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N E S A R A UPDATE December 15, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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them to keep them warm, and then little chicks would hatch from them.

After a time Farmer Genpub had little chicks that grew into big hens, who sat on more eggs and hatched more chicks. He had so many chickens he could hardly take care of them. One day Farmer Genpub saw a pretty fox sitting smiling on his doorstep. The fox said to Farm Genpub, “My name is Fedres, and I have come to help you. You are a very busy man and have much too much to do. So, I will take care of your chickens and put them in the henhouse every night, and I will protect them from Coyote and Wolf that roam the countryside. All I ask in return for my services are a few eggs for my breakfast.

Farmer Genpub thought about this plan and agreed that it was a good one. He would now have help with his chickens. So Fox Fedres trooped to the henhouse with the chickens, and Farmer Genpub went about his other work and was happy.

As time went on there were more chickens to tend. Fox Fedres’ friends Boa, Usb, Citic and Chasem all came to help. They built more hen houses to care for more chickens. Farmer Genpub could now take extended and well deserved vacations, for he trusted his many fox helpers, who always treated him so nicely. Often, while Farmer Genpub was gone Fox Fedres, Fox Chasem, Fox Citic, Fox Boa and Fox Usb would fight over how many chickens they each would have in their hen houses, but they were careful to keep their fighting a secret from Farmer Genpub.

On day in early December Farmer Genpub had just returned with his family from a Caribbean Cruise. Christmas was coming, so he decided to take some of his nice chickens to town and buy Christmas presents for his family and friends.

He went out to his hen houses to gather some chickens. He was startled to find only three chickens sitting on the roost in the first hen house. Fox Fedres was sitting guard by the door, and he, too, seemed surprised to find only the three chickens inside.

They went to the second hen house, where Chasem was standing guard. There they found only seven hens and one rooster. Boa had only four hens and two roosters in her hen house, Usb had twelve roosters and one hen and poor Citic had no chickens at all to guard, but none of the foxes had any idea what happened to all the chickens in Farmer Genpub’s hen houses. My friends, need I say, that was a very sad Christmas on Farmer Genpub’s chicken farm that year!

Morale: Never trust foxes to keep your chickens safe! Everyone knows that foxes love chickens. They eat them for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner and even for a mid-night snack, if they have a chance. In this parable the foxes are bankers, the chickens are bags of gold, and the farmer is you!

Historically, every U. S. president from Lincoln to Reagan, who ever tried to convert the fiat money system to a gold system was assassinated. These brave men were working for the people and failed to achieve a gold banking system. Today we have the opposite situation. The people are trying to establish a gold system, but the U.S. “fake president” G.W. Bush and his banker friends are fiercely opposing it.

The six year long trail of NESARA is strewn with broken promises and compromised White Knights. Many good people still stand strong and are working hard for the completion of the NESARA Mission. Will it ever be accomplished? I do not know! The Darkside has again promised to allow the delivery of American Express debit cards to the people, but no access to large amounts of money until at least January 17, 2007.

The signs of the times tell us that Earth Shan is unable to wait much longer to begin her life-saving cleansing. We need to pray and meditate, and prepare ourselves and our families for whatever may happen, and wherever our pathway may lead us in the future. We live in exciting times. The future holds only joy and peace for those, who walk in faith with Esu Immanuel Sananda and the Masters.

Another parable: To those of you who are chicken farmers, never put all of your begs into one ask it!