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NESARA UPDATE by Patrick H. Bellringer, Sept. 9, 2007(999)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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, Ben Bernanke, knows this, and his next Federal Reserve meeting scheduled for September 18, 2007 is only a cover. Investors are anticipating and demanding a lowering of the interest rates at that time to keep the stock markets afloat. A positive attitude by the people is necessary to maintain the status quo. The meeting is really all about Bernanke cleaning out his desk drawers and kissing everyone good-by prior to the Fed being abolished, because September 18, 2007 is the end date for the Fed.

So, when will the remaining 336,000 Farm Claim and Prosperity Program packets be delivered to their recipients? You will hear more rumors, but I suspect that we have another week to wait for deliveries. In case you have not figured it out yet, it is International Banking fraud to deliver these packets without real value money backing them. The Federal Reserve is a credit system of fiat money. To be paid in Federal Reserve Notes (FRN’s) your money would be worthless.

Over these years of waiting the struggle has really been over changing the fake Fed system back to a gold standard system, as required by the Constitution of the Republic of the U.S. of A. The original agreement was that the Farm Claims had to be paid out in gold or gold backed currency, and that this gold would be used to provide the collateral needed for the new U.S. gold banking system. This agreement still holds, and that gold is in place. (Know that the “Dove” is way out in left field—making money!) This is why the Farm Claims for banking and tax fraud by the U.S. Government have never been paid. This now can happen under the new Global banking system going on-line September 19, 2007.

For many years the Fed system has tried to fool the Prosperity Program and Farm Claim trustees and pay the recipients in FRN’s. This is one reason you have heard rumors of deliveries being on again, off again ad nausium. To be paid under “their” system of fraud there would be no protection of your money, and the money would only have been stolen by the Fed bankers again. The Euro is only partially backed by gold, so to be paid in Euro’s would not really be fair either. The answer to this problem of true value lies in the new Global banking system of true value.

Things are in process and the clock is ticking for the coming changes to goodness. Stay hopeful and create the positive petitions and energies to keep all in order down to the “finish” line. AHO!