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N E S A R A UPDATE: July 11, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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rkutsk, Siberia, the crashing of Russian Command Masorin’s Tu-134 plane in Crimea of the Ukraine, the meeting in Aspen, Colorado of rival Titans in which Kenneth Lay was murdered, and Colin Powell was shot by Hillary Clinton’s hired guns, the bombing of the NYC, 62 East Madison Ave. building yesterday, and the killing of the Chechnya’s terrorist Shamil Basayev are a few of the more recent “dots”.

Those of us, who are enlightened and understand Creator God’s Plan 2000, are impatient to have these war games of the Darkside terminated by the Forces of Light. For us it has never been a question of “if” but “when”, for we have the eternal promise that Light always overcomes the Darkness. These recent events do impact the NESARA Mission, for every thing is connected. Due to his role in the NESARA Mission and his recent injuries, Colin Powell has been a factor in the delay this past week.

The order for silence has been observed, as things were sorted out and the final plans laid for the defeat of this most evil Clinton/Bush Cabal in the United States. Do not listen to those, who say that NESARA is a fraud and Prosperity Program funding is nothing but lies. The Darkside has many stooges, who fall into their traps and cause their own demise.

There are certain readers of Fourwinds, who are critical of my NESARA Updates. They say, for instance, that my “predictions” never work out the way I predict, or my sources are liars, or I am lying and making all this stuff or because I am a scam artist working for the Darkside to deliberately fool the people. I assure you that I am not a scam artist, I do not make predictions, I do not make up nonsense nor do I lie about NESARA.

Anne and I have been involved in the NESARA Mission process since 1990 and have much at stake in the success of this mission. We have no reason to lie or to give nonsense about its progress. We are as sincere and dedicated as anyone to doing whatever it takes to help bring in our Golden Age of Peace. In making these NESARA Updates I’m “dammed” if I do, and I’m “dammed” if I don’t. In spite of the ignorance of some of our readers I choose to be “dammed” on the side of “Do”.

Giving these NESARA Updates to the public is little different than being a sportscaster at a foot-ball game. The sportscaster (announcer) reports the play by play action of the game, but does he know the outcome of the game before it happens or the exact time it will happen? Of course, not! There is one difference in my work. I do know, who will win the game.

In spite of what you may be hearing, the NESARA Mission is alive and well. Here is what Hatonn/Aton said to Anne and me on Friday, July 7, 2006

(Quoting) “The NESARA Mission is going forward, despite all that you hear otherwise. There have been many tricks of the dark ones to stop the progress, especially the flight of the Discovery and all the tricks we stopped with that fiasco. Bush is trying his hardest to create a situation, where he can call in the troops to bomb North Korea, and also, to instigate a war with Iran. This is what has been happening all the time the deliveries have been made. Yes, deliveries have been made, and the people receiving them are to say nothing, not even in code to anyone about what they have received. This is why you have heard nothing. The deliveries have not been stopped.

Tonight the announcement (NESARA) was to have been made, but we have changed the plans a bit. I tell you that the end is in sight. Know that things are happening for the good. I am the Creator of this Universe and One with Creator Source, as you ones are One with Me. I tell you that the end of the evil is now. The people have spoken”

Then on Sunday, July 9, 2006 St. Germain gave us this message.

(Quoting): “I am Violinio Germain of the Violet Ray, and One with Creator Source. The mighty battle is nearly over. I know you have seen the escalation of the Darkside, as they pull out all their stops to continue on their One World Order plan. On our part we of the Lighted Realms have waited, I think, too long for the people of 3D Earth Shan to make up their mind which side of the fence they are going to be. We have, in my opinion, waited too long, as we have asked and asked the Darkside to capitulate, come back to the Light and end this terrible battle. Far too long have we waited for more souls, including those of the Dark to come back to the Light.

We have held Council after Council discussing and making plans, and finally I stood up and said ‘Enough is Enough’! We have stood by for 19 years while the Darkside continued on their way and their evil plans have not quit. I told the Heavenly Council that we had waited long enough to find out if the White Knights and the 3D people could accomplish NESARA. Yes, there are many people who have awakened and are barely awake, but the world is demanding peace. The White Knights have utterly failed time and time again to make the NESARA announcement. I told the Council that it is now time that Creator Source allow all the barriers to total intervention be lifted.

That has been done. I demanded that we act now, not later, to accomplish the Mission of NESARA. The funding packet delivery process has gone on long enough for us to determine that the Darkside does not intend to stop harassing and putting up their terrorist road-blocks to stop everything.

Finally, the Heavenly Council has agreed that all must now proceed with utmost haste. This means there can be NO MORE DELAYS or pretends to get things accomplished. Mother Earth has waited long enough. I told the Council that the Lightworkers are weary and tired. They have pleaded and prayed and petitioned for help and we have ignored their freewill, but allowed the freewill of the Dark Ones to continue. ‘It is now time’, I shouted, ‘that we hear the prayers and petitions of our Light Brothers and Sisters upon Planet Earth. Is it no wonder many of them have fallen by the wayside? Is this what Heaven wants’?

‘NO’! I shouted. ‘We are here to intervene, and WE SHALL. We have been asked by the LIGHTWORKERS to intervene totally, and we shall’.

The Council agreed and things are on fast track, now. All of Heaven has had enough of the Dark Ones. Their time is UP. Their time is UP NOW, this very moment.

So, my dear Anne and Patrick. I shout to the Heavens again…. ‘Let’s Play Ball, Charlie Brown!!’

Look for the announcement anytime, Patrick. It has to be now. I do not know the time, but it has to be now. The Show must go on!

I am Violinio Germain of the Violet Ray, One with Creator Source, and your Brother of the Light. Salu to my Brother and Sister!”

People of good intent everywhere, I encourage you to keep hope alive. Look for good things to happen today and everyday this week! Read the true signs of the times and know that the dawn of our New Day is breaking across Earth Shan. The “Light Show” is beginning! Stay focused on the Light! See the Rainbow Colors merge in the White Light of Creator God Aton of Light and dispel the Darkness! The Light of the world has come!