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1st CASPER for JUNE 21st:

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All the various Chinese Players in D.C. have been recalled to China. All were working with Obama and Hillary and had been promised personal fortunes for their cooperation. Like so many others before them they believed the Obama/Hillary line of B.S. that they would be able to get at our funds and distribute them as they saw fit. They were recalled by the top person (Dragon) in China who is on our side.

'There will be no more replacements sent over' says he this morning as these and so many previous ones fell under the hypnotic spell of Obama/Clinton just as half the American have.

The latest scheme/scam from Obama, Hillary and the now dearly departed Chinese was to use our packages as collateral to recapitalize B.ofA. Private Banking and other domestic banks. The Queen was involved as previously reported but when she advised Obama 'hell no' she would not tolerate his 'shakedown' of B.P., Obama and Hillary became frightened of her and moved to exclude her from their Banking Deal (using our funds/packs as collateral.)

They also decided to exclude Ying who had remained in China through all of this and was being blamed by the Chinese in D.C. for what they were themselves doing. Years ago we had found Yings hands in our cookie jar as previously reported. Now, 'as the world turns', Ying is back in the forefront of the secret dealings to acquire B.A.P.B. and others, and is joined in the endeavor by several countries providing financing and by Li and Lee, two other China Men discussed at great length in previous updates.

The updates dealing with these two ended with the same conclusion as with Ying saying that these people had turned out to be 'no friends of recipients'. Now, in what appears to be a case of 'the rats in the sack' turning on each other, these new (but actually old) 'players' want Obama and his crowd to be 'gone post haste' which fits with other Intel received the weekend just ended that the Countries are demanding the same. From news acquired over time and now this, WE deduce that most of the players have concluded that the Obama Administration is so corrupt it can not be redeemed or salvaged under any circumstances.

Now as to whether Ying and Li and Lee have 'seen the light' and will now 'toe the line' under the direction of the Countries providing the financing, or whether they will bring their own 'bag of tricks' to B.ofA. causing further sabotage similar to that reported here regarding B.of A. over the last three weeks, who can say? Peeking into the sack is difficult but right now it appears it is Obama, Hillary, the departed Chinese and all associated with them here and abroad who are 'on their backs'.

WE hear the weekend announcement to let the Yuan float may also be in jeopardy as a result of this latest attempted scam. This situation is so intense, so volatile and changes so quickly there is no guarantee the current status will hold thru sunset.

It really does boil down to more of the same, the 'bad-guys' trying every imaginable desperate last minute ploy to save themselves.

The packs are out again for delivery late today depending on what the 'dirty rotten scoundrels' do next.

casper 6-21-10