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"Hello, Central!" I Am Disappointed At The Schism Developing Among the Lightworkers. If God Told Noah There Would Never Be Another (Updated 1-22-07)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Thank you for your service to the light. Anyone attempting to serve the light in this day and age is to be commended.

I have followed your postings for quite a while now. However, I have become somewhat disappointed at the schism developing among the light workers. This does not help the cause. It only gives power to the dark.

I realize there are numerous reporters out there who all have somewhat varying perspectives on things. And, they all report what they believe and what they hear from the spirit world. I sometimes don't know which source to believe.

Personally, I am prepared for either eventuality, the announcement of NESARA or imminent evacuation. I have protected my loved ones so they will be evacuated in that event. However, I am also not completely convinced that NESARA will not be publicly announced very soon.

It is bad enough that there are so many "prophets" out there who report so many conflicting things. But, when we have the attitude that "I'm right and you're wrong", it is a real shame. Why not just put out what we believe and let the people decide for themselves, instead of always having to prove that we're right. If we're right, God will show it to the people. (Incidentally, on January 16, Sheldon Nidle reported that both NESARA will be announced and evacuation will occur. That's another perspective.)

I do tend to lean toward believing that NESARA will still be announced. One thing that contributes to my thinking on this point is what God said in Noah's time. You once said that you were there in Noah's day. You didn't say specifically whether you were Noah but you said you were there.

According to the Bible's rendering on that historic event, God told Noah after the flood had subsided that He would never again destroy the earth by means of a flood. Do you have any comment on this point?

Keep up the good work, Patrick. But, let's leave room for other people's opinions. The Apostle Paul once said to the Corinthians that "I also have the Spirit of God". Please keep this in mind. The people, too, have the Spirit of God. He will guide them to the Truth.

So, put out what you receive from Spirit but let the people decide for themselves what the Truth is. After all, isn't freedom of thought one of the ideals we all claim to believe in, and that NESARA and the Constitution grant to us?

In Light and Love,



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Jan. 21, 2007


Dear D:

Thank you for your letter and kind words. You are mistaken in your perception that we are the cause of any schism among the Lightworkers. We have faithfully supported Plan A for many years, and we still do. We have also made people aware of Plan B, and the real possibility of major earth changes that would trigger a mass evacuation of Earth Shan.

Fourwinds is not here to tell people what to believe, but only to present Truth. Everyone must choose what they will believe. We would be remiss not to make people aware of the possibility of an interruption of Plan A. People need to know their options and prepare for whatever may transpire.

The Noah story in the Bible about God promising to never again allow a flood to destroy the Earth, is just that, a story. Cosmic Law states otherwise. Historically, our planet, at the end of each 10,000 year long civilization, has passed through the Photon Belt of 2000 years of very high frequency energy which causes a cleansing of the planet. During this period the planet may experience both a magnetic polar shift and a physical polar shift. The latter would cause the oceans to inundate the land and major earth changes to occur. Every place on our planet has been under the oceans many times, even the highest mountains, as indicated by the fossil records.

I am not here to tell people what to believe about our future, but I do know that the coming cleansing of Earth Shan is unavoidable. Cosmic Law is absolute, regardless of the opinions of the various spiritual messengers. If people do not like what they read on Fourwinds, it is their choice to go elsewhere and follow the opinions of whomever they wish. It would be most wise to discern and follow the Truth.

Know that I care deeply for those who are truly searching for Truth, and I shall never be convinced that the Phoenix Journals are other than the Truth presented to us in these last days by Creator God Aton of Light.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer


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From: S


Sent: Monday, January 22, 2007 10:04 AM

Subject: Greeting

Dear Patrick and Anne:

Good morning! All the way from my house to yours. You have been a fortress for others and I see you are so caught in the negatives. I want to support you with love, light and energy that will capture you and comfort you.

From my observation, not judgment, people have been weighing upon you for answers and it appears you felt you could not let them down. You tried to give them answers and got burned out.

This may have been the turning point for you. Let go of this scenario. Sometimes it is our weakness that strengthens others more. We can laugh with them and cry with them.

Patrick and Anne, you have a large community that love you very much. Can you receive the love, light and energy I am sending you. Publish this message and see how your friends will rally towards you. We are all people who have been on that journey and we are here to let you know we care. We also want to celebrate with you. There is room for much celebration, including the Great High Realms.

In the Great Creator and Masters we trust!




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From: JJ


Sent: Monday, January 22, 2007 10:04 AM

Subject: Could this be the answer to Peoples Confusion over conflicting reports?

Dear Friend Bellringer:

As an avid reader of your website, I have followed your information for a number of years and a number of others' websites also.

Yesterday a thought came to me so strong when I read the report concerning people's discouragement over conflicting reports I have finally decided to step forward with an idea, which has become my belief, for the digestion of everyone.

We have been told many times that we are multidimensional beings, having many counterparts in many lifetimes thoughout the galaxies, universes and multiverse. Believing that is true and recently having experienced what seemed to be interdimensional experiencing, I am quite certain, in at least my own mind, that every possible scenario from utter chaos to the most peaceful transition of the Mother Earth and her people is possible. It seems to me that a person's experience will have everything to do with their level of conscioousness and what they believe they will experience.

If you wish to comment on my thoughts, or others of more experience wish to comment, I will be most eager to contemplate others knowing. JJ

My Response to S and JJ

Response To S and JJ

This is my response to both S and JJ's letters posted above. First, S, your letter carries the negative energies of judgment and criticism, that counter-balance the positive energy of appreciation for our work. You say that I am "caught in the negatives" and that I am "burned out" in trying to answer peoples questions. I can only assume that my last "Hello, Central!" of 1-20-07 triggered your response. You give no explanation.

Are you saying that you do not accept Plan B, as a possibility, and to rationalize or justify your feelings, you are projecting them to me? My friend, that is the age-old trick of dumping on the Truthbringer, when you cannot accept the Truth he brings. Please do not be stressed over my emotional condition, because, I assure you, I am not "caught in the negatives", whatever that means, and I am, most certainly, not "burned out". I encourage you to turn on the Light that you may find your way. I can still laugh and cry, and I deeply appreciate the community of the faithful, who walk the Red Road of truth with us.

To JJ, I know of your many years of searching for Truth and of faithfulness to the "Mission". Yes, we, who are souled beings, are multidimentional beings having various aspects of our Higher Self experiencing in many different dimensions at the same time. One aspect of our Higher Self is having a physical experience here and now on our 3D Earth Shan. We are here for our lessons in soul growth, and our physical bodies are bound to comply with the physical laws of our planet.

You are saying that based on our level of consciousness and what we believe, we experience anything from utter chaos to a peaceful transiton with Mother Earth in the times ahead. First, as things are at this moment in time, Mother Earth is not headed for a peaceful transition. The existing evil and negative energies have ruled that out.

Choosing to have a physical peaceful transition at this late hour is only wishful thinking. Becaue we still live in a physical body, to physically survive, when evacuation of our planet becomes necessary, we must choose to board the Starships. There will not be a variety of choices of experiences from which to choose for our "trip" into a higher dimension. We must all pass through the "neck of the funnel", namely, going to safety by boarding a Starship provided for that purpose. You may believe what youy wish, but you have only two options, and you understand what those are.

May you contemplate these words and learn wisdom, my brother of the Light.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer