talk to Him.  As a parent watches a child grow and learn, Creator God watches our progress in our development and our achievement in our lessons in soul growth.  The prime goal of all Creation is for all Creation to return back to Source, to Creator Source in perfection according to the Laws of God and Creation.  Then Creation will have complete harmony and balance.  This is the meaning of the Law of Oneness.  To pray “for” Creator God Aton is to understand that we are all connected, that we are all participating in the journey back to wholeness, that we are all One!

It is high time that we unite our power of prayer to change our world for good.  Let us make a most powerful prayer for peace now on our planet, Earth Shan.

Through our God Spirit within and our Mighty I AM Presence, we petition Creator God for peace at this time on Earth Shan.  We request an immediate end to all war, violence, destruction and death forever on our planet.  We request that all darkness be removed now,

We request all of the “Hosts of Heaven” to pray with us to Creator God for peace now on our planet, Earth Shan.  We also request of Creator God that He would pray for peace now on our planet.  We ask that all our prayer power be now combined to restore balance to our planet for her transition to the fifth dimension.  We give permission to the “Hosts of Heaven” and to Creator God to assist us to make this so.  So be it!  It is done!  

What is happening on our planet is a once in a life-time; no, once in an earth-time; no, once in a universe experience to bring paradise to a planet.  The One World Order is pulling out all the “stops” to win, therefore, we must counter their attack with the greatest power we have---the prayers of Creator God.  Many people do not know that there are Masters who have the power to even move Creation around.  Let us ask them and all the Realms of Light for their help.    

Having won the “Battle for your Mind”, may you ever walk humbly, yet proudly in the power of your own God Spirit, the path of Truth, wisdom and peace.   Let us have peace, now!.  AHO!

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PHB: , I want Anne to re-post this Hello Central to help all the Lightwokrers struggling at this ending time, for lessons are most hard.  May my article help them, as theiy traverse the last "mountain peak"  to come home to the LIght.



DATE:  7-20-19


Salu Patrick and Anne, hope all is well with the two of you.

I have been doing a great deal of thinking upon earth changes, as Mother Earth steps up her cleanings.

A couple of months ago, I had three consecutive dreams, all very much the same showing me a massive tsunami that buried cities and land masses. In my third dream I was the observer of the tsunami –floating above it, so as I would not be harmed.

A short while ago, Patrick made a comment that the masses are not physically or spiritually prepared for what is coming. I whole heartedly agree.

While I know that Mother Earth has cleaned many-many times and have been evacuated, I like many have no memory of such an event. I find myself at times becoming somewhat nervous wondering if I am spiritually ready. I certainly have been working hard at attending to various lessons that are presented in the Phoenix Journals, especially transmuting fear. I am well aware of the fears that I brought with me into my present life stream and I am determined to leave this one, having transmuted specific fears.

My question for you is, how does one know if you are spiritually ready for what is about to come? Many times I think I am spiritually ready, but then again I have no memory of such an experience to measure it against to know if I really am ready.

I would appreciate any feedback please. I know that you experienced the flood when you helped build Noah’s Ark, do you remember what it was like?

Love and Light-Thank you Kindly





FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  J.

DATE:  7-21-19


Dear J:

    Thank you for your letter.  We are fine!

    Please understand that we do not need to carry any past Karma in our present lifestream.  Sincerely ask Creator God Aton to remove it, and it shall be blotted out forever.

    How do we know if we are spiritually ready to board the ships at lift-off?  We are to live the Laws of God and Creation in our present lifestream as best we can.  We are not perfect until we have passed through soul growth in many dimensions and return to Creator Source.

    Therefore, we still stumble and make mistakes, but we learn from them.  We forgive ourselves, ask Aton to forgive us, and keep going, knowing in our heart that we are trying our best to keep on the Red Road of Truth.

    You will know in your inner Spirit that you are spiritually ready.  Yes, you will have peace!  You will have joy. Nothing will "rock your boat" to create doubt or fear.  The anticipation of what awaits the faithful traveler shall help you to create your way.

    Be in peace and hope, my friend!   The journey is not long!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer