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N E S A R A UPDATE: May 19, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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(Saturday, Sunday and Monday) the U.S. Supreme Court was in extremely long sessions processing and issuing the many indictments presented to them by Special Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald. The World Court Judges were present to insure that the U.S. Supreme Court judges did their due diligence. Also in attendance were over 400 representatives from foreign countries, attorneys, and other key White Knights.

Indictments were issued to but not limited to the U.S. president, vice-president, many in the Cabinet, Congress, former president and his wife, judges and top media officials. The media has refused to report these indictments to the public, so the people remain ignorant of these proceedings. Those receiving these indictments see them as nothing more than some accusations of wrong-doing on paper, and consider them to be a big joke. They have attorneys and money and have vowed to fight these indictments in the courts for years, if necessary. The last ten days the charade has continued with nothing but a trail of broken promises concerning the Farm Claim and Prosperity Program funding packets and the NESARA announcement.

Even this day the promise is made to proceed with deliveries, but with no assurance of such happening. Many have asked, "Who has the authority to break the stalemate? Who carries the big stick in 3D at this time to complete the NESARA Mission?" The answer is, the U.S. Navy! From their beginnings the Farm Claims legal actions by General Roy Swasinger, and the NESARA dream were supported by key admirals of the U.S. Navy. It was the Delta Force and Navy Seals in the early 1990’s under the authority of the U.S. Navy that recovered the U.S. gold hidden by the One World Order in various parts of the world. It was these same people, who created the "window of opportunity" in 2000, for the NESARA Law to be passed by the true U.S. Congress and signed into law by then President Bill Clinton.

Today, we are at an impasse because the Darkside refuses to cooperate in any way or to keep any agreement. The key issue is power, and money is power. To give up the money they have stolen from the people is to give up the Darkside’s power over the people. Then their whole plan of world control comes crashing down. In the recent past many Navy admirals, who have stood for goodness, have been murdered. Admiral Jeremy Boorda is a case in point. Today, those in authority in the Navy argue among themselves. Who is brave enough to enforce the court orders? Who will give the orders to put the Navy Seals and the Delta Force into action again? Who will put their life on the line for Truth and goodness?

The only answer to the stalemate that I can see is Divine Intervention through First Contact. We have been told repeatedly this week that First Contact is ready to proceed, but it has been held a bit due to the many souls yet awakening on Earth Shan. The chaos is causing many to turn to the Light, yet on the other hand we are losing Lightworkers to the fray. Are we gaining more than we are losing?

In this waiting game Mother Earth is the determining factor. Mother Earth is having very serious "stomach cramps", but few notice. Time has run out! Changes to bring balance and harmony on our planet must happen now! We must have relief! Mother Earth must have relief now, or we will be thrust into evacuation mode! Our Mother Earth is dying for lack of love by those of us who live upon her!

Everyone talks about Mother Earth, but very few talk to her as a living being. She has given to us from the beginning of her existence, but very few have given anything back to her. Pray for her and that peace and harmony be restored on her surface. She, too, is a living, breathing spiritual being learning her lessons in soul growth, and not just a pile of rocks and sand and dirt! Our Star Friends have waited long for us to learn to communicate with our Mother Earth in a person to person conversation. Our positive energies can greatly add to her stability.

It is most urgent that Mother Earth and her people be granted relief, now! From all appearance the NESARA stalemate will not be broken without Divine Intervention. Therefore, we again request that First Contact proceed immediately. Surely, Creator God Aton and the Lighted Realms understand the tremendous pain and suffering of Mother Earth and her people at this time and the urgency to bring relief. Surely, as they have said, they are ready to do so. We have asked repeatedly for their help! We now anticipate their prompt intervention! So be it! And so it is!