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ll is because the EPA will not approve their (its) use.

This stuff is in powder form and is dispersed using fire hoses aboard ships as the powder is mixed with water, even seawater, and simply sprayed on the oil. The excuse given, if you can believe this, is that the microbes would use up all the oxygen in the water creating 'dead zones', never mind that in recent history the microbes are first mixed with enzymes which cause them to produce not consume oxygen as they do their work.

This has been used before in the Gulf with spectacular success having first been approved for use by the State of Texas. This is especially effective in the marshlands and when the oil (food) is gone the microbes die and fall harmlessly to the bottom. These are naturally occurring microbes enhanced for greater efficiency.

You know how critical the situation is. You know how great the current and future suffering of the people of the Gulf Coast States. Now please stop for a moment and think about this.

Obama's EPA is precluding this clean-up while simultaneously attempting to obtain authority for and implementation of the International Taxation Scam 'Cap and Trade' which is the replacement for the failed International Taxation Scam called 'Global Warming'.

Allowing the disaster to continue in order to provide the 'necessity' for the Illuminati implementation of this World Wide Tax Scam, and using the American EPA under Obama's direction as the instrument to preclude the clean up increasing the 'urgency' while his controlled Congress simultaneously demands immediate related Legislative action, it seems to me, provides a reasonable and coherent explanation for the lack of action and for forbidding the use of the relatively inexpensive microbes.

Why else would 'they' preclude the use of proven, effective, inexpensive and readily available technology? Would this not also explain BP's apparent incompetence (perhaps planned) inability to stop the flow of oil? And perhaps even the catastrophe itself? Remember, the 'warnings' were overwhelming even weeks before the blowout yet they continued drilling and then used Halliburton to do the 'cementing'? BP. Halliburton, Illuminati, Obama, EPA, Cap and Trade and forbidden clean up. DUH

Meanwhile Obama proceeds to sue Arizona over its new Immigration Law while simultaneously 20 States including 'inland' States are proceeding or have made statements they will proceed to implement similar laws in their States. So who is out of step here?

The question has already been answered many times over but if you require additional proof Obama now appoints to head ICE (Immigration and Customs) a man (Hurrt) who has stated publicly many times he is in favor of "Sanctuary Cities" and that he would not, as Police Chief of Phoenix and then Houston, enforce Immigration Laws. Is this what you want? Is this what you voted for?

Your President wants no borders, no laws and no enforcement of existing laws State or Federal, and is throwing open the Southern Border of our country. Do you think he is not being heard as far South as the tip of South America? Do you think the Afghans are not hearing him and Biden when they say over and over again 'we are leaving next July'? This is way way beyond incompetence friends, this is INTENTIONAL.

Have you considered 'who benefits' from Obama's determined efforts to ban drilling in our countries most important production zone, the Gulf? Is it not the OPEC Nations most of which are MUSLIM?

Rumors are swirling in D.C. that Obama intends to issue an unconstitutional Executive Order providing blanket amnesty to all ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, somewhere between 12 and 22 million of them. His motivations are 'open borders', obtaining their votes and the North American whatever they will call it, the Illuminati Plan to merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico. As for those waiting in line for 'legal immigration', to bad, so sad. Republicans say they will attempt impeachment if Obama follows through with this.

In what must surely be the best joke so far this year, the twentieth century's greatest Con Artist (Bill Clinton) refers to the twenty first century's greatest Con Artist (Obama) as 'brilliant'. Priceless.

I happened to be in 'downtown' Hope, Arkansas, Clinton's hometown, the Sunday after the Tuesday when Clinton was first elected. The churches had just let out and we could not move forward or backward. There must have been close to a thousand people carrying signs, not one favorable to Clinton. The one I will never forget, perhaps because it was right in front of us, said, "Shame Shame Shame America, You Know Not What You Have Done". Close to eighty people, from body guards to personal friends to the kids on the railroad tracks were subsequently killed. 'Thanks for the compliment Mr. former President'.

The 'good guy/ bad guy' debate regarding Obama personally rages on with neither side willing to give an inch. You know where I and WE stand on this question/issue. WE believe opposing views originate with Obama himself and all those associated with preservation of the Corporation such as Politicians, Banks, CIA, etc. etc. and includes the Queen, Merkle and the six, count-em six, 'sets' of Chinese sent to D.C. and found to be trying one scam after another in cooperation with the IMO 'bad guys'- Obama and the Banks.

The Policies being used in the attempt to preserve the 'status quo', i.e. Trillions of Taxpayer Funds being used to continue the Bailout of the Corporate Insiders, guarantees, IMO, that the next 'leg down' resulting from ever increasing and ever more unpayable debt will be far far more severe than would have occurred absent these INTENTIONAL policies. The attitude that all this debt can be created without extremely severe consequences shows the weakness of our system wherein 'politics' and Politicians drive economic decisions. It amounts to a giant ponzi as everyone now realizes but it is also designed to hide the fact that all the big domestic Banks are utterly and irretrievably Bankrupt just as the GSE's are Bankrupt.

I wrote most of this yesterday and held it back until this afternoon (Tuesday) hoping to be able to include some 'hard' news. The news is generally very good but each day WE hear of something else to be done we didn't previously know about and always, always, without exception, we hear of more attempts by Obama, Hillary and others to continue the sabotage. WE are well aware this leaves us 'out on a limb' as Shirley McClain would say, a place we have become accustomed to. I still expect, even in the absence of 'hard news', that things could 'pop' literally at any moment.

casper 6-29-10 opinion