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N E S A R A UPDATE: September 16, 2006, by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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d a stalemate, as some people think, though it may appear so due to the avalanche of rumors being presented by the Bush Crime Family at this time. It is imperative to use great discernment in sorting out Truth from fiction, if you are to maintain your faith and your sanity. Some of our Lightworkers are allowing their Light to flicker, as they vacillate between hope and despair.

When we allow our frequencies to drop, we enter the “flat land” of only length and width with no height or vertical connection to our God Spirit within and to Creator God. Our greatest lesson in living in a three dimensional world is to move beyond the horizontal plane of 2D and establish a vertical spiritual connection to Creator God Aton of Light. Therein lies our power to sustain our faith and to conquer fear.

The avalanche of rumors is being done at this time to create the fear energy that the Darkside needs to hold on. They are losing badly, and they are panicked, as they see their Dark plans for world conquest fading into the Light. Evidence of this was G.W. Bush’s anger and fear and idiotic remarks in his latest public appearances. The world leaders at their G-8 meeting in Singapore at this time have a mixed agenda. Some nations want to “divide the spoils”, should China succeed in withdrawing trillion of dollars from the U.S. economy. Other nations are helping to push the Prosperity Program and Farm Claim deliveries to completion. China is working with Hatonn by threatening to crash the U.S. economy and forcing a banking change via the NESARA implementation. “The Lighted Forces are holding the trillions of your fiat money so that the U.S. stock market will not crash” (Esu Immanuel Sananda, 9/16/06, AB). The first trillion dollars transaction in bank credits to China has not yet been made.

The following are some basic guidelines that we need to understand to discern what moves yet remain in the great “Chess Game” between the Forces of Light and the Darkside.

1. We are under Galactic Law. There is no functional U.S. Supreme Court and no functional International Court of Justice at this time. All three classes of World Court judges have been removed.

2. Because we still live in a 3D world, freewill choices by Earth humans in certain important decisions is mandatory under Cosmic Law. The NESARA Mission people desire delivery of bank packets be done prior to making the NESARA announcement.

3. No further hardship shall be put upon the people through either the crashing of the U.S. or world economies or the declaration of Martial Law in the U.S. by the Bash Cabal.

4. The “Leo Wanta money”, which is being fought over by various groups and nations, belong to the people of Russia and shall be returned to them as their NESARA money. This money has no connection whatsoever to the Prosperity Program and Farm Claim money.

5. China’s action of calling for the re-payment of the 1940’s loan in gold certificates to the U.S. is forcing NESARA to be implemented. By international law loans must be re-paid in like kind. The only way possible for this loan to be paid in gold certificates is through a gold banking system, which NESARA establishes.

6. The funding packets for the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims have been going out to the recipients slowly and quietly, and this process is nearing completion. When it is completed the NESARA Announcement shall be made.

Over this past week all credible sources of information have become very quiet. Mostly rumor abounds to cause doubt, fear, disappointment and confusion. I encourage everyone to stay focused on our mission and not be distracted by 3D nonsense. Allow your “knowing” within to guide you, as a lighthouse beacon guides the ship at sea. The NESARA Mission shall reach completion. We order it finished, today. So be it.