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NESARA UPDATE: MARCH 25, 2009 by Patrick H. Bellringer

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Be of Good Cheer! All is not lost! Creator God Aton’s Plan is not going down in ignominious defeat. Casper’s latest Update seems to spell gloom and doom, as the games by the Darkside seem to go on without end. Satan’s minions are under his orders to never quit, but to destroy as much as they can, and take as many souled beings as possible with them into the void.

It would appear that the Illuminati have won every skirmish and pitched battle against our efforts to bring Goodness to Shan and her people. They have disobeyed every court order ever given to them and broken every agreement, contract and promise they have made with Creator God, Global Family, World Court, the world’ nations, and our army of Lightworkers and White Knights involved in this NESARA Mission.

In so doing the illuminati have chosen evil over Goodness. Each wrong choice has reduced their options, until they now have painted themselves into a great corner with no further options from which to choose. In their demise they still think they are going to gain world control. In their foolishness they do not see the trap the Light has set for them

Be of Good Cheer! All is not lost! We see the chaos of 3D, and fear the plans the Darkside has made for us. We are marching ever faster toward economic collapse of not only the U.S. but of the entire world. Then comes gun confiscation, protests, riots, bloodshed, martial law and concentration camps, and much starvation, suffering and death. The Darkside feeds on our negative energies of worry, discouragement, fear, anger and revenge. Thus, we are tricked into helping their cause.

As Returned Masters and Lightworkers, we have not come this far to lose this war against Satan’s minions for this planet. We are not going to lose this nation, or any nation to Darkness. Our positive energies of hope, of love, of peace and of knowing our strength within shall win this day, this week and this month for the Light.

The Darkside plays word games and mind games to confuse us, and trick us into wrong thinking. Through discernment we see through their games and tricks. We discern Creator’s Plan and press forward with renewed energy. We are un-stoppable, for knowing our mission, we know the Plan and we know who wins. We have the resources of Heaven at our disposal, and our Angels to guide us.

Think not that the battle is lost! Communist China may play in the Darkside’s game with Obama and Hillary and Greenspan and Bernanke and Paulson and Geithner and Biden and Bush/Bush/and Bill, as Satan’s minions, but they have all lost. They cannot win against Creator God Aton of Light and Global Family. They have boxed themselves into a corner. They have lost against the Light. They have refused to keep their agreements with Global Family, they know the consequences, and now they shall pay dearly for their wrong choices.

Be of Good Cheer! All is not lost! There is a Divine Plan and a Divine schedule. This 3D game had to be played out to the very end with choices to be made, lessons to be learned and the sorting out of souls to the Light or to the Darkness one last time.

In wisdom, my friends, watch the last moves on the chessboard of life, as this month comes to its end. Some very good moves for the Light are to be made.

Be of Good Cheer! Be in Peace!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer