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N E S A R A UPDATE: April 6, 2008 by Patrick H. Bellringer

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appointment and anger.

These times are about discernment and choices and final lessons for all souled beings. Patrick John Fitzgerald was given the choice of a lifetime to do something great for the good of all humanity, but he blew it. He chose Darkness rather then the Divine Plan. This changes nothing! The Divine Plan moves ever forward in Heaven’s timing. Hatonn has said that when someone fails in their mission, they are asked to step aside, and another takes their place. And so it is!

There are no mistakes! All happens for a reason, a purpose. The Lighted Plan continues on to bring harmony and balance, and the Darkside cannot stop it. This new week is set to explode many false ideas, to expose the lies, as never before, and to bring “Reality” to the NESARA Mission.

We have passed through the Valley of the Shadow and are down to the good times. Know it in your heart, and rejoice! Release all the frustration, disappointment and condemnation to the ethers, and allow the Light from within to flood your space and bring you joy and peace. Give yourself a break. It has been a long and difficult journey.

On this first day of our new week take time-out to rest and meditate and connect to your God Spirit within and to all others, for we are all connected. Offer a prayer of Thanksgiving for the past, the present and the future, and be happy! You create your future! What shall it be?

You say your journey is difficult and lonely. That should not be, for you have at least two Guardian Angels with you at all times. Ask for their assistance for they are only a thought away. And be happy, for our new day is a-comin!

We honor all those great patriots, and White Knights, and Lightworkers by the thousands, who are doing their tasks and holding positive energy to bring this great mission to a close. This is our time, and we are doing it. Aho!