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1st CASPER for JULY 10th:

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The reason is because Obama and the Clintons have been trying to get the Courts Rulings reversed through bribery of the U.N. General Counsel.

They want the U.N. and its General Counsel to seize all funds and give them to Obama, the Clintons and Merkle.

The U.N. and its G.C. have been told they have no jurisdiction to seize the funds or to reverse the Courts rulings.

Two in the Gen. Counsels office have been caught accepting bribes of one million dollars each from Obama and Clinton. This ploy did not work and the money was never paid as neither Obama or Clinton could produce the funds.

A 'VOTE' is scheduled for Tuesday Morning to determine the 'final' outcome of this mess.

Meanwhile another audit of Deutsche Bank and Bundesbank is underway and the Auditors are there now. This is why Obama/Clinton/Merkle are so desperate to obtain our funds. The auditors are declaring the Banks "F-10", i.e. "Total Failures". There are 'sets of books' they do not want to see the light of day. The corruption goes back 40 years. Germany's equivalent of our FDIC says the corruption is so bad they are ordering Bundesbank closed and assets seized as this is where our cards were produced and where our accounts are located. . Massive corruption. False Books, FRAUD.

Bloomberg and others reporting Deutsche Bank is likely to pass the new European Bank Stress Test are FALSE.

All major Banks in Europe and the U.S. are in the same shape.

They must have 'Gold Backed Funds' to stabilize the Banks and they can not come up with such funds hence the renewed but failed attempts to seize our funds.

The packs are in D.C. again this morning and subject to the goings on as described above.

casper 7-10-10