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N E S A R A UPDATE: October 14, 2007 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Shall the White King and Queen win the 3D NESARA Chess Game? I do not know! The power of money and greed are hard to combat. These “end times” are really about learning our lessons in soul growth and the sorting out of those of the Light from those of Darkness. The means to the end of this NESARA Mission may be far more important than the 3D end in itself.

That is to say, what we learn in the process and whose side we are on may be far more important, than money and time to make the changes we desire. We do know that Mother Earth is not waiting for us “to get it right”. Earth changes continue to increase in every aspect, as the controllers try desperately to conceal such information from the public.

People are continuing to awaken to Truth everywhere, and we rejoice at the positive energies being created by the faithful Lightworker for this to happen. Great shall be their reward. Many are pushing hard to complete their missions and bring goodness yet this month of October, 2007.

We walk in faith, living the Laws of God and Creation to the end of our 3D experience—and beyond!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer