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N E S A R A UPDATE : March 31, 2007 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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I do not know. Here are the recent facts, as best as I can determine them.

1. 3-28-07 V.K. Durham (Grandma Herman) along with several attorneys flew to Washington, D.C.

--confronted the Bush/Clinton Crime Family.

--demanded funding and NESARA Announcement now.

--their demands were rejected in scorn.

2.Durham had made an alliance with the Rothschild Family for support to accomplish the NESARA Mission.

--Rothschilds cooperated because their children had helped create the Prosperity Programs, and felt they were in jeopardy, if these programs did not fund.

--Rothschilds helped Durham to remove all money from bank accounts and invalidate credit cards of Bush/Clinton Crime Family by mid-morning, 3-28-07.

3. 3-29-07 Bush/Clinton Crime Family agreed to cooperate. Agreement to move forward with deliveries Friday and Saturday, 3-30+31-07.

--Durham had some military on her side to help. Military to arrest Bush, Jr. if he caused trouble.

4. 3-30-07 Nothing done! Higgins and Bush, Jr. kept bank packets under guard, military took no action.

5. Durham/Rothschilds bought an entire news network including stock (CNN?)

--will broadcast NESARA Announcement Sunday evening, April 1, 2007 (April Fool’s Day!), prior to the bank packet deliveries.

--NESARA Announcement removes Bush/Cheney, etc. from office, then they have no immunity, then U.S. Marshals can lawfully arrest them for treason.

--Three plane loads of security forces are flying to U.S. from Europe Saturday, March 31, 2007 to insure this Mission is completed.

6. Close personal friend of George Jr. and Laura Bush (Attorney General Gonzales?) has agreed to turn states evidence against them, concerning their fraud, and stopping funding and NESARA.

7. Prosperity Program and Farm Claim bank packet deliveries to be done April 2-3-4, 2007.

We have all prayed for the Lighted Realms to help us in completing the NESARA Mission, and they have done all that Heaven allows. At this time the blockage is with those, who are in the positions of authority, who have not asked for Divine Assistance, but are trying to accomplish the impossible with only 3D power. Let us petition that these “decision makers” realize their limitations and request the Angels’ help.

Let us put our prayer power behind this “mission” to help make it happen, now!