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For Your Information (Updated July 28, 2006)

From: Mark Swanson

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he \"PROGRAMS\", received their notice of final release for the control over the \"PROGRAM TRUSTS\"

One of the \"EVENTS\" that finally triggered this release was the agreement and signing by the US & IMF to the \"GOLD BACKED CURRENCY CHANGE\" that is to occur world wide.

One MASTER TRUST controls all of the Programs in all of the 184 Countries involved and each one is in a separate TRUST.

The FIRST \"PROGRAM\" to fund is named \"REPARATIONS\", better known as \"FARM CLAIMS\", and every person, regardless of which program they are in, will be included in the \"REPARATIONS\".

The time for payout to participants in the REPARATIONS PROGRAM is CAST IN STONE for July 26/27, 2006. The funds will be put in a BANK ACCOUNT previously set up for each person.

Each person will recieve a notice via some level of US MAIL which could be received either before or after the July 26th date depending on circumstances.

The timing for the funding of the remaining 50+ programs, including DOTSON & FREEDOM, will not start until after REPARATIONS but they are all expected in the FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST 2006.



The purpose of this writing, in part, is to clarify the meaning of portions of the writing in the \"RELEASE NOTICE\" of last week

It is \"Human Nature\" for people to read into writings the meaning that best suite their needs and desires, and that is what many did with the


The following is an expanded version of portions of that writing which words it in more detail and is less likely to be misunderstood.

(REWRITE)===The time for the \"Payout\", (the downloading of funds to our BANK ACCOUNTS), the participants in the \"Reparations Program\", is Cast in Stone for July 26/27 2006.

The funds will be put in (our) Bank Accounts which were previously set up for each person.

Each person will receive a notice via some level of U.S.MAIL. Notices could be received either before (very unlikely) or after the 26/27th download dates or even after the 28th, depending on circumstances.


The following is information and suggestions


The new delivery date for notices, which as stated above, is after the DOWNLOAD DATES OF THE 26th & 27th, is now (seemingly) set for starting on Tuesday August 1st, and continuing until completed.

The \"NOTICES\" will be all in one package and will contain numerous items.

First, a very complete letter of instructions which will be written at a third grade level of understanding so there will be a limited degree of inability to understand it.

The letter will also include three (3) 800 phone numbers for your use to further your knowledge.

One 800# will be for answering any questions you may have.

A second 800# is for setting up your \"DOMESTIC BANK\" appointments for the execution of the necessary papers.

The third 800# (as understood at this time) is for

information/instructions and to answer your questions concerning your \"OVERSEAS BANKING\" participation.

The \"Notice Package\" may or may not include \"CHECKS\".

It will contain \"DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS\" and there could be as many as (15) fifteen. Each one will be in a separate envelope with information regarding Bank of Issue, Value Amount, instructions to activate, ECT.

These cards are primarily issued on \"OFFSHORE\" banks but may include \"DOMESTIC\" (ie. AMERICAN EXPRESS) .

Regardless they will have unlimited usage \"INTERNATIONALLY\".

Safeguarding the \"DEBIT CARDS\" is of utmost importance.

It has been suggested many times previously that they NOT

be used on a frequent basis for daily living expenses or purchases.

RATHER,--download to domestic debit cards at a bank, purchase cashiers checks, or withdraw cash at a bank or ATM.

Regarding the above mentioned CHECK or CHECKS that may be included in the package.

DO NOT deposit them in any DOMESTIC BANK yet. It is highly suggested we refrain from doing our new found \"MONEY BUSINESS\" with any US BANK for a period of time, until NESARA matters are firm or when you are sure the Bank is a TREASURY BANK and NOT a FRB.

FROM: Mark Swanson -