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N E S A R A Update - June 20, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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ld’s monetary system to the gold standard at that time. Putin refused to allow Air Force One to land in Russia, as did every other country. Needing to re-fuel G.W. had no recourse but to land in the “Green Zone” in Iraq, thus his sudden visit. The U.S. Military in Iraq did not know G.W. was coming until 20 minutes prior to touch-down. Of course, he had to fake his visit and make it look like the real thing.

Why was G.W. going to Russia, and why did Russia and the other countries of the world refuse him landing privileges? He was planning to take 52 trillion dollars of “the people’s money” and “persuade” Russia to convert it to gold and then put it into his “pocket”! Fortunately for us, there are 180 countries, who are standing together against G.W.’s evil tactics, and are supporting the NESARA Mission and the delivery of the bank packets of the prosperity programs and Farm Claims to the people.

These countries have representatives in the U.S., who have been working hard these past weeks to persuade the Darkside U.S. Cabal to cooperate with the NESARA Mission. They were made aware of G.W.’s evil plan before he left the U.S. and organized a blockade against him. They and the World Court have continued to push for the needed changes in the U.S. this past week.

At this time the members of the World Court, Merkel of Germany and Queen “Bee” of England have returned to the U.S. They and the representatives of these 180 countries are quite angry with G.W. and his cronies for delaying the funding and NESARA announcement in the U.S., and are demanding instant action. They say they are not leaving the U.S. until this mission has been successfully completed.

Last week and this past weekend the delivery of bank packets moved slowly along with some accomplishment each day. The Delivery Systems are trying to keep both sides happy by doing something but not too much. That is now to change drastically, as indicated to us by Aton this evening. (6 p.m. MDT)

“Greetings to the Bellringers. This is Creator God Aton of the One Source of Light speaking to you this evening. ‘All is quiet on the western front’ is the picture for today, although much is happening behind the scenes. There has been no word going forth about the deliveries and how things are going, as all those involved in getting the deliveries done were silenced, and if any word was spoken to do anything otherwise than deliver the packets, their lives were in danger. The drivers and all those involved went about their work in feverish silence. No one spoke, hardly, to anyone else, and much was accomplished. I know that your deliveries were not made as yet, but you ones are on the list.

Much progress has been made. Yes, the Queen of England is in the U. S. supervising all the deliveries and has had an hourly report from each driver, where they are, how many deliveries they have made and have been monitored constantly. Every word is heard, every whisper is recorded, and every mile they have driven is recorded, and every delivery they have made has been recorded. There was/is no time to dawdle, to take a longer lunch, to park by the roadside, or to even stop except for bathroom breaks. There are two people in each truck and when one is eating the other is driving.

The World Court is also in the U.S. and with the Queen monitoring this last process, which had taken months to do. This is why we have held off First Contact because at last, the 3D people are FINALLY getting the job done.

In the meantime, Mother Earth has been patient, although thousands of quakes are taking place daily all over the planet. Many of them are in the 3-4, some 5 and 6 range, but there has been little loss of life; however, the volcanoes that are erupting at this time are increasing and are also increasing in the volume of ash spewed out. Erratic weather patterns are taking place all over the planet, and it is not the weather control people that are doing the damage. It is Mother Earth doing ‘her thing’.

Now, when these deliveries are finally completed, then the NESARA announcement shall occur. At this point, because of the slowness of the deliveries in the past, it does not look like they will finish tonight, but hopefully by tomorrow. This has been the most long, drawn-out process since the beginning of Earth Shan. Never before have any of us, including all the Hosts of Heaven, dealt with such an evil government and people, who would rather destroy a planet than come back to the Light. It is almost inconceivable.

I AM CREATOR GOD ATON of the One Light of Creator Source. I salute my ground crew/Red Rays. You have been faithful and have kept the course, no matter how difficult. Soon you shall reap wondrous awards for your faithfulness. SALU to my ground crew.”

Let us hold the positive energy for completion of this process this week, followed quickly by the public announcement of NESARA, and that followed by First Contact. Let us enjoy the mystery of the Light and of the Energy of each moment in these changing times. Aho!