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N E S A R A UPDATE: November 9, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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does not change the enemy of the people. It only changes the spelling of the enemy’s name. The victory is evidenced in the positive energies created in the desire for change to something better, to greater justice, greater freedom and more compassion for one’s fellowman.

That positive energy has advanced the Light and raised the frequencies to new heights. The foundations to the U.S. White House, Cabinet and Congress are crumbling rapidly under the weight of the lies, corruption and deceit. The Darkside is in total panic and retreat, as the Truth is bubbling out through the cracks in the treasonous media.

I call again to the Lightworkers and Truthbringers on Earth Shan to stand strong and continue to create positive energies by spreading Love and Truth everywhere. Be not discouraged! Do not doubt, but know in your heart that the end of the “Dark Ages” on Earth Shan has come.

The NESARA Mission is nearly complete. Quietly and faithfully some of the U.S. Military have continued daily to deliver the remaining Prosperity Program and Farm Claim bank packets to the people. In a brief message we received November 8, 2006 from Hatonn/Aton. He said, “NESARA is ready to burst onto the scene. Do not give up hope nor think that all is lost. I am in charge. I AM Creator God Aton of the One Light of Creator Source and one with thee ones. SALU.”

Let us both focus on and prepare for the good times ahead, when there shall be peace on Earth and goodwill to all.