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N E S A R A UPDATE: Jan. 19, 2008 by Patrick H. Bellringer

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Not at all! Such is most certainly not the case. What is in process is a much needed “house cleaning” of the world’s financial system, prior to implementing the new Global Banking System based on precious metals. The Federal Reserve System with its fiat/credit money, compound interest and corruption must go.

For centuries the international bankers have stolen the wealth from the people, and have used it for their power and control over the people. They have used their power to create war to make more money for ever greater control. Creator God has now said, “enough!”

This corrupt banking system is now crashing under its own weight of fraud and theft. In the process of its disintegration the hidden controllers are being exposed and removed for their Dark games. Though they are fighting desperately to maintain their evil system and their positions of power and wealth, they cannot win!

What we see as delays in the delivery to the recipients of their Prosperity Program and Farm Claim bank packets and the NESARA public announcement, is the necessary time needed to do the house cleaning of the financial system both at home and abroad. By receiving our funds through such a corrupt banking system, we gain nothing. Our money will again be lost to the Dark controllers.

Though we are distracted by all the Dark games we see and the mischief being reported of the Bush/Clinton Cabal, we need to focus on the changes happening at a higher level. It is not about us receiving our funds and “doing our thing”, but about Creator’s greater plan that is changing our entire world.

The Bush/Clinton Cabal, the World Court, the U.S. Supreme Court, the U. S. Congress, the judges, the bankers, the military, the attorneys, etc. have no power, for they are but children playing in their sandbox. Creator God and Global Family, and under them the Family Dynasties hold the power and the wealth of the world. They are implementing the Divine Plan for our time, as they tighten the noose around the “sand-box kids”, and soon trot them off to “detention”.

A new Global Banking System under precious metals and Basal II shall be implemented. The implementation of NESARA and a sweeping away of the Bush/Clinton Cabal, Admiralty Law and the Corporate U.S. shall prepare the way for goodness to reign supreme in America again. Only then will you be safe and your money secure.

You may have no knowledge of these things, but know that we have finally come to the end of the reign of Dark terror. Our world is poised for change to goodness. All the signs point to these great changes to begin yet this month of January, 2008. Let us continue to hold the Light of Truth for others to see and believe.

Watch and pray with me in these exciting times, as Creator’s “hand” once again moves across Earth Shan to establish His Kingdom on our earth.