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What do you reckon happened to the 400B or so of Stimulus Money that was never spent? Why do you suppose 'they' speak continuously of still more Stimulus Bills while the 400B remains unaccounted for? Fox News reported this morning that a great deal of the stimulus money was spent giving/paying BONUS'S to Executives.

I submit to you that Obama and all of the Corporations Employees are guilty of Treason against the united States of America, i.e. the REPUBLIC. So thoroughly have they sliced and diced and violated most every provision of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence I believe any 'Common Law Court' (Constitutional Court) would have little trouble finding them guilty of Treason.

Will the "coincidences" never cease? Only days before the 'relief well' is to intersect and allow the Macondo Blowout Well to be permanently 'cemented', B.P. has suddenly managed to place a new 'cap' on the well allowing the well and THE OIL to be saved after all. Where did this new 'cap' suddenly appear from after 86 days? Why was it not used in the first place? This entire affair reeks of conspiracy and fraud. Today they stopped the drilling of the relief well. It appears to me that permanently sealing the well was/is the very last option and never mind the destruction of the Gulf while they worked to save the well, the oil and the investment.

People are now coming forward in several states saying they were intimidated and precluded from voting by Obama supporters. This week elderly women are saying they were wearing Hillary Buttons and were not allowed to vote. Others say they were told they were not on the 'voting rolls' at polling places where they had voted for years. A life long Democratic Operative sent to debunk such reports now says she could not believe what she found. She says it was pervasive and planned and that she would never have believed it had she not investigated it herself. RACISM is bursting out everywhere. In each example it is the Obama Administration and their supporters who are the racist. Now the racist and discredited NAACP is accusing the Tea Party Folks of Racism. It is as if we are suddenly living on Mars or else the Martians have taken over here.

Yesterday Erskine Bowles, the head man of Obama's own 'Debt Commission', said current economic policies guarantee our countries destruction. Imagine that, from a Democrat hand picked for the job by Obama. More kool-aid anyone? Do you think Obama's policies will change due to this report from his own people? Many are resigning such as 'The Comptroller of the Currency' as they want no part of this approaching INTENTIONALLY IMPOSED financial disaster.

Now an 'Appeals Court' Judge has ruled Obama's ban on drilling in the Gulf illegal as the first of the rigs head for Obama's, I mean Soros's, I mean Brazil's oil fields never to return. Obama has ordered the destruction of the Gulf Coast Economy and will not relent no matter how many judges say he is wrong and is unnecessarily killing the Gulf Coast economy. What do YOU call a man hell bent on the destruction of our country?

Sex 'Education' for five year olds on the morning news. By first grade they are to teach all the various sexual positions AND sex between those of the SAME SEX. This is not the same as free condoms to kindergartners previously reported. This is actual 'sex education' for five year olds. Welcome to the world of "Liberalism' folks. These sickos should be in JAIL.

The man (Berwick) Obama 'recess appointed' to head Obama Care is a flaming radical who openly admits health care will be rationed. He didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of being confirmed by the Senate so this is Obama's way of putting another Liberal Extremist in another key position. Another stooge from the world of 'Academia' who has never run so much as a Dairy Queen now running a Multi Trillion Dollar health care system.

Senator John Cornyn/Texas says the healthcare legislation, moving 17M 'uninsured' onto Medicaid (Govt Insurance for the poor) has caused Texas Doctors to withdraw from Medicaid entirely as they can not make ends meet on the limited reimbursements from Govt. just as reported here since the legislation was passed. Obama Care, sold to the American people as a cost savings move, is now drawing estimates of deficits as high as one T per year in additional cost over and above the existing healthcare system. Another boondoggle wrapped in lies and sold to the people (40% of the people and 60 Senators) for the purpose of getting their hands on health care cash flows so they can be Securitized.

And who provided the sixtieth vote necessary for passage? The Comedian named Franken from Minnesota who won the Senate seat by 321 votes with well over that number cast by convicted felons who by law were not allowed to vote. And who refused to throw out the Illegal Felons Votes? The Minnesota Secretary of State. And who financed him into office? George Soros, Obama's biggest financial backer and the recipient of the Gulf Coast oil rigs being forced to leave the Gulf due to Obama's drilling ban which was over ruled by a Federal Judge and then an Appellate Federal Judge only to have Obama say "to hell with the Judges, to hell with the Courts, to hell with the law and to hell with the people of the Gulf Coast, I am God and those rigs are going to Soros without whom I would not have had the sixtieth vote to pass the Health Care abomination.

Have you noticed that no matter what Obama does, no matter how great or visible his daily abominations, his 'approval ratings' hold steady around 43% ? What does this tell you? Besides the obvious well known historical fact that "when the people learn they can vote themselves largess from the public trough they will then elect only those who allow this leading directly to the demise of Democracy"? It tells you that the Liberals control of our school system through the Teachers Union is so pervasive, so complete, that our children are raised to be good little brain washed sex educated robots who have no idea they have been brainwashed as children as they grow up to be voters who believe, among other Obamanations, that the anus is a sex organ. And who has allowed the far left wing Teachers Union to do this to our children? We have friends, we have. Then, from the frying pan into the fire, Colleges and News Organizations owned and run by Liberals complete the brainwashing job. Perhaps I and you and we and us should focus on the glass being 57% full instead of 43% empty. But if we do that what is to become of the children of the 43% and in turn the future of our country?

Have you seen the e-mail now making the rounds pointing out that as a candidate for President, Obama said "we are no longer a Christian nation"? Then, as President, HE CANCELLED THE 'NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER'? Then, on September 25th of last year, on Capital Hill, from 4 a.m. till 7 p.m., a National Day of Prayer for the Muslim Religion was held with 50,000 Muslims attending? Is there anything, anything at all, that will wake up the 43%?

I could go on and on and on and on. Those who see, see.

'There are none so blind as those who refuse to see'.

Casper 7-14-10 opinion