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N E S A R A UPDATE: June 7, 2008 by Patrick H. Bellringer

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e      world, they suddenly realize that the little people have quietly eroded away their bulwarks and are about to implement NESARA. Oh, frightful thought!

As you know NESARA is like a new broom that sweeps clean. The U.S. Congress and Administration, the Supreme Court, Corporate Washington D.C. and the entire Corporate U.S. system of treason and fraud will be swept away by the implementation of NESARA. Daily delivery of the Prosperity Program and Farm Claim bank packets are quietly being made, bringing closer the public announcement, which implements NESARA.

For eight years attempts to enact NESARA have failed, but all has not been lost. This battle between good and evil has sorted out thousands of people in their choices to do the right thing. Most have failed their tests, but with each failure or victory we have moved on in Creator’s Plan to the next higher level of sorting.

Today, we have reached an historical milestone. We have finally reached this last and highest level of sorting, that of the nations of the world. The U.S. Congress has now petitioned the World Court to stop NESARA once and for all time, to trash it and throw it into the dust bin of history. How is this so?

We know from repeated actions over these eight years, that the World Court is totally corrupt and compromised to the Forces of Darkness. How would they, how could they decide for the people and the side of goodness? They would do so not of their own volition, but due to the pressure upon them from the very nations, which they represent. So, the sorting and the choices for either good or evil have reached the highest level on our planet. This last time the nations of the world are being asked by creator God to do the right thing.

You ask, “Will they do the right thing?” Yes, they will! Remember, NESARA is Creator God’s Plan for our time, and it shall prevail. It has a built-in guarantee. That guarantee is the clause in the contract that decrees the little people must be paid their Prosperity Program and Farm Claim funds before anyone else, whether they be program trustees, Congressmen/Congresswomen, leaders of nations, or settlement between nations, can be paid. Violinio Germain holds both the purse strings and the authority to assure this is so.

So, whether one is all about greed and wants his money, or if one is benevolent and wants money to help others, both will push the World Court to act in goodness. The Nations of the world are now in their sorting process of choosing good over evil, and we already know the outcome.

Know that the Darkside has lost not only this battle, but also the war for Earth Shan. The energies have shifted, and the feelings of goodness and peace and joy are in the air. Every trick in the game of 3D has been played and every option has been pursued by the Darkside, with no stopping of the Forces of Light. Checkmate is here! The Light has won! From here on in your journey at each turn in the road, expect good things to happen.

NESARA shall not be defeated, for NESARA is Creator’s Plan for our time. As Casper has just said, we are watching the death throes of the Beast! Be in joy and peace!

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer