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N E S A R A UPDATE: August 21, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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the Bush Crime Family bribed many of the rural postmasters to hold the “Queen’s Letters” and not deliver them. Some have been held since Wednesday, August 16. These attorneys know of the original contract that requires the Farm Claim people to be notified of their funding prior to the public announcement of the banking change to a gold system. As I have said before, the Farm Claims provide the gold collateral needed to back the new gold banking system.

Knowing this, the attorneys through bribery stopped the delivery of many of the “Queen’s Letters” to the Farm Claim recipients, thus stalling the NESARA Announcement of the banking change, and thus stalling the removal of G.W. Bush from office, which NESARA requires. The postmaster bribery problem has been corrected today. Plans are in place tonight for the delivery of the remaining “Queen’s Letters” on Tuesday, August 22, 2006, with the famed official public NESARA Announcement in the evening.

We hold these plans in our heart and help create the positive energy to bring them to fruition. So be it! It is done!