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FRIDAY, THE THIRTEENTH by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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ood and special number. Why, you ask? The answer will surprise you. When Esu(Jesus) Immanuel Sananda walked Earth Shan, as a Truthbringer 2000 years ago, he was instructed to choose twelve men and teach them the Laws of God and Creation. He had many disciples but his closest were twelve. These twelve plus himself made up his little group of thirteen Truthbringers. Thus, the number thirteen became known in Heaven as a very good number.

The Darkside always twists the Truth into a lie. They told us thirteen was a bad number. That was a lie. They told us that Judas Iscariot, one of Esu Immanuel’s disciples betrayed him into the hands of the Roman soldiers. That, too, is a lie! Judas Iscariot was Esu Immanuel’s closest friend, who was his scribe and recorded his teachings for all time. Judas was trusted by this group of twelve and was selected to carry their money.

It was Caiaphas, the High Priest’s son, Juda Iherioth that was the betrayer of Esu Immanuel for thirty pieces of silver. This same person stole the writings of Esu Immanuel from his scribe Judas Iscariot unders order of Saul/Paul for seventy pieces of silver. This caused Judas Iscariot to spend many hours under Esu’s direction re-writing these teachings.

The day that the Roman soldiers crucified Esu Immanuel at the insistence of the Jews was on a Friday. Over the years the Christian Cult turned this very evil day of attempted murder into what is known today as Good Friday. Again the Truth has been twisted. Now, when we combine Friday and the number thirteen, we have supposedly a very evil day---Friday, the thirteenth!

Knowing that on that crucifixion Friday Esu Immanuel did not die, and that the twelve disciples of Esu plus himself made thirteen Truthbringers, turns “Friday, the thirteenth” into a very good day. Guess what, my friends, today, October 13, 2006 is “Friday, the thirteenth”!

For the past two weeks Fourwinds has been silent concerning any NESARA Updates. Little information was allowed to be shared with the public concerning the progress of the silent revolution taking place. As you go about your day today, just know that today, the thirteenth day of October, 2006, Friday, the thirteenth is a very special day on Earth Shan. Be in peace, my friends, knowing that Truth always triumphs over the Lie! Feel the energy! Feel the joy, and know that this is a day to remember, a day to be remembered for all time!