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NESARA Update - Jan. 13, 2008 by Patrick H. Bellringer

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Creator God Aton has a “Plan” for these “ending Times”, which includes the total defeat of Darkness on Earth Shan. I marvel at those, who have remained faithful and true, as Lightworkers, over these many years to Aton’s Plan for goodness to finally reign supreme. They have not given up on Creator God. Know that Creator God never gives up on His People. It is we, who give up on Him.

The NESARA Mission is a part of Aton’s plan for these united States of America which, once implemented, shall flow out in goodness to all nations. The Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims provide money for carrying out the many aspects of NESARA. Those, who have selfish plans for their prosperity money, are hereby notified that their plans shall fail, and those, who stand in the way of Aton’s Plan for our time, shall be removed by the Forces of Light.

I pity those, who incessantly complain or throw fits of anger about not receiving their funds from these Prosperity Programs in a timely manner. They have built castles in the sky, a dream world of affluence and pleasure to come, but have failed to order their own lives in the present. Many flounder in debt of their own making through their irresponsible behavior, and have lived for years expecting their funding to bail them out of their problems and make everything right. Lessons have not been learned in being responsible for ones self. I pity more those, who continue to publish on the Internet, negative statements against Truthbringers, against NESARA and God’s Plan 2000, and against those, who are working with good intent to provide news and give hope to the people about the money-games and evil charade of the Darkside, and those, who do battle to stop them.

This very day I received another such negative statement from Rod Remelin, who received it from Gordon Emmett, who received it from the writer, who refused to be identified, attacking Casper and claiming “Poof” to be the Truth warrior. What goodness does this accomplish? No one has all knowledge, not me, not you and not even “Poof”, as he readily admits.

My intention is not to dwell on negativity, but to be the bearer of good news. NESARA and the funding of the programs is only a small part of God Aton’s Plan for our time. Global family is carrying out this plan in cooperation with the Family Dynasties of the world. Though the Bush/Clinton Cabal are portrayed as powerful opponents in this “game” for control of Planet Earth, they are as dust on the justice scales of time.

The financial world is under lock-down by Global Family and the Forces of Light, and these evil players are as little children throwing sand at each other in their sandbox. Their fiat money has less value then the very sand they throw. Know that Creator God has declared that their game is over, and they must now leave both the sandbox and the planet.

We have not waited all these years for nothing! All that happens has a purpose. Many lessons needed to be learned in the waiting, and many had to choose, to sort themselves out to either the Darkness or to the Light. The sorting is now over and the lessons have been learned. It is now time to move forward to the next step in the fulfillment of Creator’s Plan.

In December, 2006 some forty-eight nations of Earth Shan made agreements with Global Family to accomplish three things in the succeeding six months. These were:

1. To stop all war.

2. To begin seriously caring for Mother Earth.

3. To begin bringing abundance to their people.

Those nations that failed to keep their agreements would be progressively cut off from the world’s monetary system, beginning June 1, 2007. This is why you have seen the various bankers and banks battling to cut their losses and vying for power and control. The Federal Reserve System is in chaos because its evil reign is ending.

Also, settlement of debt between all nations must now be accomplished, as the world starts again from zero debt with a new Global Banking System based on gold and Basal II, where all records are transparent for all to see, with no double sets of books or hidden transactions. So, what you are seeing is the chaos, as all is being sorted out in the financial world to bring an end to debt, true value to money, and integrity to banking.

The money coming to the people must be backed by gold and silver, and therefore, can not be paid until a gold banking system is in place. The fiat money, paper-credit money bankers, who have stolen all the people’s assets through their evil system of greed, have fought these many years to prevent the return to a gold banking system. By returning to gold asset the bankers can no longer create money out of thin air by making entries in bank ledgers and calling it money. This change disintegrates their “money machine” and ends their power.

Is it any wonder these Khazarian Zionist Bolshevik (KZB) bankers have fought this banking change so long and so hard. They would rather destroy all the people and the very planet, then to lose their wealth and power. Maybe now you will understand a bit better the struggle that has been going on over these many years, and the war our White Knights and Forces of Light have been waging.

These little bank packets that have been tossed around, could not bring funding to the people under a fiat money system. Such money would have no value and would be lost to the Darkside again. For those, who have been faithful to the mission, the wait will be worth it. Logistics are being completed to usher in the Global gold banking system and the release of funds to the people. I anticipate positive results this month.

Be in peace and joy, as you watch Aton’s Plan unfold for our time, and know that we will do all we can to restore balance and goodness in the time that Earth Shan allows for us to do so.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer