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N E S A R A Update: August 15, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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done by the Gold Depository Bank, bankers, who were supposed to be on our side, and who are responsible for delivering the Farm Claims bank packets to the remaining 11,000 recipients, but have been doing an extreme work-slow-down.

This past weekend more than 50 attorneys representing 50 some nations came to the U.S. and demanded the delivery process by completed on August 14, or they would withdraw their nation’s assets from corporate USA and crash the U.S. economy by Tuesday morning, August 15. The bankers proceeded with their work-slow-down and little was accomplished yesterday. Violinio Germain and other Star People in communication with these bankers determined that many had agreed to refuse to make any deliveries of the packets today, August 15.

This being so, they were promptly removed and replaced Monday evening. Germain and his Star People agreed to assist in the completion of the Farm Claim deliveries on Tuesday, today, with NESARA to follow in the evening. This was explained to the 50+ attorneys, and they agreed to hold off another day with their threat.

Farm Claim deliveries proceeded today, until another gold depository bank, banker refused to make deliveries in his zone. He had taken much of our money and was afraid that he would be found out. Regardless, his actions slowed the Farm Claim delivery process by a few hours and pushed the final deliveries into Wednesday, August 16. This banker has been arrested and is on his way to The Hague to stand trial.

It is highly likely that this process will finally be completed on Wednesday, August 16, 2006, with the NESARA Announcement that evening, unless Aton/Sananda decide otherwise. The Prosperity Program deliveries are set for completion on Thursday, August 17, 2006. August 16 is Cosmic New Year’s Eve, a perfect time to announce peace and hope to our very sad world. Then our world can celebrate in Light and Love on Cosmic New Year’s Day, Thursday, August 17, 2006. Let us all help to create the positive energy needed to make this so!