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NESARA UPDATE by Patrick H. Bellringer, Sept. 6, 2007

Patrick H. Bellringer

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ectonic plates movement is so rapid the seismographs can hardly record the data. The “Ring of Fire” known as the Pacific Rim is truly on fire.

The heating of the oceans of our planet by the increasing intensity of our sun and by the 5000 plus under-ocean active volcanoes along the tectonic plate junctures is causing alarming polar ice melt and drastic weather patterns on every continent. The slowing of our planet’s spin on her axis is causing an ever greater polar wobble and an axis tilt of more than twenty-six degrees beyond her normal declination of 23.5 degrees from perpendicular.

The tipping point that would allow our planet to “roll over”, as a top does when its spin slows, is approximately 55 degrees. Presently, our planet’s axis is tilted at 52.5 degrees from vertical. I say this, not to cause alarm but to inform you of the possibilities for change that lie ahead. Earth Shan may hold at her present angle of tilt for a long while, just as she did at the 23.5 degree angle, or she may not. Creator God Aton has confirmed for me that this information is correct, inspite of those saying this is an “Internet Hoax”.

Earth Shan is like a Train running on her own track toward her destination of fifth dimension. There is a second Train running on a separate and parallel track to Earth Shan’s. The people of our 3D planet are on that second Train, and are struggling to keep up to the 5D Train. We could call our Train the 3D Train or the NESARA Train. The 5D Train slowed her speed for a time, hoping that the NESARA Train would catch up. This has happened and now both Trains are running neck-and-neck at full throttle.

Those of you reading the Internet updates on the “snail pace” of the NESARA Mission may totally disagree with my analysis above, so I need to explain further and from a Global perspective.

The Phoenix Journals speak of Creator God Aton’s Plan 2000 that runs counter to the Darkside’s evil Plan 2000. The Darkside’s plan was to place them in total control of our planet by the year 2000 under their One World Order. They have failed, and they have failed badly to accomplish their goal. Their Empire is crumbling, as these Darkones flee from the Light of Truth.

On our planet we have Lightworkers who are working with Creator God’s Plan 2000. They understand the Spiritual Realms, and are working, as 3D human beings to bring balance and harmony to Earth Shan. The Light of Truth and goodness has overwhelmed the Darkness. This has changed the balance of power. Positive energy has taken command of our 3D world, and positive changes are here! Though you may not see such evidence yet, know in your heart that this is so.

If Mother Earth allows us the time, we shall assist in bringing balance and harmony to our world by using the Farm Claim and Prosperity Program funds, we are to receive in these next few days. The NESARA Announcement shall be made. That brings a new government to the U.S. of A. and a Treasury banking system. Both the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue System and their foreign corporations under the “Crown” of England shall be abolished, and all debt to those systems shall be dismissed. The positive energies created by these changes could “buy us some time” with the 5D Train race.

We had a contract with Creator God Aton to take care of Mother Earth, but we “blew it!” We agreed that, if we did not take care of our planet, she would dump us off her “starship!” That time may fast be approaching. In the meantime we do all we can to clean up our space, and to bring healing and goodness to our communities.

So, I say to all, take courage and be hopeful for marvelous things to shake your world in these remaining days of September, 2007. Change to goodness is here! We have held the Fort! The battle for our planet is over, and the Light has won! Rejoice, my friends, and again I say, rejoice!