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No children, but I'm having a stategy session on Afganistan today, would you like to sit in? 'Only if BOZO will be there Daddy'. Bozo? 'Uncle Joe Bozo Biden Daddy'. Oh yes, of course, we are golfing this morning, I will invite him. 'And the Beatles too Daddy, OK' ? Sure kids, no problem.

Have you heard? Home sales down 33% month over month. The Baltic Dry Index down 38% in 17 days. 'The recovery is progressing nicely' says the administration. Martians or liars in the White House, you decide.

'We are going to destroy the Oil Industry and the Economy of the Gulf Coast and peoples lives in several states and we will not allow a Federal Judges ruling to stand in our way' says Salazar on behalf of Obama. Disgraceful. In testimony and reports submitted to the Judge Obama and Salazar misrepresented (lied) about the findings of Salazar's own Commission which said the ban on drilling is not justified and even has National Security Implications. They LIED to a Federal Judge and are now going to over rule him in order to proceed with their INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION OF THE PEOPLE AND THE ECONOMY OF THE GULF COAST and the Oil Indusrty.. Who is OBAMA working for ?????????????? It sure as hell is not America.

Yesterday and this morning Obama continues to say he will not allow the packs to be delivered, not now, not ever. His various schemes to retain effective 'control' of B.of A. have fallen through, at least so far, and he is extremely upset about it. Most recently Ying and the BCD (Big Cheese Dragon) have been 'shot down'. We hear the 'financial warfare' and battle over deliveries continued overnight.

Every hour, around the clock, 24/7, while we eat, sleep, breath, three to four thousand barrels of oil are being spewed into the Gulf. Every Hour. And still the Feds fight the Governors over the construction of 'sand berms', a minor thing which does not stop the oil from spewing. A National Emergency of unprecedented proportions. Massive Enviromental Destruction. Lives and livelihoods being destroyed for years to come, perhaps decades. Mexican Drug Gangs setting up on hilltops in Arizona to spy on the Border Patrol. INSIDE ARIZONA. And what is your Messiah doing? Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. 133 times he voted 'present' in the Illnois State Senate. PRESENT and UNABLE to make a decision either way. 133 times. God help us.

The life and career of one of our countries top three Generals destroyed by the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine and Obama, neither of which are fit to shine McChrystals shoes. NATO'S top Commander gone because of these narcissistic self absorbed incompetent cry babies.

Identifying a withdrawal date from Afganistan in advance (July next year) as Obama/Biden have done, to satisfy the sissy liberals who put them in office, GUARANTEES failure. If you lived there would you cooperate with the flighty undependable Americans knowing that in 12 months you are likely to be tortured to death in front of your children? Or them tortured to death in front of you? The Taliban makes the Mexican Drug Cartels look positively peaceful in comparison. Politics, not victory, is the Administrations primary motivator. Obama took FOUR MONTHS to respond to McChrystals URGENT request for more troops then he sent substantially less than requested. Jimmy Carter was more decisive. And he was born in America.

JUST ANNOUNCED: The Federal Government has just announced the cancellation of two scheduled conferences in ARIZONA to PUNISH Arizona for its new immigration law. Never mind that 70%++ of Americans agree with the rather tame Arizona law. OBAMA has declared himself the enemy of the States be it Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, etc.. As such he is declaring himself the enemy of the laws, the values and the people of the States. What will it take to wake up the sleeping sheep?


With each more egregious than the day before, and still the sheep sleep.

This week Obama announced taxpayer funds will be used to enforce salaries for ILLEGAL immigrants. No borders, no sovereignty. And bingo and dance classes ,and whats next, new Range Rovers?

LIBERALISM is a MENTAL DISORDER and the sickest of the sick are now CONTROLLING our country.

Doctors all over the country are announcing publicly THEY WILL NO LONGER SERVE MEDICARE PATIENTS (they can't pay rent with the Government reimbursements). OBAMA is Nationalizing Healthcare as fast as possible to be able to use the anticipated FEDERAL INCOME STREAM to float BONDS to finance the remainder of his COMMUNIST TAKEOVER of America. 2400 pages have become LAW. Pelosi and Reid and Obama promise 'this is just the first step'.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see".

casper 6-24-10