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N E S A R A Update: August 12, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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banon and Palestine, and the UN is still playing their mind games with a “cease fire”. Condoleezza Rice has pulled off her “hat trick” of giving Israel what it wants and Lebanon what it doesn’t want. Does it not seem strange that the Zionists always get what they want? That is happening everywhere in our world today, because the Darkside still insists on winning.

The Cease Fire resolution is another Zionist “Compromise My Way”.

1. We both stop shooting at each other, for now!

2. I (Israel) can shoot to protect my troops while in your land, but you (Hezbollah) can not shoot at me.

3. You must give up your captives but I get to keep mine—tee-hee-hee!

4. I get to stay in your land until I decide to leave.

5. You will have to disarm but I don’t—ever.

6. You can’t have any weapons shipped into your country for your use, but I get all the latest weapons I want, free, from the United States at any time.

7. Now, stop shooting and sign, it or else---or else the whole world will know that you don’t want peace!

Life moves on! Delivery of bank packets for the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims have been on-going at minus-one, Mach speed times three. Three stands for one judge and two bankers. Apparently, the Supreme Court was still testing the waters for a third time to delay the delivery process this past week. Good buddy, Judge Samuel Alito, Jr., G.W.’s latest appointee, has now joined his cronies in The Hague. The U.S. Supreme Court now stands at three down and six to go. I understand that the remaining six are now “tiptoeing through the tulips” so as not to step on any of their landmines.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury clone Henry Paulson tried to coerce two bankers to join in another evil plot against the people. I am pleased to report that they refused the offer, and another Treasury clone “bit the dust”, but alas, another clone was dragged from the clone closet.

The saga continues of the Darkside’s war against Truth. As you know, Fourwinds was off-line for a day this past week, as the U.S. Government tried again, unsuccessfully, to trample us into the dust of history for telling the world that the Zionists are the bad guys and control everything.

Just to be sure they get the message, I repeat:

1. There was no Holocaust of six million Jews during World War II. There weren’t that many Jews in the whole of Germany and the surrounding countries. There were no active gas chambers until U.S. General Eisenhower built them after the war to kill the “blankety-blank Germans”!

2. Most Jews are not of Semitic origin, but of Khazarian origin from Khazaria in central Russia. Therefore, their charges of anti-Semitism are lies.

3. The Arab people are of Semitic origin and are the true Semites.

4. The Khazars took the name Jews to fool us, and are using the Jewish people for their evil plans.

5. The KZB (Khazarian-Zionist-Bolsheviks) have clearly stated their goals for world domination in the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

Sorry, Zionists (KZB), you twisted history, but you didn’t fool us this time! We got you, babe!

To cap off the week there was the usual C. Michaeling-Monjorning nothingness, and more equipment failure. Why won’t a printer run twelve times its normal equipment life-span rather than ten? I give up! Other then that, things have gone quite well this week. Anne’s doing well, and I am as ornery as ever.

Oh, yes, you wanted to have a NESARA Update. Well, all bank packet deliveries are to be completed by mid-August, 2006. Did I tell you about the mistake yesterday? I didn’t’! O.K. An unintentional shipping error was made on Thursday-Friday and the Farm Claim packets were routed to the wrong funding banks for delivery. Of course, these recipients did not live in their bank delivery zone, so the packets could not be delivered. This honest mistake has pushed delivery completion for these packets to Monday, August 14, 2006, and the NESARA Announcement to Monday-Tuesday, August 14-15, 2006.

Hang in there, and have a good week! We have the dragon by the tail and a starship is holding a very, very big rock over his head!