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N E S A R A UPDATE: July 29, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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ring balance and harmony to Earth Shan, our home among the stars, and bring her into the fifth dimension frequencies of Peace and Love.

The initial step in this process is the implementation of NESARA and the declaration of Peace to our world. To achieve such a declaration NESARA first removes the leadership of the evil U.S. Government, who defiantly stand in the way of Peace. Another aspect of NESARA is restoring financial balance among the people in order to remove poverty and provide for the many physical needs of every person, who has chosen to remain on Earth Shan for our coming Golden Age of Heaven on Earth.

To provide the money for this financial restoration for these “end times” enlightened people long ago were guided to create the means for this to happen. The wealth of the Family Dynasties of Earth Shan was preserved, the World Trust was established by Violinio Germain, and more recently, such entities as the Farm Claims (Reparations) and Prosperity Programs came into being.

After years of waiting we have now reached the time, when all is in sequence in Heaven’s Plan for financial balance to be restored. Various bankers, politicians, attorneys and especially the U.S. Government leaders, who are stooges of the Zionist One World Order, have worked very hard to prevent Heaven’s Plan from being fulfilled. Divine Intervention is now in process to allow financial balance to occur.

Over these past weeks many of the Prosperity Program bank packets have been delivered to those, who had originally invested in these seventy-two plus programs in preparation for them receiving their money under the coming gold standard banking system. One major reason for the delay in funding these programs has been the Federal Reserve Banking System of credit/fiat money owned and operated by the Zionist One World Order. Since 1913, when the Federal Reserve Bank was first established in the United Sates, the International Bankers have managed to steal the world’s wealth. Now, they must pay it back to the people. This is a most difficult thing for them to do. Many of those of the Darkside choose to die or to destroy our planet rather than to give up their stolen wealth.

As a side note, the Brenton Woods Act of 1945 at the end of World War II created the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Under the guise of providing loans to restore war-torn countries and to aid in the development of third world countries and to assist any country that asked for financial help, the World Bank and the IMF were able to steal enormous wealth and natural resources from our world’s nations to fund the One World Order. To bring balance to Earth Shan that wealth must be restored to the “little people” from whom it was stolen, and each nation must have freedom and sovereignty established again.

We are now at that point in Heaven’s Plan. Changes for the sake of goodness are here. The people of Earth Shan are demanding peace, and peace they shall have, yet there are those who still insist on creating fear. There are so-called spiritual gurus that are blathering about a coming time of chaos. Have we not had enough of that already? The coming changes with NESARA are supposed to make people angry, when they learn the Truth of their evil government, or have no jobs due to the shut-down of certain aspects of government, or due to the changing technology and production in their work place. These blind “leaders” do not know the resources that are ready to make NESARA a smooth and happy transition for everyone.

Would you be unhappy to have no more house mortgage payments? Would having no more car loan payments or student loan payments or business or farm loan payments make you unhappy? Would not paying any more Federal or State income tax make you unhappy? If you were to turn on your T.V. and find the lying politicians and the lying military commentators and the lying Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rumsfeld cabal and even the lying media people gone, would that make you unhappy? I would, most certainly, think not. Well, my friends, that time is here! Some of the most infamous characters of all time are already performing their “disappearing act”. Does that make you sad? I thought so!

Have I stalled off the real “guts” of this update long enough? Are you now ready to get the real scoop of what is happening with the bank packets and the NESARA announcement? Again, I thought so! Oh, there are some, who are scoffers by nature and, who sincerely do not realize that they are scoffing their way right off this planet. Quite sad, but don’t worry! It may take 350 million years, but they will be back, hopefully without scoffing next time.

I am now going to ask you to do some work or discernment of your own. I suppose that is work to those, who do not know how! I am going to state what I believe to be true, and you are going to check it out for yourself. You are not going to believe anything I say until you have cleared it with our own God Spirit within and your Higher Self. If you do not know what that is, you have a problem. You should not have skipped Light kindergarten!

Many times I have been challenged by doubters to reveal my sources. This in all confidence I cannot do. Suffice it to say that my sources include international bankers, federal judges, flag military officers, no politicians, select civilians of integrity, Angels of Light, Ascended Masters, my brother Esu Immanuel, and would you believe it, Creator God Aton, himself! Well, let’s get on with it. I write! You check!

1. The Original Agreement was that the Farm Claims participants had to have control of their claim money (reparations for interest and taxes plus damages) prior to NESARA and any change to a gold banking system, because their payment in gold provides the collateral for the new gold system. A gold system must have currency backed by true value. As per the U.S. Constitution of the Republic, the currency must be backed by gold/silver. The FRB has only paper currency backed by nothing, because it was created out of “thin air”.

2. The bank accounts for the Farm Claim participants were established in the 1000 gold chartered funding banks in the U.S. many weeks ago.

3. The dates for downloading these Farm Claim bank accounts with gold-backed funds was set in early July, 2006, and which was to occur on July 26 and 27, 2006. This process has been completed.

4. The Farm Claim bank packets are to be delivered to the participants by registered U.S. mail service. These packets were released to the U.S. mail service on July 27 following the completion of the funding of the bank accounts.

5. The arrival of these bank packets by registered mail is expected to begin on July 31 and continue through August 1, 2 and 3.

6. The official public announcement of NESARA is planned for Tuesday evening, August 1, 2006!

7. The delivery of the remaining 90,000 prosperity program bank packets is to occur immediately following the NESARA announcement with completion by August 9, 2006.

8. Within two weeks following the NESARA announcement, First Contact is planned to happen.

9. The Second Coming of Esu Immanuel Sananda is planned to occur on or before Christmas, 2006.

10. The total evacuation of Earth Shan (Plan B), due to major earth changes has recently been moved forward indefinitely from December, 2006. The world-wide positive energy for peace generated by the never-ending holocaust in the Middle East and the gradual awakening of the “Christian community” to Truth has caused Mother Earth to stabilize substantially. Long ago an agreement was made between Mother Earth and Creator God Aton, that if Mother Earth could “hang on” until August of 2006, there was a good possibility that the events on Earth Shan could cause enough positive energy to be created to tip the scales for Plan A to be re-instated. This has happened! Check it out!

For those who do not remember:

Plan A was a smooth transition into 5D, where the people of Earth Shan assist over time to restore balance and harmony to our planet.

Plan B was immediate evacuation of the entire planet due to violent earth changes to remove negativity and cleanse Mother Earth to save her life.

Plan C was a brief period of a few months for the people of Earth Shan to help restore balance and harmony, followed by complete evacuation to allow our planet to complete her restoration.

Up until mid-July, 2006 we were in Plan C! Check it out! What do you get?

My friends, we are living in fantastic times, and we are most privileged to be here at this time. Many, who have gone before us and have helped to prepare the way, envy us. The one, who has done the most to prepare the way, even though he has been grossly misunderstood and repeatedly trashed by history, is Esu Immanuel Sananda. Please note that his name is not “Jesus”, “Christ”, Lord Sananda, Sananda Immanuel, Sananda Kumara or any other phony label that is often attached to him. If you do not believe me, go to the Phoenix Journals and check it out. The author should certainly know his own name.

Anyway, here is “Happy Birthday!” to Esu Immanuel Sananda on August 8 (8-8-8 BC), and here is “Happy New Year!” to Earth Shan and all her people on August 17, our Galactic New Year’s Day. Happy NESARA, everyone! Remember, don’t believe a word I have said until you “check it out!” Aho!