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N E S A R A UPDATE: August 18, 2006 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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mentioned to you in my last update of the 50 some nations that had sent attorneys to withdraw their assets from corporate America, if the NESARA process was not allowed to go to completion immediately. This is on hold because Queen Elizabeth of England and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany intervened to prevent a crashing of the U.S. economy.

Let me explain. There are now 1200 gold depository banks in the U.S. that are to act as funding banks for the Farm Claims and Prosperity Programs. Eight hundred of these are Bank of America banks, and their bankers have been cooperating with the delivery process. The other 400 banks under other ownership and names have been doing a consistent work slow-down in the delivery process. They finally refused to make any further deliveries of the bank packets earlier this week.

Queen Elizabeth and Chancellor Merkel quietly purchased all 400 banks, fired the bankers and had them arrested and shipped off to The Hague for trial. Two plane loads of people from Europe were then flown to the U.S. to replace these recalcitrant bankers of these 400 U.S. banks. The delivery plan was then changed.

No further bank packets will be sent out to the recipients from the banks. The recipients will come to the gold depository banks to get them and to activate their accounts. All Prosperity Program and Farm Claim participants are now being sent a simple letter from Queen Elizabeth via the U.S. Postal Service with information concerning their funding bank. All the recipients, regardless if they have already received their bank packets, will receive a letter from Queen Elizabeth.

The letter contains instructions about contacting your designated local gold depository bank, along with a check for $36,000. from Queen Elizabeth, as up-front expense money for the recipients. It is my understanding that these checks can be cashed only at your gold depository bank next week. Apparently, those temporary bankers from Europe helping with the 400 U.S. banks have requested 48 hours (Friday, today, and Monday, August 21) to prepare for opening their banks for business. If this is so, one could do business with your local gold depository bank beginning on Tuesday, August 22, 2006. Nevertheless, you will be told how to proceed.

These letters from Queen Elizabeth are in the mail and were to have been delivered last Thursday (August 17, 2006) to all the recipients, as requested by her. The U.S. Postal Service found this to be an impossible task. About one-third were delivered on Thursday. Due to the heavy mail volume today (Friday) only about 20% of these letters were delivered. The U.S. Postal Service plans to make a special effort to complete the delivery of all the remaining letters from Queen Elizabeth tomorrow (Saturday, August 19, 2006)

Accordingly, the NESARA Announcement has also been delayed. By original contract the change to a gold standard banking system is to be publicly announced only after the Farm Claims recipients have received their notifications, because their funds provide the gold collateral for the new banking system. The official public announcement of NESARA is now set for Saturday evening, August 19, 2006.

We are close to victory! For those who doubt, be assured that we have confirmations of people receiving their letter with instructions and a check for $36,000., as early as yesterday, Thursday. Thanks to some very special people and the prayers of millions across Earth Shan, we are making steady progress to usher in our Golden Age of Peace and Abundance. May you have joy and peace within!

I add the following comments. Due to the many questions being asked by those, who are to receive funds, I offer some words of advice. Some people in the U.S. plan to rush off to Europe to establish foreign bank accounts or have already in place foreign trusts for their money. An old banking adage is “the closer your money is to you, the safer it is”.

NESARA immediately removes the fraudulent Federal Reserve System worldwide. A gold banking system of value immediately replaces it. Also, Admiralty Law (Case Law, Commercial Law) is immediately abolished and replaced by both Common Law and Galactic Law. At the same time the U.S. Corporate Government is removed and replaced by the lawful Constitutional Government of the Republic of the U.S. of A.

Only people of integrity will be allowed to hold public office or to run the banks under the ownership of the Treasury of the Republic. My point is that the most secure place for your money will be in the gold standard bank closest to you. Should there be any fraud involved with your money, those doing so will be severely dealt with under both Common and Galactic Law. We are moving into our Golden Age, my friends, where the Darkside will no longer exist.